Cuba slashes internet costs

Cuba cut the price of internet access by 25 percent Monday, but getting online still costs more than a day's wages for the average worker in one of the world's least connected countries......»»

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Market Analysis Perspective: European IoT Ecosystem and Trends, 2017

This IDC Market Analysis Perspective provides an in-depth and incisive look at the European Internet-of-Things (IoT) market. In particular, it examines the primary trends driving the market from the perspective of both IoT suppliers and end-user dema.....»»

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Ocadao supermarket trials driverless van deliveries

Internet-based grocer Ocado teams up with a robotics firm to test driverless deliveries in London......»»

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Canada"s ruling on Google search results sparks censorship concerns

The ruling, requiring Google to de-index a company's website globally, sets a dangerous precedent, some internet freedom advocates warn......»»

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Ted Cruz poses with his lookalike, and the internet is ded RIP

One Ted Cruz is a lot to handle. Two Ted Cruzes standing next to each other wearing matching World Series rings is the stuff of nightmares. Everyone naively assumed this scenario was something we'd never have to deal with, but thanks to Chicago Cubs.....»»

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Experts found fecal bacteria in Starbucks drinks and the internet is going crazy

A BBC Watchdog investigation uncovered significant traces of fecal bacteria in ice from three popular British coffee shops — Costa Coffee, Starbucks, and Caffe Nero.   Read more...More about Watercooler, Science, Health, Mashable Video, an.....»»

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Seattle"s $15 Minimum Wage May Be Hurting Workers, Report Finds

As companies look for ways to cut costs, Seattle's $15 minimum wage law may be hurting hourly workers instead of helping them, according to a new report. From a USA Today article: A report (PDF) from the University of Washington (UW), found that when.....»»

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Dad"s genius pool nap hack has the internet screaming

Leave it to a dad to find a new way to take nap. Skyler Nitschke from Louisiana captured her dad doing something a little strange recently, and it's either incredibly inventive, super dangerous, or a mixture of both. SEE ALSO: Serious warning: don't.....»»

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PlayStation"s Mid-Year Sale slashes prices across PS4, PS3, PS Vita, and even PSP

Sony is hopping on the sales wagon this month, offering big deals on an even bigger selection of games. This year's Steam Summer Sale may have all the attention (and wallets) right now, but Sony is putting up its own Mid-Year Sale to give.....»»

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More Than 40 ISPs Across the Country Tell Chairman Pai to Not Repeal Network Neutrality

An anonymous reader shares a report: One excuse FCC Chairman Ajit Pai regularly offers to explain his effort to gut net neutrality protections is the claim that open Internet rules have harmed ISPs, especially small ones. During a speech earlier this.....»»

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German regulator suspends law on storing phone and Internet data

Data retention law was due to come into effect on Saturday.....»»

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LG’s latest 77-inch OLED costs more than some college degrees

Eying that 77-inch LG Signature Series W7 OLED from CES? Here’s how much it’s going to set you back. LG has officially announced the pricing for the 77-inch version of its Signature Series W7 OLED. The verdict? It costs more than the averag.....»»

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Google Must Delete Search Results Worldwide, Supreme Court of Canada Rules

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled against Google on Wednesday in a closely-watched intellectual property case over whether judges can apply their own country's laws to all of the internet. From a report: In a 7-2 decision, the court agreed a British.....»»

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Verizon illegally denied Charter access to utility poles, complaint says

Charter fined for slow Internet rollout but says Verizon delayed construction. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | WIN-Initiative) Charter Communications has filed a complaint against Verizon, saying the telco violated New York state's public serv.....»»

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London police arrest four in Windows support scam bust

India-based scam callers pose as ISP employees. Enlarge / Customers of the telecommunications and Internet provider TalkTalk are among those who have been targeted in a Windows support scam operation in the UK. London Police announced the arrest.....»»

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Fidget spinners refuse to die, are now a "Crash Bandicoot" promo

We were all doing so wellSo well! And then GameStop Ireland had to screw it all up. The internet hivemind seemed to be moving on from fidget spinners, but now GameStop Ireland is handing them out like candy to anyone buying the Crash Bandicoot N'Sane.....»»

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Launch of GSAT-17 to boost communication capabilities and internet speeds in India

Ariane 5 rocket is expected to blast off from the European Spaceport in French Guinea with GSAT-17 and Hellas Sat 3-Immarsat S EAN. The post Launch of GSAT-17 to boost communication capabilities and internet speeds in India appeared first on Tech2......»»

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Troubled shoots that became classic movies, or why Han Solo fans shouldn"t worry

For better or worse, internet pop culture is obsessed with the minutiae of movie production. Once upon a time most people outside Hollywood would have only received the birth announcement; now millions wring their hands throughout the pregnancy. .....»»

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President Trump Attacks Amazon, Incorrectly Claiming That It Owns The Washington Post For Tax Purposes

The Washington Post, which has been critical of Donald Trump and his administration in its coverage, has become the latest victim in Trump's Twitter tirade. On Wednesday, he accused Amazon of not "paying internet taxes (which they should)," adding th.....»»

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30 small ISPs urge Ajit Pai to preserve Title II and net neutrality rules

Letter: Title II didn't hurt investment, is good for small ISPs and customers. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | designer491) A group of small Internet service providers yesterday urged Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai to pr.....»»

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A snarky property blog is ground zero for internet freedom right now

Kate Wagner is a 23-year-old grad student and the writer behind McMansion Hell, a blog that catalogues and critiques the ostentatious cookie-cutter houses that became emblematic of the U.S. real estate bubble.  She's also, rather suddenly, the n.....»»

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