Mirror kitty returns to engage in mind-boggling Catception

Wiske the kitten is back with a mind-boggling new concept for us — Catception.  After Wiske rose to Internet fame when her human uploaded a video of herself seeing her reflection for the first time, the kitten figured she'd watch the video hers.....»»

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Watch Samsung’s rollable display in action

Samsung knows how to make an eye-catching concept device, and the company's rollable display prototype doesn't disappoint. Shown off for the first time at SID 2016 in San Francisco this week, the 5.7-inch screen takes Samsung Display's OLED technology and.....»»

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jiwoong jung’s watch concept swaps the hour hand for a gradient

the gradient, that slowly cycles around to denote time, gradually becomes darker from one o’clock to twelve o’clock. The post jiwoong jung’s watch concept swaps the hour hand for a gradient appeared first on designboom | architecture & design ma.....»»

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Watch 58 years of space debris appear in 1 minute

You probably know that the proliferation of space junk is a real problem, but we won't blame you if you have a tough time wrapping your head around the concept. There are roughly 20,000 fragments up there, after all. However, university lecturer Stua.....»»

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Delta’s app now offers a map view so you can watch your bags go AWOL in real-time

Delta has been helping its passengers to track their checked luggage from airport to airport for a while now. Now the feature includes a map to let you know its real-time location – and so you can be sure it's arrived at the same airport as you. The po.....»»

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Yo-kai Watch for Smartphone Gets Delayed To 2017 For Work On Major Improvements

Level-5 revealed Yo-kai Watch for Smartphone at Level-5 Vision 2016 back in July, and while it was expected to release this fall, the company said they’ll need a little more time to work on large-scale improvements. Read Yo-kai Watch for Smartphone Get.....»»

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16 Perfect Star Wars Watches for the Punctual Fan

If you’re a Star Wars fan, there’s no better way of telling time than wearing a Star Wars watch, and … If you’re a Star Wars fan, there’s no better way of telling time than wearing a Star Wars watch, and assuming you̵.....»»

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Delta Will Let You Watch Your Luggage Get Lost In Real Time

Delta invested $50 million in adding a luggage tracking feature to its app, CNN reports. The airline has currently rolled this program out in 84 cities nationwide, meaning you can now watch your luggage get left behind in real time.Read more........»»

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Xiaomi"s Mi MIX is all about its gorgeous edge-to-edge display

We're used to surprise announcements at Xiaomi events, but this time, it's a rather special one. After showing off the Mi Note 2, the company unveiled the Mi MIX "concept phone" -- one that's headlining with a cool 6.4-inch, edge-to-edge 10.....»»

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Sun In 3D Presented By NASA"s STEREO Mission | Video

Pull out your red and cyan 3-D paper glasses and watch time-lapsed imagery from NASA's Solar and Terrestrial Relations Observatory mission. The footage, from March and April 2007, was captured in multiple wavelengths......»»

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nendo’s ‘slice of time’ installation literally cuts a few seconds off your day

the ages of visitors were converted into millimeters, forming a display of variously-proportioned watch faces that solidify the essence of time. The post nendo’s ‘slice of time’ installation literally cuts a few seconds off your day appe.....»»

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Comment: The Xiaomi Mi Mix shows just what could be possible with the iPhone 8 [Videos]

We’ve been seeing concept images for a near-bevel-free iPhone 8 for some time now, but there’s a big difference between a purely visual concept and a real-life product. Concept images can completely ignore the engineering challenges, along wit.....»»

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Astronomers get a chance to watch a rare red nova in its opening strains

This doomed dynamic duo is just clearing its throat before it really starts to make a scene. Some six years hence, the binary pair will explode as a red nova, and this time we don't even have to choose between getting popcorn and watching the previews......»»

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If Cleveland sports can experience a year like this, then anything is possible in your life, too

The NBA champion Cleveland Cavaliers changed the time of their previously scheduled ring ceremony Tuesday night so that Clevelanders could also watch their hometown Indians play in the opening game of the 2016 World Series that very same evening.  Te.....»»

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2017 BMW 5 Series Stars At BMW Film "The Escape," Watch It Here Now

BMW Films has returned after more than a decade with the film 'The Escape' and this time, its main protagonist is the 2017 BMW 5 Series with Hollywood celebrities like Clive Owen, Dakota Fanning and Jon Bernthal......»»

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Watch: Muay thai champ is 39 weeks pregnant, still trains like a Queen

Being pregnant, by all accounts, is a mixture of bouts of morning sickness and an ever-increasing need to receive help getting off the couch. But six-time world champion muay thai fighter, Caley Reece is living proof that pregnancy doesn't have to mean la.....»»

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Video: Watch this 3 minute time-lapse of homepages from 1996-2016, a visual history of Apple’s incredible growth turned twenty-years old just a few days ago, neatly encompassing what is now referred to as “modern Apple”, after Steve Jobs returned to the company in 1997. This video highlights every major event in Apple’s timeline as a .....»»

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Watch 8 "Tetris" masters play the game better than you ever will

A new Tetris champion was crowned on Sunday as eight of the world's most talented players came to compete in the 7th annual Classic Tetris World Championship. The winner was six-time champ Jonas Neubauer, who successfully defended his title in the final m.....»»

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Chronocam secures $15M to power its ‘biological eye’ computer vision system

 Not everything in our field-of-view at any given time is all that interesting, often it’s only when something consistent changes that our eyes take notice. Paris-based Chronocam is looking to further develop this concept in the computer visio.....»»

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The 2016 MacBook Event shows up on Apple TV, complete with local timezone reminders

Just ahead of this week’s Apple ‘hello again’ event, the Apple Events channel has been updated with local time zone reminders of when to watch the announcements this week. The Events app refresh showcases the event invitation’s wis.....»»

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