Texans line up to adopt cats and dogs after animal shelter is flooded

After storms ravaged Oklahoma and Texas over the weekend, parts of central Texas are still floodedAustin Pets Alive!, a no-kill shelter in Austin, is among the homes and businesses affected by the severe weather. The shelter called for volunteers to foste.....»»

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Texans line up to adopt cats and dogs after Austin animal shelter is flooded

After storms ravaged Oklahoma and Texas over the weekend, parts of central Texas are still floodedAustin Pets Alive!, a no-kill shelter in Austin, is among the homes and businesses affected by the severe weather. The shelter called for volunteers to foste.....»»

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Squeezed quantum cats

ETH professor Jonathan Home and his colleagues reach deep into their bag of tricks to create so-called 'squeezed Schrödinger cats.' These quantum systems could be extremely useful for future technologies......»»

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Who run the world? Cats, ‘purr’ these catified homes

Cats are quite different from dogs in their likes and dislikes, which is why some people cater to their feline friends when it comes to house design. Catwalks, scratching posts, and more get incorporated into remodels and redecorations. The post Who run .....»»

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It"s now easier to buy stuff from YouTube video ads, huzzah?

A good 99.999 percent of the time, the adverts that run before your dogs sitting on cats video are irrelevant. But every once in a while, an ad hits and you want to know more. Beginning today, Google is making that discovery process way easier. Accor........»»

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The Mewgaroo Sweatshirt Lets You Be A Kangaroo Mom To Your Pet

You may have seen cats on leashes and dogs in strollers before. Pet owners will do just about anything to get close to their animals, and a new product from Japanese retailer Unihabitat totally enables the behavior. The "Mewgaroo" is a hoodie with a pou.....»»

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3D-printed camera case helps dogs take pictures when they"re happy

"Heartography" is a type of photography that automatically snaps pictures based on biological signals indicating happiness, so of course, dogs, being the purest vessels of joy on the planet, are the ideal candidates to test out the technology Nikon create.....»»

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Animals" presence may ease social anxiety in kids with autism

When animals are present, children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) have lower readings on a device that detects anxiety and other forms of social arousal when interacting with their peers. According to a study, companion animals -- like dogs, cats o.....»»

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Tests confirm the worst office pet is a snapping turtle

Standard wisdom is that pets are great things for any office, raising employee morale and providing a mascot for team-building purposes You have to be careful which animal you choose, though—dogs can be messy, cats can be troublesome, and fish are j.....»»

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Grizzler the dog"s photographic masterpieces (pictures)

Other dogs, cats and food figure prominently in photos taken by a dog set up with a Nikon camera triggered by a heart-rate monitor. Squirrel!.....»»

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How the dog found a place in the family home – from the Victorian age to ours

Dogs have been companions to humans for tens of thousands of years. In a new book, Dr Philip Howell argues that it was the Victorians who 'invented' the modern dog with a place at the heart of the family. But, as some dogs became pets, others became pest.....»»

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Stormtroopers with kittens? "Star Wars" villains show their soft side

"Star Wars" cosplayers pose with cats, dogs, rabbits and even guinea pigs to help encourage pet adoption. CNET chats with photographer Rohit Saxena about his adorkable photo series......»»

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20 stoned cats that definitely got into the catnip stash

Listen, man, it's totally legal. If you've been wondering why your cat has been laying around the house all day and won't respond to his own name, that's because your cat is totally stoned and has completely forgot his own name. See also: 25 Dogs That Are.....»»

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Now you can Google dinner straight to your home

Searching for sushi? Pondering a pizza? Hunting for hot dogs? Google's making it easier than ever to get it all delivered right to your door......»»

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Soldier Charged with Stealing 2 Dogs, Cutting Throats

Authorities in North Carolina say they are pursuing felony charges against a soldier who took two dogs from the home of their owner and slit their throats......»»

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Dogs, cats, horses, ferrets and lambs have all headed out to help vote in the election

LONDON — Millions of people came to vote in the general election Thursday, and many of them brought pets. #DogsAtPollingStations started trending on Twitter, but it wasn't just canines that made the effort. A lamb was spotted at Ed Miliband's statio.....»»

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Dogs Follow People Across Billboards In This Clever Adoption Campaign

The most effective tool an animal shelter has it when it comes to getting pets adopted is the animals themselves. So the Battersea Dogs & Cat Home, a shelter in the UK, created a brilliant ad campaign that had dogs following potential owners from billboar.....»»

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The fabled FURminator, great on cats and smaller dogs

The FURminator is the most recommended pet brush I've ever heard of. I've had wonderful results with my small to medium sized pets. Read the rest.....»»

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Awesome nonprofit Wings of Rescue: pilots donate flights to take euthanasia-bound dogs and cats to adopting homes

The group connects airplane pilots willing to volunteer their services to fly dogs and cats otherwise headed "to sleep" to homes ready to adopt the pets in nearby areas. Read the rest.....»»

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Cupholder Charging Station makes things more convenient

Traveling from door to door in a car is an experience that many of us take for granted. After all, a car helps to keep us nice and dry even when it is raining cats and dogs outside, whereas a motorcycle would require you to put on a raincoat, and even the.....»»

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