Exposed: Soviet cover-up of nuclear fallout worse than Chernobyl

A first look at a top secret report shows that Moscow scientists studied the impacts of nuclear bomb tests on civilians, but the results were never made public.....»»

Category: topSource:  newscientistMar 20th, 2017

AI and cognitive systems to play a major role in digital transformation

Widespread adoption of cognitive systems and artificial intelligence (AI) across a broad range of industries will drive worldwide revenues from nearly $8.0 billion in 2016 to more than $47 billion in 2020 – IDC. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cog.....»»

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Google clarifies which Chromebooks will get Android apps

It’s been almost a year since Google announced that Android apps would make their way to Chrome OS. Unfortunately, only six Chromebook devices currently feature support for the Play Store. Worse yet, Google has been slow to add support for addi.....»»

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Twitter Q1 2017: better-than-expected earnings and revenue, but still declining

Twitter announced its quarterly earnings today, showing better-than-expected yet still declining earnings and revenue. The company’s first quarter revenue came in at $548 million USD, which is higher than the estimated $512 million. Overall,.....»»

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Find the deeper meaning in song lyrics with ‘Behind the Lyrics,’ now available on Android

Genius wants to give people quick access to the deeper meaning behind the songs they’re listening to. More than a year ago the company joined forces with Spotify to create a new feature called ‘Behind the Lyrics’ for its Spotify ap.....»»

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Venture capital firm tears down the Juicero and discovers the asking price isn"t that absurd

High tech kitchen gadget Juicero has had a rough week after it was discovered that the $400 juicer was no better than your hands at squeezing out juice. Following that, the CEO then announced he would offer a refund to all buyers. Ben Einstein, a par.....»»

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Thai man murders his 11-month-old daughter on Facebook Live

Less than two weeks after the incident, Facebook is still feeling the heat after a man uploaded a video of himself murdering an elderly shopper and spoke about it on Facebook Live. Now, the livestreaming section of the social media site has been used.....»»

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Instagram has grown to more than 700 million users

More users are flocking to Instagram than ever before. The photo-minded social network revealed on Wednesday that its community has now grown to over 700 million members with the last 100 million joining at a record pace......»»

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Twitter added nine million new users in the first quarter

Twitter on Wednesday reported better-than-expected performance for the first quarter which sent shares soaring more than 10 percent. Twitter’s revenue in the first quarter reached $548 million, or $0.11 per share – well ahead of the $511......»»

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Nintendo Switch hacked to run in virtual reality mode

The Switch is an odd duck among contemporary game consoles yet as Nintendo has demonstrated in the past with the Wii, being different isn’t necessarily a shortcoming. Given its unique form factor, it may also be a bit more forward-looking than.....»»

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Ancient Bones Spark Fresh Debate over First Humans in the Americas

A study of remains found in southern California puts an unknown human species in the New World more than 100,000 years earlier than expected—but critics aren’t buying it -- Read more on»»

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One Modder’s Quest: Recreate Parts of Fallout New Vegas Inside Fallout 4

One modding team is working on implementing Fallout New Vegas in the Fallout 4 engine, but a total conversion is outside the scope of the current project. Early work still looks gorgeous and hopefully one day we'll see an updated version of Obsidian'.....»»

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Facebook"s live video problem is only getting worse

Facebook's struggle with livestreams of terrible crimes is still very real, and appears to be worsening. Local media report that a young Thai man used Facebook Live to broadcast a murder-suicide where he hanged his baby daughter before.....»»

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Incredible discovery places humans in California 130,000 years ago

Date is a whopping 115,000 years earlier than previous findings of humans in the Americas. Nature In 1992, a group of archaeologists found something extraordi.....»»

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Climate change is turning dehydration into a deadly disease

Climate change makes a new chronic kidney disease worse, "and it will grow and grow.” Enlarge (credit: Brett Gundlock) A mysterious kidney disease is striking down labourers across the world and climate change is making it worse. For Mosaic,.....»»

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Humans May Have Occupied North America 100,000 Years Earlier Than Thought

Early humans may have lived on the North American continent 130,000 years ago, more than 100,000 years earlier than scientists previously believed, according to a new study......»»

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PayPal shares up 7% after better-than-expected earnings

 PayPal, the payments company, posted first quarter earnings results after the bell on Wednesday. After surpassing analyst estimates with an adjusted 44 cents per share, compared to the 41 cents that many were predicting, shares rose 7% in initi.....»»

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PowerColor Red Devil Radeon RX 580 8GB Graphics Card Review

PowerColor has a long history of creating high-performance AMD graphics cards, and their latest, the PowerColor Red Devil RX 580 promises to deliver faster performance than the 4xx series, better cooling, higher clock speeds, and offers up.....»»

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What Up With All the Tornadoes So Far This Year?

As of mid April, at least 570 tornadoes have been reported in the United States this year. That’s nearly a hundred more than the typical tally for mid-spring. So what’s going on there, America?Read more........»»

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Companion mobile app exposed Hyundai cars to potential hijacking

The mobile application that accompanies many Hyundai cars exposed sensitive information that could have allowed attackers to remotely locate, unlock, and start vehicles.The vulnerability was patched in the latest version of the mobile app released.....»»

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Huawei Honor 8 Pro review

The Honor 8 Pro isn’t cheap, but it does have all the right features at a price lower than the competition. That’s a recipe we like, and here’s what we think of it. The post Huawei Honor 8 Pro review appeared first on Digital Trends......»»

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