DHS warns on immigration spoofing scam

You could probably see this one and others like it coming, given the current immigration quagmire that is the United States immigration environment. Today the U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued a fraud alert saying criminals have been usi.....»»

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Queen’s University scientist warns that a devastating asteroid impact is just a matter of time

It is a case of when an asteroid collision will happen, rather than if it will happen, says Alan Fitzsimmons The post Queen’s University scientist warns that a devastating asteroid impact is just a matter of time appeared first on Tech2......»»

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We Shouldn"t Use H1-B Visas a Political Weapon

Should we modernize the U.S. immigration system and stop abuse? Absolutely. But draconian measures to block immigrants on H1-B visas are counterproductive......»»

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Tim Cook Told Trump Tech Employees Are "Nervous" About Immigration

Behind the scenes at the White House tech CEO meeting, Apple CEO Tim Cook told President Donald Trump that technology employees are "nervous" about the administration's approach to immigration, CNBC reports, citing a source familiar with the exchange.....»»

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US-CERT Warns North Korea Has Stepped Up Cyberattacks

The US government is warning companies about DDoS and malware infiltration attempts it believes are being launched by North Korea, possibly as part of an attempt to strike back at the US after news of our own missile sabotage programs surfaced severa.....»»

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Airbnb is buying a scam-fighting background check technology

Airbnb is getting more serious when it comes to keeping fraudulent listings and shady renters off the website. According to Bloomberg, the short-term rental platform is buying Trooly Inc., a startup specializing in background checks to fight.....»»

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DHS and FBI issue alert about North Korean "Hidden Cobra" hackers

Watch out for attacks by Hidden Cobra, aka North Korean government hackers, the DHS and the FBI warned in a joint technical alert. The US government didn’t tiptoe around the issue, instead pointing the finger of blame at North Korea for a series.....»»

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Win XP patched to avert new outbreaks spawned by NSA-leaking Shadow Brokers

Company warns of “destructive cyberattacks” as it tries to prevent another WCry. (credit: Microsoft) On Tuesday, Microsoft took the highly unusual step of issuing security patches for XP and other unsupported versions of Windows. The compa.....»»

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Microsoft Warns of "Destructive Cyberattacks", Issues New Windows XP Patches

Ed Bott, reporting for ZDNet: Citing an "elevated risk for destructive cyberattacks," Microsoft today released an assortment of security updates designed to block attacks similar to those responsible for the devastating WannaCry/WannaCrypt ransomware.....»»

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Dial tone: Predicting iPhone 8 problems

What are you likely to get when you ask Apple questions about presumed problems with devices they haven’t announced yet? Let’s find out.Writing for CNBC, Todd Haselton warns us that “The iPhone 8 may be outdated before it even launches.” (.....»»

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Thai Police Recover Cars Stolen in Insurance Scam

The 42 stolen vehicles included seven BMWs, three Land Rovers, eight Mercedes-Benz and two Rolls-Royce models. read more.....»»

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Task force tells Congress health IT security is in critical condition

Report warns lack of security talent, glut of legacy hardware pose imminent threat. Health IT's security problems run deep. (credit: Sean Gallagher) A congressionally-mandated healthcare-industry task force has published the findings of its in.....»»

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"Scam baiters" kick out of conning the con artists

Even death threats cannot deter the tech-savvy volunteers who seek to con the con artists......»»

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Dash cam reviews: What you need to catch the maniacs and meteors of daily driving

June 7, 2017: Updated with our review of the Garmin Dash Cam 55, which adds a "hey, stupid" driving aid that you and every car around you will appreciate.Dash cams are already essential in many countries because of scam artists who try to create a.....»»

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Bits: Tech Roundup: Remember Chain Letters? Hackers Do

There is more than one way to scam a computer user. Hackers have combined old-fashioned Poniz schemes with new ransomware attacks......»»

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Airbnb makes good on its promise to house the displaced

Airbnb said it would help hosts take in refugees and evacuees as a response to President Trump's attempted immigration ban, and it's following through on that promise. The home rental service has launched a promised website that l.....»»

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Don"t be left behind by IPv6 deployment, ISOC warns enterprises

They have the resources, the expertise and, though they may not realize it, the need -- but it turns out that enterprises are often the ones that don't yet have IPv6.That's the finding of the Internet Society its latest report on IPv6 deployment,.....»»

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Google"s Top Search Result For "Target" Was A Tech Support Scam

An anonymous reader quotes BleepingComputer: Malicious ads displayed in Google search results for Target -- the US retailer -- redirected users to a tech support scam. The malvertising campaign was spotted on Friday by a US user who posted his observ.....»»

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OneLogin suffers breach—customer data said to be exposed, decrypted

Customer account-only support page warns of "ability to decrypt encrypted data." Enlarge OneLogin has admitted that the single sign-on (SSO) and identity management firm has suffered a data breach. However its public statement is vague about.....»»

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India Tech Giant Warns Trump"s "Radical Shift" to Hurt Industry

The vice chairman at Tech Mahindra, one of India's largest technology services companies warned that U.S. President Donald Trump's visa policies will damage the industry as his company reported weak earnings and his stock fell the most in almost two.....»»

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US Senators Propose Bug Bounties For Hacking Homeland Security

An anonymous reader quotes CNN: U.S. senators want people to hack the Department of Homeland Security. On Thursday, Senators Maggie Hassan, a Democrat and Republican Rob Portman introduced the Hack DHS Act to establish a federal bug bounty program in.....»»

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