Introduction to a Special Edition on Cats and Dogs

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You Don"t Need A Kitty To Love This Modular Cat Cube Playground

The Catable 2.0 by Lycs Architecture is a cat playground so well designed, the cat is optional.Here at Co.Design, we've got a soft spot for design aimed at pets, but it's rare that we see anything designed for dogs and cats that even animal haters would d.....»»

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Behold! The Laptop Butler That Holds Your Drink To Your Laptop

 As we approach the New Age, a thousand portents churn on the horizon. Dogs and cats begin living together. A man has found something he mislaid months before in a place he has already looked. And, as was written in days of old, the Laptop Butler wou.....»»

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Study says that cats are "more successful" than dogs throughout history

If you're of the belief that Hollywood's Cats & Dogs didn't offer a clear enough victor in the age-old "cats vs. dogs" debate, don't worry. Science is here with an answer of its own. A new study published in PNAS reveals that, when taking history and scie.....»»

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Competition from the ancestors of cats drove the extinction of many species of ancient dogs

Competition played a more important role in the evolution of the dog family (wolves, foxes, and their relatives) than climate change, shows a new international study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (PNAS)......»»

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Calvin Harris babysat Taylor Swift"s cats like a good boyfriend should

The sign of a good boyfriend is that he stays home with your cats while you hang out at your ex-boyfriend's birthday party. We're looking at you, Calvin Harris. See also: Taylor Swift's worst ex yet: Spotify While Taylor Swift was off gallivanting with he.....»»

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Dog food processing methods answering questions

According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention in 2014, approximately 53% and 58% of dogs and cats, respectively, in the United States were overweight and obese. These numbers have steadily increased since 2010. However, most pet owners (? 90%) d.....»»

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He ain"t afraid of no "Ghostbusters": Bill Murray is officially in

Forget the "mass hysteria" of dogs and cats living togetherBill Murray is going to appear in Paul Feig's reboot of Ghostbusters. The beloved actor and star of the original films has been against — or seemed to be against (Murray's a weird .....»»

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Why Are Dogs So Insanely Happy to See Us When We Get Home?

Unlike a certain companion animal that will go unnamed, dogs lose their minds when reunited with their owners. But it’s not immediately obvious why our canine companions should grant us such an over-the-top greeting—especially considering the power im.....»»

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Countering pet obesity by rethinking feeding habits

190 million Americans share the luxuries of human life with their pets. Giving dogs and cats a place in human homes, beds and—sometimes even, their wills—comes with the family member package......»»

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Shooting Challenge: The Cat Days Of Summer

Fair is fair. We had you photograph all of your dogs . And now, canine karma has come around. For this week’s Shooting Challenge, photograph your cats.Read more........»»

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A Staircase Designed For Dogs

This Vietnamese home incorporates a separate stairway, designed for a canine's shorter legs.We design houses for humans. We design houses for dogs. What we don't design are houses for humans and dogs, which is somewhat odd, considering the fact we often c.....»»

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Husky greets his owner after a long trip, proves dogs are still the best

This husky perfectly encapsulates the most lovable dog quality ever: the pure and utter excitement they feel when you come home. Especially if it's been awhile This loyal pup hadn't seen his beloved human in more than a month. Upon his owner's valiant ret.....»»

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This home “vision-as-a-service” system now knows when there’s a human in view

EXCLUSIVE: If you have a motion-detecting video surveillance system for your home or apartment, you may find yourself annoyed by the wind or cats. Every time a tree sways or a cat walks into the field of vision, the system might shoot you a notification. .....»»

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JFK’s $48M Animal Terminal Is Cushier Than What Humans Get

The 178,000-square-foot building will include separate spa-like kennels for dogs and cats, 48 horse stalls, and a cattle pen. The post JFK’s $48M Animal Terminal Is Cushier Than What Humans Get appeared first on WIRED......»»

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Dogs and cats, living together: Google Drive comes to Office

Never thought you’d see the day, did you? Google Drive is coming to Microsoft Office.However, it’s not quite there yet. Google’s plugin, which it published Tuesday, may allow Office documents to be opened, edited, and saved to Google Drive. But it d.....»»

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14 Reasons Why You Should Have A Cat At Home

Around one third of households in the United States have a cat. There’s a very good reason why cats are... The post 14 Reasons Why You Should Have A Cat At Home appeared first on Lifehack. Around one third of households in the United States have.....»»

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Can You Run A City Based On Happiness?

In Santa Monica, California, the government wants to make its citizens feel better.It's hard to imagine anyone being unhappy living in Santa Monica, California. The affluent beachfront city, a suburb of Los Angeles, is home to surfers, students, and celeb.....»»

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Sydney liveability increases dramatically with 2 cat cafes

Sydney, you can stop inviting strangers' cats into your home. This year, two cat cafes are coming to your neighbourhood Australian woman Veronica Morland has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise enough money to introduce furry friends to a Sydney cafe.....»»

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Florida pet owners warned about deadly giant toads

Florida's rainy season is in full force and pet owners are being cautioned to keep an eye out for toxic toads that can potentially kill dogs and cats......»»

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