Different Types of Architectural Styled Houses

Architectural Style house plans have a variety of designs made by some famous designers and architects. The post Different Types of Architectural Styled Houses appeared first on Architecture Lab......»»

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Octopus-Inspired Camouflage for Soft Robotics

A new elastic skin morphs to produce different textures A new elastic skin morphs to produce different textures There are many reasons to admire the octopus, including its ability to instantly pop up tiny protrusions of various shapes from its skin.....»»

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Turning brain cells into skin cells

A new study reveals that it is possible to repurpose the function of different mature cells across the body and harvest new tissue and organs from these cells......»»

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Yarn Works / The Architectural Team

The 100+ year-old Nockege River Mill Building, formerly home to the Fitchburg Yarn Company, is situated on 7.4 acres on the banks of the Nashua River in the city of Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Its 182,500 square feet span three massive floors.....»»

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Leaked ICE forfeiture manual instructs agents to seize houses if they contain a phone implicated in crime

ICE have become house-flippers, using the notorious and discredited "civil asset forfeiture" process to steal houses from people they say were involved in crime, then selling the houses to fund their operations, and more seizures of more houses. (m.....»»

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Live-Actions DC Series Titans Casts Beast Boy

The DC series continues to round out its team with the green-skinned, wisecracking Beast Boy. The voice of Hiro Hamada is becoming a different hero, as Ryan Potter has been announced to play Beast Boy in DC's live-action Titans series. WB has r.....»»

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Nendo designs five alternatives to the standard zipper

Tasked with reinventing the zipper, Nendo has come up with five different fastenings, each designed to suit a different function. Read more Tasked with reinventing the zipper, Nendo has come up with five different fastenings, each designed t.....»»

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The nuns of Snapchat: the sisters offering teens a glimpse of convent life

The Kardashians are undoubtedly the most famous Snapchatting sisters in the world. But a community of sisters of a different kind are currently blowing up Snapchat in a whole other way.  They call themselves #MediaNuns; an international ministry.....»»

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There’s a new iMessage bug that’s driving some iPhone users crazy

One of the best things about Apple's device lineup is how tightly integrated the company's different device lines are. All of your content is available across each Apple device, and Continuity features allow you to pick up on one device where you lef.....»»

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Teotitlán del Valle Cultural Center / PRODUCTORA

This Community Cultural Center exhibits the archeological and textile wealth of Teotitlán del Valle, a village in the Mexican state of Oaxaca. The principal volume, facing the village square, houses the Museum which will host the coll.....»»

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Gran Turismo Sport’s high-end bonuses: HDR is incredible, but VR is not

Ahead of our formal game review, we sum up Polyphony's fanciest racing features. Enlarge / Rest assured, the headlights and fireworks in this image look dramatically different on an HDR-rated display (which we can't recreate via standard web bro.....»»

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Lily Next-Gen drone ups the ante

Drones are all the rage these days, with so many different companies coming up with their very own take on what a drone should be like, and what it is capable of. While there are many pretenders to the throne, there are only a few companies which are.....»»

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Apple and GE announce deep partnership

 While Apple has had its share of enterprise partners in recent years including IBM, Cisco and SAP, today’s announcement that it will be working directly with GE feels a bit different with the two companies more closely intertwined than in.....»»

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Meet the HP ZBook x2, the world’s most powerful tablet PC

This hybrid comes with a nifty stylus and an optional 10-bit one-billion color display. HP has revealed the new ZBook x2, a 2-in-1 hybrid aimed at creative types which the company claims is the ‘world’s most powerful detachable PC.....»»

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The American Architecture Prize Announces Winners for 2017

Three projects have been selected as the winners of The American Architecture Prize (AAP) 2017, which aims to recognize “creativity and innovation in architectural, interior and landscape design.” Cour.....»»

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Apartment in Chiado / Commerzn | Linha de Terra Architecture

A house made of memories, composed of a narrative of spaces of different areas and proportions, with a high vaulted ceiling and a direct and effective connection between them. Several wounds and scars from the many uses of the space are visi.....»»

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Xperia Hello! is Sony’s robotic butler slash smart speaker

Smart home speakers are the in thing in tech these days and Sony is jumping in as well but in a different way. Back when it redefined its Xperia brand last year, it introduced a few new non-phone smart devices, including a certain Xperia Agent. Forme.....»»

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EA Shuts Down Visceral Games, Shifting Development On Its Star Wars Game

Visceral Games, the studio behind games like Battlefield Hardline and Dead Space, is being shut down by EA. The Star Wars game in development at Visceral will be revamped and moved to a different studio. Kotaku reports: "Our Visceral studio has been.....»»

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Baisha Old Town Retreat / Atelier8 + Atelier GOM

Baisha Old town in Yunnan province is a small village part of Lijiang well known for its Jade Dragon Snow Mountain range. It is still the most legit old town in Lijiang. The typical wood and mud brick houses welcome the visitor to discover t.....»»

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Give Google a bone — Google Photos can now identify different pets

Pets are members of the family too, right? Google Photos can now automatically tag individual pets and search by breed. The update uses enhanced computer vision powered by machine learning to recognize different pets. The post Give Google a bone R.....»»

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Your iPhone or Android will see where no other phone can with this wireless endoscopic camera

We cover a ton of different gadgets here at the BGR Deals team, but we’ve never covered anything else that’s quite like the Depstech WiFi Borescope Inspection Camera. It flew off of Amazon’s virtual store shelves the last time we to.....»»

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