Do Bugs Poop?

Don't think too hard about this on your next picnic, but yes, bugs poop......»»

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23 common HTC Vive problems and fixes

Are errors and bugs getting in the way of your VR experience with the HTC Vive? To help you troubleshoot and solve common HTC Vive problems, we've created an easy guide covering potential audio issues, syncing, and the like. The post 23 common HTC Vi.....»»

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How Long Do Elephants Take to Poop? Same Time As You

New parenthood got our fluid dynamics experts thinking about what ends up in the diaper. They headed to the zoo and the lab to come up with a cohesive physics story for how defecation works......»»

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AMD Radeon Crimson ReLive Edition 17.4.4 adds support for ‘Dawn of War III’

The latest set of Radeon Crimson ReLive Edition drivers from AMD introduces support for Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War, alongside a host of fixes to known issues and other nagging bugs. The post AMD Radeon Crimson ReLive Edition 17.4.4 adds support fo.....»»

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OverOps raises $30M Series C led by Lightspeed Ventures to help automate finding bugs in code (Ron Miller/TechCrunch)

Ron Miller / TechCrunch: OverOps raises $30M Series C led by Lightspeed Ventures to help automate finding bugs in code  —  OverOps, a startup that wants to help companies find software bugs more efficiently than by pouring over log.....»»

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OverOps scores $30 million led by Lightspeed Ventures

 OverOps, a startup that wants to help companies find software bugs more efficiently than by pouring over log files, announced a $30 million Series C round led by Lightspeed Ventures with participation from Menlo Ventures. Both are existing inv.....»»

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Apple iOS bugs: A three-finger tap is all you need to freeze an iPhone

Once you know how to activate the bug, you can freeze any Apple iPhone in seconds, but it wouldn’t have been easy to discover. The post Apple iOS bugs: A three-finger tap is all you need to freeze an iPhone appeared first on Tech2. Every new O.....»»

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20 glitches and bugs with the Moto G, and how to fix them

The Moto G might be the best budget smartphone around, but that doesn’t mean it's perfect. Here are the most common problems plaguing the Motorola device, and a few workarounds and solutions that can fix them. The post 20 glitches and bugs with the.....»»

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You Won"t Believe These 10 Foods Secretly Make You Poop More!

You Won"t Believe These 10 Foods Secretly Make You Poop More!.....»»

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Ancient enzyme protects lungs from common irritant produced by bugs and mold

The lungs secrete a specialized enzyme capable of destroying chitin, without which chitin particles inhaled from the environment can accumulate in the airways and trigger inflammatory lung disease, new research in mice shows......»»

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Fountain of Poop? Fish Study Hints at Microbes" Role in Aging

Older fish live longer after eating younger fish's feces......»»

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Men discover perfect new way to use those moving walkways at the airport

It's a well-known fact that travelators (you know, those moving walkways at airports) are the most fun part of traveling. But it's not often that they get the viral attention they deserve.  Until now, anyway. SEE ALSO: She let her dog poop in t.....»»

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How Bacteria-Laden Poop Is Killing American Squash and Melons

A deadly microscopic foe is giving the gourds “heart failures” -- Read more on»»

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Pandora"s on-demand streaming service is available to everyone

It's been just about a month since Pandora unveiled its attempt at building full-fledged, on-demand streaming music service. Aside from a handful of bugs, the big problem with Pandora Premium was that it was invite only. That's cha.....»»

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Here"s What Our Food Might Look Like in a Climate Change-Induced Dystopia

Food scientists are already looking to some dramatic-sounding options, from bugs to lab-grown meat to large fish farms, in order to feed a world whose population could approach ten billion humans by 2050. Combined with climate change, the food of the.....»»

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Maker Pro News: Is AirBnB the Future of Manufacturing?

Distributed manufacturing could be a game changer. Plus, the benefits of chowing down on bugs, highlights from Maker Faire Miami, and more! Read more on MAKE The post Maker Pro News: Is AirBnB the Future of Manufacturing? appeared first on Make:.....»»

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Ask Slashdot: How Would You Stop The Deployment Of Unapproved Code Changes?

Over a million lines of code -- in existence for over 10 years -- gets updates in six-week "sprints" using source control and bug-tracking systems. But now an anonymous reader writes: In theory users report bugs, the developers "fix" the bugs, the us.....»»

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Here"s why you shouldn"t rush out and update your Google Pixel or Nexus

New software updates are great for your phone — they patch security holes and bugs and add new features — except when they break a core feature, like your phone's fingerprint sensor. According to multiple reports on Google's Pixel and Nex.....»»

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Microsoft’s first Windows Insider update after Creators Edition release targets bugs

Microsoft released a Windows Insider update Friday, as the company's developers work to solidify the core of Windows 10 before rolling out new features. Accordingly, Windows 10 build 16176 is mostly made up of bug fixes. The post Microsoft’s fi.....»»

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Wouldn’t it be nice if Mac error messages actually told us what’s wrong?

As I pointed out in a recent article, bugs exist in every application and hardware device, and Apple has a bug reporting system that many developers find annoying. But for end users—you and me—dealing with these issues can be frustrating. The.....»»

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Despite Nintendo"s Bounty Program, Hackers Think They"ll Crack The Switch

In December of 2016, Nintendo launched a program with HackerOne, a service that provides bounties ranging from $100 to $20,000 for finding bugs and exploits, in order to stamp them out on the 3DS. This program has since been extended to the Switch, a.....»»

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