Death by Asteroid: The Most Likely Ways for a Space Rock to Kill You

If an asteroid strike kills you, it will probably do so with powerful winds and/or shock waves......»»

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Meet Stan, a robot that can pick up your car and park it for you

Stan is a robot that wants to park your car for you. The innovative system powering Stan has the potential to utterly transform how large parking lots use space, making them far more efficient than they are now. The post Meet Stan, a robot that can p.....»»

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Here’s how Twitter aims to entice you into cosy DM exchanges with brands

Twitter's desire to get users to engage more with brands has led to a new card that aims to encourage a DM exchange. Direct Message Cards offer responses to a question which, when a user selects one, flip into a DM session. The post Here’s how.....»»

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Speaker Straight From The Past

Remember those tiny black pocket radios that you often saw strung around people’s wrists? They were especially visible during an important cricket match when the device was practically glued to people’s ears.  You could see people walking with t.....»»

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Article: What Other Markets Can Learn from India"s Emerging Fintech Sector

India’s radical move to eliminate large-denomination currency from its financial system has driven changes in the ways consumers pay for purchases, and now may have a ripple effect of increasing the portion of the population that uses financial.....»»

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Article: B2B Marketers See Most Value in CRM tools

New data from Leadspace suggests that US B2B marketers are more likely to find CRM tools more valuable than social media marketing tools or web analytics......»»

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Keep Your Phone Clean With AVG

Have you ever dealt with an attack on your mobile device or computer? If you have, you know that it’s very difficult to deal with and you can lose a lot of personal information and sometimes even your device. However, the challenge that presents it.....»»

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World"s Smallest Garden lets you grow fresh herbs in the most cramped apartment

The World’s Smallest Garden is a small cylindrical device you place in the top of a regular bottle, which transforms it into a self-watering herb garden in seconds. Now available on Kickstarter. The post World's Smallest Garden lets you grow f.....»»

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When AI Botches Your Medical Diagnosis, Who"s To Blame?

Robert Hart has posed an interested question in his report on Quartz: When artificial intelligence botches your medical diagnosis, who's to blame? Do you blame the AI, designer or organization? It's just one of many questions popping up and starting.....»»

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Sense Home Energy Monitor review

How inefficient is your fridge? What’s the biggest energy suck in your home? The Sense Home Energy Monitor can tell you all in an easy-to-use app -- and hopefully help you lower your electric bill. The post Sense Home Energy Monitor review appeared.....»»

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Republicans Want To Leave You Voicemail -- Without Ever Ringing Your Cellphone

bricko quotes a report from Recode: The GOP's leading campaign and fundraising arm, the Republican National Committee, has quietly thrown its support behind a proposal at the Federal Communications Commission that would pave the way for marketers to.....»»

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Google Following Your Offline Credit Card Spending To Tell Advertisers If Their Ads Work

One of the new tools Google has announced for its advertisers today promises to tie your offline credit card data together with all your online viewing to tell advertisers exactly what's working as they try to target you and your wallet. Consumerist.....»»

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Google will track your shopping trips to prove its ads work

First, Google followed you to the store using location data, much like Foursquare. Then its launched its Express shopping service. Now, it will track billions of credit and debit card transactions in an even bigger effort to prove its online.....»»

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Nokia 3310: How long could you survive with a retro phone?

Technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones swaps his smartphone for the retro Nokia 3310 for a day......»»

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Minibrew raises $2.8 million to help you make your own beer

 The Minibrew is a little keg with a big brain. When we first met the company in 2015 they offered a whiff of high tech to the brewing process, adding a monitored brew vessel and mobile app to the age-old technique of slopping a bunch of wheat,.....»»

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Verizon CEO confirms it is preparing its own live-TV streaming service

Verizon is planning to use its acquisition of Yahoo and AOL -- and the nearly 1.3 billion users that come with them -- to launch its own live-TV streaming service, just in case you wanted yet another option. The post Verizon CEO confirms it is prepar.....»»

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‘Injustice 2’ Review

'Injustice 2' makes subtle, but meaningful mechanical improvements, while offering an admirable cinematic story and addictive new loot system to keep you playing for the long haul. The post ‘Injustice 2’ Review appeared first on Digital T.....»»

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Device turns your empty bottles into a hydroponic herb garden

The World’s Smallest Garden is a small cylindrical device you place in the top of a regular bottle, which transforms it into a self-watering herb garden in seconds. Now available on Kickstarter. The post Device turns your empty bottles into a hydro.....»»

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10 of the most incredible vehicles James Bond has ever driven

James Bond has had the pleasure of driving countless iconic vehicles during his tenure at MI6, but some have been more wacky than classy. In honor of the late Sir Roger Moore, here is our list of 007's most outrageous rides. The post 10 of the most i.....»»

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Anker"s faster-charging 10,000mAh power bank is $27 right now

With spring’s rain (and snow...) finally clearing up, we can once again start spending time outdoors. There’s no reason to let your tiny cellphone battery hold you back from enjoying the sunshine, either—not when Amazon is offering Anker’s.....»»

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No $4,000 PC needed: To dominate mobile esports, you just need a phone

We attended the first championship event of 2017 for mobile game Vainglory, and not only did the experience changed our impression of esports, but it gave us an insight into how smartphones are shaping the future of esports. The post No $4,000 PC nee.....»»

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