Mirror kitty returns to engage in mind-boggling Catception

Wiske the kitten is back with a mind-boggling new concept for us — Catception.  After Wiske rose to Internet fame when her human uploaded a video of herself seeing her reflection for the first time, the kitten figured she'd watch the video hers.....»»

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Watch Samsung’s rollable display in action

Samsung knows how to make an eye-catching concept device, and the company's rollable display prototype doesn't disappoint. Shown off for the first time at SID 2016 in San Francisco this week, the 5.7-inch screen takes Samsung Display's OLED technology and.....»»

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jiwoong jung’s watch concept swaps the hour hand for a gradient

the gradient, that slowly cycles around to denote time, gradually becomes darker from one o’clock to twelve o’clock. The post jiwoong jung’s watch concept swaps the hour hand for a gradient appeared first on designboom | architecture & design ma.....»»

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Watch 58 years of space debris appear in 1 minute

You probably know that the proliferation of space junk is a real problem, but we won't blame you if you have a tough time wrapping your head around the concept. There are roughly 20,000 fragments up there, after all. However, university lecturer Stua.....»»

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Watch a High-Powered Cleaning Laser Annihilate Everything in Its Path

The next time you’re staring down a tough cleaning job—be it removing paint, rust, or lasagna off of a baking dish—don’t waste your time with harsh chemicals, sand paper, or scrubbers. Get yourself a 1,000-watt laser and blast away that filth and .....»»

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Watch a Professional Knight Get His Metal-Plated Ass Handed to Him

Call me a coward, but getting bashed in the face by a scary Russian dude with a massive shield is not my idea of a good sporting time.Read more........»»

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SimpleTelly unblocks your content so you can easily watch your favorite shows anywhere

Whether you’re trying watch Netflix abroad or tune into a blacked-out sporting event, geo-restrictions can be a big pain. But SimpleTelly offers a reliable way to sneak past them, letting you enjoy your favorite programs anywhere. For a limited time, .....»»

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Sony"s stylish e-ink watch is back, this time with more designs

Sony"s stylish e-ink watch is back, this time with more designs.....»»

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Fibonacci Clock offers an interesting way to tell the time

When it comes to telling the time, there are many different ways of doing so, although the sundial has been more or less out of fashion for quite a while already ever since the clock and watch have made their presence known. Of course, you might want to w.....»»

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It’s time to give back! Announcing 9to5Rewards: Free gear for our best readers

Before the avalanche of iPhone 7, Apple Watch and new MacBook Pro news starts hitting the site next week, I thought it would be fun to share a program we’ve been working on here to reward our most dedicated readers. We’re often given promot.....»»

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Unclear on this whole "backups" concept

This government agency does lots of time-critical and space-consuming analyses, and with multiple people using each data set, it's a version-control challenge, says an analyst pilot fish on the scene."Then the boss called a meeting to tell us his great id.....»»

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Watch Britney Spears return to the VMA stage with a frisky "Make Me" performance

Britney's back, bitch. Britney Spears performed at the VMAs for the first time in a decade, with her new single, "Make Me" with G-Eazy. What the performance lacked in live vocals (duh), it more than made up for in spunk and sparkler. There was also a lot .....»»

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Volvo Iron Knight Is The Quickest Truck In The World [VIDEO]

A month ago Volvo teased us to its latest truck concept that is said to break records - now it is a reality. The Volvo Iron Knight, an imposing beast in the road - is definitely the quickest truck in the world. Watch the fastest truck in all its glory her.....»»

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Sony and Panasonic to debut 8K TVs in time for 2020 Olympics

4K televisions and broadcasts are just barely starting to catch on, but it's already time to start thinking about the next leap forward. At least, that's how Japan feels when it comes time to watch the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Japanese national broadcaster.....»»

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Apple Watch drops below $200 in the US ahead of Apple Watch 2 unveiling

Apple Watch prices have been in a relative freefall in recent months with the oft-rumored upgrade expected in the coming weeks. However, we aren’t expecting a sea change upgrade this time around. Three weeks ago, a KGI report noted that the new Appl.....»»

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‘Double Dog’ is a crazy new app that’s sure to get one of your idiot friends killed

Double Dog is the epitome of the dare by the same name. Only this time, it’s for friends to wager money, or points in order to see who can do the craziest shit. If you’re like me, you can watch from the outside and laugh at the pain of others.....»»

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Your Favorite Affordable Men"s Watch: Seiko 5 Series

Seiko’s 5 Series wasted no time winning this week’s affordable men’s watch Co-Op , capturing over 45% of the vote.Read more........»»

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12 Awesome Cult Movies to Watch on Hulu

It’s been over a week since our list of Netflix recommendations , so here’s another stack of movies to add to your binge-watch pile. This time, they’re all on Hulu, which (added bonus) also contains all 11 seasons of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, in case.....»»

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FOX Sports Go hits Apple TV, allows viewing of four games at once

 FOX Sports GO has now arrived on Apple TV, allowing viewers to watch up to four games at the same time, thanks to an innovative split-screen interface that lets you arrange video feeds side-by-side, picture-in-picture style, or in a mosaic pattern. .....»»

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Corals Clash on the Ocean Floor

They may seem stationary to us, but corals are dynamic animals. In this film, researchers use time-lapse video to watch corals move along the ocean floor, unearth themselves when buried, and even... -- Read more on»»

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