Demonoid Returns After Two Months Downtime

After nearly two months of downtime, the semi-private BitTorrent tracker Demonoid resurfaced online this weekend. The site was pulled offline due to hosting problems and had to endure some internal struggles as well, but barring a few bugs, it's now.....»»

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Outlast 2 Will Come Out in Australia After All

Outlast II has been reclassified R18+ for “high impact horror themes, violence, blood, gore and sex.” Outlast II will be coming out in Australia after all; the game’s rating has been changed from RC to R18+. Outlast II has been reclassifi.....»»

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Ignyta Seeks To Sell Off Development Program

San Diego-based biopharmaceuticals developer Ignyta said on Thursday afternoon that it is looking to sell of its taladegib oncology program, after reaching a deal to change licensing terms it has with Eli Lilly and Company. Ignyta said it is "explori.....»»

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Nearly Two-Thirds of Cancers Are Due to Random DNA "Mistakes"

Cancer is a disease cause by mistakes in DNA, and now a new study finds that majority of these mistakes are completely random — they're not due to heredity or environmental factors, but rather the result of random errors......»»

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SixXS IPv6 Tunnel Provider Is Shutting Down

yakatz writes: SixXS started providing IPv6 tunnels in 1999 to try to break the "chicken-and-egg" problem of IPv6 adoption. After 18 years, the service is shutting down. The cited reasons are: 1) growth has been stagnant 2) many ISPs offer IPv6 3) so.....»»

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Two new Michael Kors Access smartwatches are coming to Canada

Michael Kors is expanding its smartwatch offerings with two new Android Wear 2.0 devices, the Sofie for women and Grayson for men, both of which are coming to Canada. The Sofie has a lightweight, thin case body with a pavé bezel and round display......»»

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Get an Even Better Look at the Justice League Ahead of the New Trailer (Updated)

This weekend, DC and Warner Bros. will reveal the next trailer for Justice League—and they’re going to spend the next two days reminding you of that with a ton of new posters and little snippets of footage. Here’s the first batch, focusing inte.....»»

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Instagram adds two-factor authentication, censors photos that are deemed offensive or disturbing

When in doubt, blur it out. That’s how Instagram is handling any controversial photos that surface on its platform.On Thursday, Instagram announced a new policy to blur out “sensitive” content that users have flagged as either offensive or.....»»

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WikiLeaks dump shows how CIA compromised iPhones and Macs

WikiLeaks' latest document dump allegedly shows the CIA has devoted a lot of time to going after Apple products.  The leaking organization released another dose of documents on Thursday that detail "several CIA projects that infect Apple Mac fir.....»»

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VW"s temporary Michigan home for diesel vehicles flagged for local violation

VW's efforts to put its diesel emissions violations behind it hit a minor speed bump this week when a Michigan city filed a lawsuit against the owners of the dilapidated Pontiac Silverdome, where thousands of VW diesel models are being stored after.......»»

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Most Android devices lack latest security patches

Nearly three-quarters of Android devices on the five biggest U.S. carriers are running on security patches that are at least two months old, putting them at greater risk of being hacked.That finding was made in an analysis released Thursday by Sk.....»»

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All the Funko Exclusives at Star Wars Celebration

Get an early look at the lineup of exclusive figures that Funko will have at this year's celebration in April. Funko has revealed its lineup of exclusive figures that will be available at Star Wars Celebration 2017. According to Funko's two-par.....»»

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Samsung’s latest Gear S3 concept would put a smart pocket watch in your waistcoat

For a special edition Gear S3 smartwatch, Samsung looked back several centuries for inspiration, and came up with the Gear S3 Pocket Watch. It's a glorious piece of retro-cool tech, and only two exist in the world. The post Samsung’s latest Gea.....»»

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Adobe Summit 2017: Bad habits in marketing that need to end immediately

It’s day two of the Adobe Summit in Las Vegas and it's time to reflect upon everything we’ve learned in the past 24 hours. The opening song used to introduce John Mellor, Vice President of Strategy, Alliances & Marketing at Adobe, had som.....»»

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Ellen DeGeneres gets "The Bachelorette" started early with a group date on her show

Nick and Vanessa who? After not receiving a rose last season on The Bachelor, it's finally Rachel Lindsay's turn to hand them out as the latest The Bachelorette.  Her journey of love hasn't quite started, but thanks to a recent group date that t.....»»

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Gorillaz announce a new album with a bonkers list of collaborators

Here's some sunshine in a bag to help you get through the day — after a few months of teasing, Gorillaz have officially announced their first album in six years.  Humanz will be released on April 28, and the list of collaborators revealed.....»»

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It only took us five minutes to find a big brand advertising on a hate group"s YouTube

Google's facing an advertiser revolt this week after it came to light that several big brands' ads were served on YouTube videos promoting terrorism, extremism, and other violent forms of hate. More than 250 brands have split from YouTube after vario.....»»

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Best Surface Pro 4 Deals for March 2017

Best Surface Pro 4 Deals for March 2017 is a post by Travis Pope from Gotta Be Mobile. Years have passed since Microsoft’s Surface line of devices had their watershed moment. Microsoft made tablets for two years before the Surface Pro 3 came along.....»»

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Most cancer mutations are due to random DNA copying "mistakes"

Scientists report data from a new study providing evidence that random, unpredictable DNA copying 'mistakes' account for nearly two-thirds of the mutations that cause cancer. Their research is grounded on a novel mathematical model based on DNA seque.....»»

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Instagram is adding a "Sensitive Content" filter, enables two-factor authentication for all

Instagram on Thursday said that as part of its continued goal of building a safe environment, it will soon blur out sensitive photos and videos as you scroll through your feed or visit a user’s profile......»»

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NASA reports two new breaks in Curiosity rover’s wheel

The harsh Martian terrain has not been kind to the rover's wheels. The post NASA reports two new breaks in Curiosity rover’s wheel appeared first on ExtremeTech......»»

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