Seven Westminster cats are in the running for the Purr Minister poll 2016

LONDON - Forget the EU referendum, there's a far more important issue requiring your vote in the coming days: The 2016 Purr Minister Election. The poll, which is organised by Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, aims to find the purrfect politician's cat - with s.....»»

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Men and Women Alter a Home"s Bacteria Differently

An analysis of dust reveals how the presence of men, women, dogs and cats affects the variety of bacteria in a household -- Read more on»»

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A Facebook page is helping lost pets find home during South Carolina flooding

Following a weekend of historic flooding in South Carolina, one Facebook page is working to return lost pets to their owners. Since Friday, more than two feet of rain has fallen in the region, leaving dogs, cats and even horses stranded. (And the flooding.....»»

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Dogs chase cats in the name of science

It doesn't take a science degree to know that dogs like chasing cats......»»

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Why You Should Work from Home

Ditching the office at least part-time can boost profitability and personal happiness—provided it’s done right -- Read more on»»

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PlayStation games are coming to PC, and other signs the end is nigh - CNET

Soon, you won't need a PlayStation to experience games like God of War or Uncharted. Also, cats and dogs are living together now......»»

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This Cow Lives Happily With Two Dogs And One Couple, And Sometimes Breaks Into The House

Mooove over dogs and cats, there’s a new pet in town. Beryl lives a life of luxury and spends her days... The post This Cow Lives Happily With Two Dogs And One Couple, And Sometimes Breaks Into The House appeared first on Lifehack. Mooove o.....»»

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Watch manufacturer Sinn loses its mind with a hybrid mechanical/Apple Watch band

 As we approach the coming mechanical watch apocalypse strange things will begin happening. Dogs and cats shall live together. Beloved watch brands shall buy each other for no good reason. And storied and historical watchmakers will bow to the will o.....»»

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SpaceCats In Space Is All About Elaborate Dogfights

Robotic Potato is developing a twin-stick shooter that takes the cats vs. dogs battle to the stars. Read SpaceCats In Space Is All About Elaborate Dogfights on Siliconera!.....»»

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Are you a sci-fi fan? Facebook says you like cats more than dogs - CNET

Cat people curl up with fantasy stories, while pooch people prefer romances and stories about dogs, according to the social network......»»

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Today we like: cats

It's International Cat Day! To mark the occasion we've rounded up some of the best architecture and design for felines – including a series of cat houses by Los Angeles-based architects, a veterinary clinic dedicated to cats and a Seoul home where t.....»»

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Why Do Cats Die Funny and Dogs Die Sad in Movies?

It always sucks when a pet dies in real life. But in movies? It depends on what kind of pet. Read more........»»

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The fur flies in intense photos of the brutal UK government cat battles

LONDON — British parliamentarians are well-known for fighting like cats and dogs. But lately there's been some pretty serious cat-on-cat violence at 10 Downing Street, and we're not talking about intra-party disagreements between MPs. SEE ALSO: Forg.....»»

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Petnet Faces Angry Owners After Outage Leaves Dogs, Cats Hungry

Los Angeles-based PetNet, which develops a connected, pet feeding device, is facing widespread complaints, after its automated pet feeding device malfunctioned over the last few days. According to Petnet, it experienced a system failure last week which c.....»»

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Big cats returned to California sanctuary threatened by fire (Update)

About a dozen lions, tigers, cougars and other big cats came home to a sanctuary north of Los Angeles days after they were evacuated in the teeth of an advancing wildfire......»»

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Cat brings home live bat, absolute chaos ensues

Cats do the darndest things. For example, Twitter user NickMillerr_'s cat, Nala, decided it would be a great idea to bring home a live bat and casually drop it in the house. In case you're curious as to how that horrific scenario played out, NickMillerr_ .....»»

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Cats and dogs are living together because the new Ghostbusters is actually good

Forget gender squabbles, remake doubts; new 'busters feel modern, will crack you up. Columbia Pictures Ecto-1, back in action......»»

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Get Medieval on Intruders With This Retractable Fencing

There are lots of ways to prevent people from trespassing on your property, including moats, drawbridges, and roaming packs of dogs. But if those tried and true medieval approaches clash with your design aesthetics, you can instead surround your home with.....»»

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Thumb-sucking, nail-biting have a positive side: Kids less likely to develop allergies

Children who are thumb-suckers or nail-biters are less likely to develop allergic sensitivities, research has found. And, if they have both 'bad habits', they are even less likely to be allergic to such things as house dust mites, grass, cats, dogs, horse.....»»

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This "dead cat" brought into an animal shelter was not all it appeared to be

LONDON — Cats have nine lives, and all dogs go to heaven. But what about hand puppets? SEE ALSO: Rescue cat Pitzush Puss In Glam is a fabulous feline fashion model When a distressed samaritan brought what he believed to be a dead cat to the Guernse.....»»

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