Watch 58 years of space debris appear in 1 minute

You probably know that the proliferation of space junk is a real problem, but we won't blame you if you have a tough time wrapping your head around the concept. There are roughly 20,000 fragments up there, after all. However, university lecturer Stua.....»»

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The Apple Watch: Year One

This week was the official one-year anniversary of the Apple Watch. I've owned one for almost all of that time, and — like many tech journalists and gadget commentators — I believe it's worth reflecting on what the Apple Watch has meant to the.....»»

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Nissan Kicks Unveiled In Time For Rio Olympics

The Nissan Kicks started life as a concept at the Sao Paulo Auto Show in 2014, and we have been promised a production version pretty much ever since, with the confirmation finally coming in January of this year. When it was first unveiled, Nissan basicall.....»»

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Take control of your Apple Watch with these 24 essential tips and tricks

The Apple Watch can do more than just tell you the time, but mastering the various features is essential if you want to use the watch to the best of its ability. Here are 24 tips and tricks to help you out. The post Take control of your Apple Watch with t.....»»

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Sling adds Spanish TV to its multi-stream beta

Sling TV's service is great for cord-cutters, but not ideal for families who like to watch different stuff at the same time. It recently launched a multi-stream option (in beta) that allows viewing on up to three Sling-TV supported devices at once, b.....»»

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Twitter co-founder Biz Stone relaunches Jelly as a human-powered search engine

 Calling it an “un-pivot,” Biz Stone is bringing back the original Jelly concept. Launching today, the new and improved Jelly remains a Q&A platform, but with an added twist. This time, everything is anonymous so you can ask what you real.....»»

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Watch the Most Ill-Timed Windows Upgrade Reminder Ever

Well this was unfortunate Everybody hates those annoying upgrade reminders that pops up all the time. But they’re really awful when you’re trying to do a live news broadcast, as this poor Des Moines, Iowa meteorologist was. Thankfully, sh.....»»

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My year with the Apple Watch: Good-looking tech, still flawed

When it comes to the Apple Watch, it's important to know this: Before its arrival last year I was 1) initially skeptical about the whole concept; 2) willing to give it a try as details emerged; and 3) among the first wave of buyers to plunk down $599 and .....»»

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Pro shooter tests bulletproof Captain America shield - CNET

Watch "Greatest Shooter of All Time" Jerry Miculek test a homemade solid titanium version of Captain America's famous round shield......»»

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Charge it: 3 great Apple cable deals, at least 25% off

Check out three great new offers on Bobine charging docks, to give your Apple Watch or iPhone the stylish presentation it was meant for. With at least 25 percent off each offer, there’s never been a better time to upgrade the power sources for your favo.....»»

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You can watch one of Prince’s best concerts in its entirety for free

The world is still coming to grips with the loss of one of the most talented musicians we have ever known. Prince's untimely passing at the young age of 57 rocked the music industry and fans last Thursday morning, and we've all spent plenty of time sinc.....»»

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Opinion: Cellular Apple Watch in time, sure, but these issues need love too

I touched on my thoughts on a cellular Apple Watch 2 briefly when detailing WSJ’s report, but I want to expand a bit further and think out loud about the possibility. In short, I think an untethered Apple Watch with built-in cellular connectivity is.....»»

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You have a week left to watch these Netflix movies and shows before they start disappearing

Nothing lasts forever, including the Netflix streaming library. Late last week, Netflix announced all of the movies and shows that would be added to its service in May as well as everything that would be removed. Thankfully, this time around, only a few o.....»»

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Apple Watch again rumored to have cellular connectivity (and there’s evidence it’s true)

Remember that rumor Apple was considering LTE for the next version of the Apple Watch? It’s back, but there’s a bit more credence this time. In discussing first year sales of Apple Watch, The Wall Street Journal notes that Apple is hard at work on i.....»»

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Facebook News Feed shakes up to prioritize the most viewed and time spent sites

Facebook has tweaked its News Feed algorithm again to highlight the articles that users are most likely to read or watch on the basis of time spent on posts.Facebook is at it again, changing the way its News Feed highlights links to those sites that it fe.....»»

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12 reasons I still wear my Apple Watch every day

It’s been a year since I’ve had my Apple Watch. The things I complained about at the start are still an issue, and they mostly boil down to the fact that even running native apps, this is the slowest Apple product I’ve used for a long time. Still, I.....»»

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Watch a bunch of cute kids give spring cleaning their best shot

These kids, intrigued by their parents' sudden interest in spring cleaning, decided to give the time-honored, stressful tradition a try for themselves. Aside from being small enough to ride on Roombas, turns out that — surprise! — cleaning isn.....»»

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How to stream the ‘Game of Thrones’ season 6 premiere online

It’s finally the weekend, which means it’s time to watch HBO, as the first episode of Game of Thrones’ season 6 is about to air. In what follows we’re going to tell you everything there is to know about HBO’s massive Game of Thrones premiere eve.....»»

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Sentinels in constant watch on the polar glaciers [Science]

The EU's Sentinel satellite system has begun monitoring six polar glaciers in near real-time. #satellite #climate #glacier #Antarctica #space #hardware #climate change.....»»

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Shell"s Adorably Weird New City Car Can Get 107 MPG

The new Shell city-car concept is a bit like the younger cousin you don’t see often—cute and kind of weird, but intriguing at the same time. The car, which has the ability to get up to 107 miles per gallon, comes by the efforts of an odd combination.....»»

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