Tinder for pets helps you give shelter animals forever homes

This new addition to the growing number of Tinder-like apps out there is possibly the cutest one yet -- it lets you browse dogs, cats and other animals in shelters looking for their forever home. The Tinder for pets we're talking about was developed........»»

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Do Neural Networks Dream Of Electric Cats? They Do Now.

The Cat Generator does what it says on the tin: infinitely generates unique cat faces out of nothing.Google's Deep Dream neural network tends to hallucinate in dog faces, because the database it trained on had a disproportionately high number of dogs pict.....»»

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Adorable shelter pig looking for a home for herself and her two dogs

A beautiful Pennsylvanian family consisting of a pig and her two dogs are on the market for a new home. Pattie Pig and her beautiful, well-trained dogs named Pickles and Paprika were left at the Animal Rescue League of Berks County in September. The dogs .....»»

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Why cats are fussy eaters but dogs will consume almost anything

Anyone who's watched a cat throwing up after munching on grass knows that our feline friends aren't natural plant eaters. So you might be surprised to discover that these carnivorous animals share some important genes that are more typically associated wi.....»»

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Why Dogs Will Eat Anything But Cats Are Fussy as Hell

Anyone who’s watched a cat throwing up after munching on grass knows that our feline friends aren’t natural plant eaters. So you might be surprised to discover that these carnivorous animals share some important genes that are more typically associate.....»»

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Determined cat occupies British supermarket shelf like he owns the place

LONDON — We all know that cats secretly control the world, so if one decides to wander into its local supermarket and make a temporary home on one of the shelves, who are we to stop it? See also: This is what the inside of a British cat pub looks li.....»»

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Your favorite horror movies remade with kittens is shockingly cute

These adorable kitties will provide welcome relief from the scares of Halloween, as they reenact The Purring (1980), The Texas Chainpaw Meowsacre (1974), Psycat (1960) and Cattie (1976). The real horror is that too many cats need a home. To help out, whet.....»»

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Video showcases Ashes of the Singularity on AMD and Nvidia hardware — simultaneously

Want proof that dogs and cats can live together? We've got video of Ashes of the Singularity running on both AMD and Nvidia hardware......»»

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You will not be able to stop looking at these portraits of shaking cats

Trigger warning to anyone with allergies: these photos feature a gratuitous amount of cat dander. Carli Davidson, the photographer behind the photo series "Shake" and "Shake Puppies" — which feature high definition pictures of dogs and puppies mid-s.....»»

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Physical condition of shelter cats an indicator of housing conditions

When animals lose their home, they often end up in a shelter. In order to assess the welfare of shelter animals, researchers from the Vetmeduni Vienna spent one year looking at the physical condition of cats at 30 animal shelters in Austria. The results: .....»»

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PawsLikeMe is like eHarmony for pets and owners

New online pet adoption platform PawsLikeMe is helping give "dogs a second chance at a forever home ... using a proven algorithm with a more than 90 percent accuracy rate in predicting people-to-pet compatibility." The post PawsLikeMe is like eHarmony for.....»»

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Couple lives with 41 dogs, which is maybe too many dogs

Lynn Everett and her husband Tony Morgan have 41 unexpected roommates: 25 French bull dogs, 10 miniature English bull terriers and six Chinese crested dogs. In a video shot for SWNS Animals, Everett let a few cameras into the couple's home in South Yorksh.....»»

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Amtrak is slowly, oh-so-slowly expanding its pet program

More pets can now join their owners on Amtrak. Amtrak began an expanded pet pilot program Monday, allowing travelers to bring along small dogs and cats on routes from Boston to Lynchburg, Newport News and Norfolk in Virginia, and between Boston and Brunsw.....»»

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Humans Are Not the Only Creatures Who Mourn

Mounting evidence from species as diverse as cats, dogs, giraffes and dolphins indicates that humans are not unique in grieving over the loss of loved ones -- Read more on»»

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Make espresso at home without spending a fortune

If what truly brings you happiness is a shot of strong coffee sweetened by steamed milk then these espresso machines will please and at an affordable price......»»

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Toddler and dog are equally ecstatic that dad is home

Dogs and toddlers definitely have one thing in common: patience is not their strong suit When dad comes home from a long day of work, this toddler and his trusty dog companion are equally ecstatic, and basically have a joyous meltdown Because dad's been g.....»»

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DNA Vaccine Sterilizes Mice, Could Lead To One-Shot Birth Control For Cats, Dogs

sciencehabit writes: Animal birth control could soon be just a shot away. A new injection makes male and female mice infertile by tricking their muscles into producing hormone-blocking antibodies. If the approach works in dogs and cats, researchers say, i.....»»

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Heroic pooch discovers abandoned Doritos box full of kittens in British park

LONDON — Sometimes, despite everything that gets said to the contrary, dogs and cats do get on well. During a routine fetch session in the park with his owner Sharon Smith, the brilliantly named Vader stumbled across an abandoned crisp box and ended.....»»

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Mutated “Micropigs” Will Soon Be Sold as Pets

Last year, scientists in China used a gene-editing technique to produce pint-sized pigs for medical research. Now they want to sell them as pets. Critics say the precedent could lead to bizarre versions of cats and dogs, while at the same time preventing .....»»

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Nova Scotia man breaks into home, feeds cats, writes in owners" diary

A Nova Scotia man broke into a home in British Columbia, showered, brushed his teeth, wrote in the home owners' diary and fed their cats It's a lot like Airbnb if you don't pay attention to the home invasion part. See also: Canadian police helicopter broa.....»»

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