Death by Asteroid: The Most Likely Ways for a Space Rock to Kill You

If an asteroid strike kills you, it will probably do so with powerful winds and/or shock waves......»»

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Ransomware could double this year if no action is taken: F-Secure

The growth of ransomware is likely to double in 2017 unless the governments decide to crack down on all potentially illegal payments, a European cyber security firm warned on Wednesday. The post Ransomware could double this year if no action is taken.....»»

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Twitter CEO is totally fine with not having met Donald Trump, really

President Donald Trump is fairly vocal on Twitter. You could say he's a power user, and he's been one for quite some time. SEE ALSO: Twitter reveals its employees have equitable pay on #EqualPayDay But Jack Dorsey, a cofounder and CEO of Twitter, has.....»»

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Kylie Jenner uses this whitening kit. But does it actually work?

This is the HiSmile Whitening Kit. It's basically a teeth whitening system designed for millennials.  It comes in a neatly designed box and includes three gel syringes, a rubbery mouth tray, LED light attachment, and a results guide.  You u.....»»

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Google Makes It Easy to Save Parking Location in Maps

Google Maps is now not only your parking advisor, it’ll help you locate your car after a night or day on the town in a mysterious city. Thanks to a new update, saving your parking location with notes and a meter timer is now easier than ever. O.....»»

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8 of the best Huawei P10 cases for your new phone

We've picked out a selection of the best Huawei P10 cases for all budgets, styles and needs. The Huawei P10 might not be the most exciting flagship of 2017, but it’s still a dependable handset and a solid upgrade to one of 2016’s.....»»

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Uber highlights your rating to make you a better passenger

It's no secret that Uber assigns star ratings to passengers as well as drivers, but finding your passenger rating has practically required a small mining expedition. After today, though, you'll hardly have to lift a finger to unde.....»»

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A Devastating Holocaust Documentary Proves VR Filmmaking Isn"t Just a Gimmick

It’s really easy to mess up a film project about the Holocaust. The wrong tone, the wrong direction, and it can all go horribly awry. Add cutting-edge technology operated by unskilled hands to a topic as devastating as survivor testimony, and you c.....»»

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Milwaukee woman says her Fitbit exploded on her arm while she was reading

Fitness wearables are meant to keep you healthy, not send you to the hospital. But alas, it would appear that a Fitbit has failed in its duties, as a woman in Milwaukee, Wisconsin alleged that her wearable exploded on her wrist. The post Milwaukee wo.....»»

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Baby Humpback Whales Whisper to Their Moms Because the Ocean Is Terrifying

The ocean is dark and full of terrors—including hungry orcas, and horny men looking to bang your mom, if you’re a baby humpback whale. And so, you keep your voice to a whisper to avoid these predatory eavesdroppers.Read more........»»

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Delta is handing out premium headphones to rich people

Starting on July 15th, you'll find a pair of premium LSTN headphones in your seat when you fly overseas in first or business class with Delta. They're really not quite like your typically plain onboard headset, with beautiful woode.....»»

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How "Puyo Puyo Tetris" tricked me into liking puzzle games

When Larry Kasanoff said he was turning the world's most iconic puzzle game into a trilogy of science fiction movies, I was speechless. After a disaster like Pixels, how could anybody look at Tetris and think there was a narrative to te.....»»

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Scanner Sombre review: A weird and unsettling glimpse into darkness

It starts like a nightmare. You’re hundreds of feet below the Earth’s surface, plumbing the depths of a seemingly endless cave, and it goes pitch black. Darkness all around, so dark you can’t see the ground beneath your feet, the water dripp.....»»

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Just $59 for Roku 4 Streaming Media Player 4K UHD If You Buy Refurbished - Deal Alert

You can pick up the Roku 4 4K UHD player for far below list price, if you're comfortable buying refurbushed. Which you can be -- certified refurbished products are tested and certified to look and work like new, and come with 90-day warranties. Ro.....»»

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Don"t install the Windows 10 Creators Update on your own, Microsoft advises

Microsoft would prefer it if you didn't try to install the Windows 10 Creators Update yourself. Instead, the company is encouraging everyone but advanced users to wait for the Creators Update to become available via Windows Update. That means work.....»»

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NASA’s latest image of the James Webb Space Telescope is beautiful

Scheduled to launch in 2018, the James Webb Space Telescope will be the most powerful telescope in existence, replacing NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, capturing infrared light from the first galaxies of the ancient universe. The post NASA’s l.....»»

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Add USB Charging Ports To Your Wall Outlets For $15 Each

These days, you probably charge as many things over USB as you do over standard AC outlets, so it only makes sense to add some semi-permanent USB ports to your home.Read more........»»

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Here"s how long fruits and vegetables are stored before you buy them at the store

Think the fruits and vegetables you’re eating are fresh? Here's how long they're stored before you bring them home. Read more...More about Real Time Video, Chemicals, Shipping, Storage, and Freshness Think the fruits and vegetables you’r.....»»

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Consumers and innovators will lose if we kill net neutrality

Today FCC Chairman Ajit Pai will unveil his plan to undo the 2015 network neutrality rules,  which prohibit Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like Comcast, AT&T and Charter from favoring or discriminating against any online applications, content.....»»

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Nasa"s Cassini probe is preparing to plunge between Saturn and its rings

Engineers at Nasa are readying the Cassini probe for its most daring mission yet. We know quite a bit about the inner planets of the solar system - particularly Mars - but much less about the gas giants further out. That's why, in 1997, Na.....»»

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Save $51 on Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch Right Now - Deal Alert

Gear S3 frontier in dark gray is a timeless smartwatch, combining style with the latest innovation in digital technology. It features an always-on 1.3” super AMOLED full color display, and a distinctive steel bezel that you rotate to access app.....»»

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