Expert: Apple may have deployed unauthorized patch by mistake

Last month, reports came out that Apple accidentally installed a fake firmware patch on internal development servers. That's a lesson to all companies to be careful about where they get their patches.What may have happened is that an Apple employe.....»»

Category: securitySource:  networkworldMar 16th, 2017

GCL-Poly fails to team up with Motech, NSP

China-based solar wafer maker GCL-Poly Energy Holdings has talked with Taiwan-based solar cell makers Motech Industries and Neo Solar Power (NSP) about cooperation to produce solar cells in China for two years, but the talks have finally ended up wit.....»»

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"Super-Earth" is "promising candidate" for life

Scientists searching for evidence of life beyond Earth say a newly discovered planet could be the most promising candidate they have found so far......»»

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Two-man crew (and toy dog) arrive at ISS

A Russian cosmonaut and an American astronaut have arrived at the International Space Station, taking a toy dog for company......»»

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Scientists march against looming post-fact age

Scientists have taken to the streets to protest over fears that long-standing principles underpinning centuries of progress could be at risk......»»

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Plastic-eating moths may solve pollution crisis

A moth with a taste for plastic could help researchers solve the problem of how to get rid of shopping bags and packaging......»»

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Lack of Oxygen Not a Showstopper For Life

The hot springs of Yellowstone National Park may be extreme environments, but they are host to a diversity of microbes that could shed light on the evolution of life on Earth and, perhaps, what lurks on distant planets......»»

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Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower 2017: When, Where & How to See It

The Eta Aquarid meteor shower from late April to mid-May offers a long stretch of spectacular 'shooting stars' that even a casual observer can spot in the night sky......»»

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Sun"s Magnetic Shield May Be a Bubble, Not Comet-Shaped

The sun's magnetic "sphere of influence" that surrounds our solar system is shaped like a bubble, rather than having a long, comet-like tail as many scientists previously thought, new observations suggest......»»

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US Pay TV Providers Launch First Linear Consumer Ultra HD Services with SES

US Pay TV Providers Launch First Linear Consumer Ultra HD Services with SES April 24, 2017 — LUXEMBOURG–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SES (Euronext Paris:SESG) (LuxX:SESG) today announced that two innovative MVPDs in the US have launched the fir.....»»

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Enterprise SSD Buying Guide

Vendors have been rolling out a number of new products for the enterprise SSD market......»»

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Just 41 Percent of Enterprises Have a Consistent Encryption Strategy

And 37 percent turn over complete control of keys and encryption processes to cloud providers, a recent survey found......»»

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Network Firewalls: How to Protect Your Network from Unauthorized Access

Network firewalls are easy to overlook, but they are an essential part of any security strategy. We cover the basics of network firewall technology and look at the latest in next-generation firewalls......»»

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Securing Docker, One Patch at a Time

The open-source Docker container project integrates many different security approaches, but like every other software project, it still has to deal with reported software vulnerabilities......»»

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As DevOps Grows, Automation Is Key to App Security

Survey shows that mature DevOps teams have found new ways to integrate security at the speed of development, analyzing app security from design to production......»»

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IT Salaries Are Going Up—but Not Enough

While salaries for IT pros have increased in recent years, satisfaction with compensation has declined. As a result, many tech employees will seek a new job......»»

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Apple hires secret team for treating diabetes: CNBC

NEW YORK - Apple has hired a team of biomedical engineers as part of a secret initiative, initially envisioned by late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, to develop sensors to treat diabetes, CNBC reported citing three people familiar with the matter. The.....»»

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Samsung says Galaxy S8 pre-orders exceeded S7

SEOUL - Pre-orders for Samsung flagship Galaxy S8 smartphone have exceeded those of its predecessor S7, mobile business chief Koh Dong-jin said on Thursday (April 13), suggesting many consumers were unfazed by last year's Galaxy Note7 fires. The S8,.....»»

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NUS researchers invent way to ‘teleport’ drinks over the Internet

SINGAPORE - While the act of physical teleportation remains in the realms of sci-fi, National University of Singapore (NUS) researchers have now developed a way to transmit a drink over the Internet - or at least replicate the taste of a particular d.....»»

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The iPhone of cars? Apple enters self-driving car race

SAN FRANCISCO - Apple is joining the fiercely competitive race to design self-driving cars, raising the possibility that a company that has already re-shaped culture with its iPhone may try to transform transportation, too. Ending years of speculatio.....»»

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Apple readies iPhone overhaul for smartphone’s 10th anniversary

SAN FRANCISCO - Ten years after Steve Jobs held up the original iPhone to a gushing San Francisco crowd, Apple is planning its most extensive iPhone lineup to date. Apple is preparing three iPhones for launch as soon as this fall, including upgraded.....»»

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