DARPA plan would reinvent not-so-clever machine learning systems

Machine learning systems maybe be smart but they have a lot to discover.Innovative researchers with DARPA hope to achieve superior machine learning systems with a new program called Lifelong Learning Machines (L2M) which has as its primary goal to.....»»

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Possibly evil mass death of zoo snakes leads to investigation

Nobody gives you the Harambe treatment when you have scales instead of fur.  That's what we're learning after Zoo Knoxville officials in Tennessee revealed that 33 snakes and a lizard were mysteriously found dead on Wednesday morning. No crime s.....»»

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Eligible founder Katelyn Gleason’s plan to upend the billion dollar medical billing industry

 Medical billing is a largely untapped and lucrative industry, potentially pulling in $55 billion globally by 2020. But it’s inner workings are still very murky — most of the time it’s not clear how much something will cost a.....»»

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The Empire Strikes First in the Star Wars Rebels Season Finale

Forty years ago, the opening crawl of the original Star Wars revealed the Rebels’ had just won “their first victory against the evil Galactic Empire.” Given that we knew a major battle would be ending the third season of Star Wars Rebels, that.....»»

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Uber Suspends Tests of Self-Driving Vehicles After Arizona Crash

The Uber vehicle was not at fault, the police said. But the accident comes at a difficult time for the company......»»

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Big data approach to predict protein structure

Nothing works without proteins in the body; they are the molecular all-rounders in our cells. If they do not work properly, severe diseases, such as Alzheimer's, may result. To develop methods to repair malfunctioning proteins, their structure has to.....»»

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Become Good Or Evil While Romancing The Teachers Of Faulty Apprentice

Not everyone the player meets has good intentions in this visual novel, and the player's decisions might leave the city in flames instead of saving it. Read Become Good Or Evil While Romancing The Teachers Of Faulty Apprentice on Siliconera!.....»»

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Everything we think we know about the Samsung Galaxy S8

 Next week in New York, Samsung will finally reveal the Galaxy S8. The handset has a lot riding on it — not simply because it’s a brand-defining flagship or because it’s seemingly been pushed back at least once. Next week’.....»»

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AMC"s streaming service would still need a cable subscription

Just because a TV channel wants to offer an online video service doesn't mean it's forward thinking. Case in point: AMC. Reuters sources claim that the network is prepping a paid streaming option (tentatively $5-7 per month) that.....»»

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The Simplest Way to Upgrade to Surround Sound Is Also One Of the Cheapest Today

Vizio’s 5.1 channel sound bar systems are the simplest way to add surround sound to any home theater setup, and refurbs of the 40" model are down to $210 on Amazon, the best price we’ve ever seen. Read more........»»

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15 great excuses to not go out tonight

It's a tale as old as time: you'll make plans at 10 a.m., bright-eyed and fresh from your first cup of coffee. "Yes," you'll say to your friends. "I would love to do that thing tonight." Around 3, though, you'll start to have doubts — scary dou.....»»

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Please forgive Ed Sheeran for forgetting the words to his own song in front of the entire world

During his Red Nose Day telethon performance on Friday, pop star and baby doppelganger Ed Sheeran briefly forgot the words to his song "What Do I Know." Okay, let's just get this joke outWhat does he know? Not the words! Boom. Roasted. SEE ALSO: Ed S.....»»

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5 songs you need to stream this week: Kendrick Lamar, Angel Olsen, and more

Not sure what new music to listen to? We'll let you know what new tracks and albums dropping this week are worthy of your attention. Up this week: Kendrick Lamar, Angel Olsen, and more. The post 5 songs you need to stream this week: Kendrick Lamar, A.....»»

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Weekend Watch: Everything from Rock Climbing to Camera Rigs with MAX Maker

If you’re tired of watching normal YouTube videos, why not take it to the Max with MAX Maker? Max’s projects are an eclectic mix of well-made builds, ranging from a motorized camera slider, to a steak knife handle, to a large ruler case......»»

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Plan Train Routes For Cute, Lazy Aliens In Cosmic Express

Players will set up the track layout for a space station's train, making sure they can pick up all their lazy passengers in this puzzler. Read Plan Train Routes For Cute, Lazy Aliens In Cosmic Express on Siliconera!.....»»

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The internet is arguing about pulp in your orange juice and now you have to pick a side

You need only to Google "pineapple pizza" to know the internet loves itself a good (if not: dumb, hilarious) food fight. The latest debate tearing friends, families, and lovers apart?  Pulp vsno-pulp.  Our personal opinion? Pulp's delicious.....»»

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2016 Election: Where are they now?

The 2016 election felt like it lasted an entire lifetime. It also feels like it's been an entire lifetime since it ended.  It has truly felt like years since we were able to wake up and not worry if our president had started a nuclear war via Tw.....»»

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Uber"s self-driving cars get into another crash

A self-driving Uber car has been involved in an accident in Arizona, though details of what happened are still thin on the ground. One day in the not-too-distant future, self-driving car crashes won't be particularly newsworthy, but while.....»»

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This is how OneDrive works in Windows 10

In Windows 10, OneDrive is turning into a central sync and storage hub that offers robust compatibility across apps, devices, and platforms. Here's how to make the most of the feature on your Windows-based machine. The post This is how OneDrive works.....»»

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Earn rewards by making healthy choices with Carrot Rewards [App of the Week]

The post Earn rewards by making healthy choices with Carrot Rewards [App of the Week] appeared first on MobileSyrup.Would you work out if you got to go to the movies for free? How about if you could guarantee yourself a discount on your monthly gas b.....»»

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Inkle"s space archaeologist adventure won"t tell you if your lost language translations are wrong

“The game isn’t going to tell you if you got that right.” It’s an ominous way to start a game demo, but one I’m not too surprised by after playing 80 Days and Sorcery! Heaven’s Vault is Inkle’s new game, and I met up with studio co-f.....»»

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