Every Major MCU Villain

Every Major MCU Villain.....»»

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Are There More Developers Than We Think?

JavaScript's npm package manager reports 4 million users, doubling every year, leading to an interesting question from tech industry analyst James Governor: Just how many developers are there out there? GitHub is very well placed to know, given it's.....»»

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Lithia Hyundai of Reno scrutinizes ad traffic for bots

When a dealership pays vendors to generate clicks on its advertising, every dollar spent on a click that came from a bot and not a human is a wasted dollar......»»

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Will Facebook be the next big thing in online used-car ads?

Facebook has the potential to be a major force in used-car sales with a new feature called Marketplace, which eases concerns about dealing with strangers......»»

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Racer Graham Rahal tells us about his Indy 500 preparations

It's not as simple as just keeping it floored and turning left every so often. Enlarge / Graham Rahal during practice for the Indianapolis 500 this year. (credit: Michael Hickey | Getty Images) The 101st running of the Indianapolis 500 is just.....»»

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Killer unicorns: Every device an iPhone-killer

When it comes to wishing for magical, iPhone-killing devices, dope springs eternal because every new device is surely the one, no matter how little you know about it.Writing for TheStreet, Amanda Shiavo adopts her spookiest voice and says “Bewar.....»»

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Market-Shaping Developments at RAPID 2017

This IDC Market Note details the major trends identified by analyzing the news and products unveiled at RAPID 2017."3D printing technologies are making more and more inroads into real manufacturing, and some of the products and technologies unveiled.....»»

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Every paper has a unique fingerprint, and this algorithm can find it

One way to prevent forgery of official documents could be to check the “fingerprint” of the paper they are printed on. An algorithm created by researchers at the U.K.’s Newcastle University can help. The post Every paper has a unique fingerprin.....»»

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Far Cry 5"s first trailer reveals religious cults and explosions in picturesque Montana

Dim the lights, blast the dubstep, and throw on some Aisha Tyler interviews in the background—Ubisoft just kicked off its E3 press conference three weeks before the event with the first-ever trailer for Far Cry 5.Like every year, this early look.....»»

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Radio-controlled pacemakers aren’t as hard to hack as you (may) think

The four major makers aren't properly securing critical cardiac devices, report says. Enlarge (credit: US Food and Drug Administration) Pacemakers are devices that are implanted in the chest or abdomen to control life-threatening heartbeat abn.....»»

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Almost every adult still watches TV the old-fashioned way

Surprise: an overwhelming majority of adults still watch TV on a TV despite cord-cutting and the prevalence of mobile broadband. 92 percent of those aged 18 and older according to a recent report from Nielsen, to be exact. "Sure, viewers hav.....»»

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Major US Tech Firms Press Congress For Internet Surveillance Reforms

Dustin Volz, reporting for Reuters: Facebook, Amazon and more than two dozen other U.S. technology companies pressed Congress on Friday to make changes to a broad internet surveillance law, saying they were necessary to improve privacy protections an.....»»

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World Vehicle Sales Down 3.2% in April

Vehicle sales were slow in every region for the month, though still outpacing 2016 year-to-date. read more.....»»

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Facebook and Google ask Congress for surveillance reform (again)

It's no secret that the American government monitors the web data of non-citizens it considers potential threats. But major tech companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, and Google are looking to change the way that surveillance is handle.....»»

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Lyft takes on Uber Black with a new luxury car service

Lyft has launched a high-end service for riders who want to travel in style. Now the priciest of its options, "Lux" is available in five major locations across the U.S., with more on the way. The post Lyft takes on Uber Black with a new luxury car se.....»»

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Mark Zuckerberg Calls for Universal Basic Income in His Harvard Commencement Speech

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has become the latest major tech figure to call for universal basic income as a solution for inequality, joining a growing chorus from Silicon Valley. From a report: "Every generation expands its definition of equality. N.....»»

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Truly intelligent enemies could change the face of gaming

Live, die, repeat -- the tagline for the 2014 science-fiction film Edge of Tomorrow -- describes its protagonist, who "respawned" every time he died in the real world. Critics noted that the conceit resembled the cyclical experience of playi.....»»

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AMD"s new AM4 motherboard software cures Ryzen"s memory headaches

Memory’s been a thorn in the side of AMD’s Ryzen processors ever since they launched. Memory speed and latency can play a major part in Ryzen’s performance, but early AM4 motherboards haven’t been able to offer robust memory overclocking c.....»»

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You can now sit in your car and watch Amazon pack your groceries

Following several months of testing, Amazon has launched its grocery collection service for those who don't like to wait in for deliveries. Kicking off in Seattle, AmazonFresh Pickup may land in other major cities soon. The post You can now sit in yo.....»»

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The Desktop CPU Comparison Guide Rev. 18.0

Currently covering 1,170 desktop CPUs, this comprehensive comparison will allow you to easily compare up to 19 different specifications for each and every desktop CPU.... [PCSTATS].....»»

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Nowcasting may help forecast big earthquakes in 53 major cities

Records of small quakes can help us gauge how close we are to really big ones, using a technique borrowed from economics and finance.....»»

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