Cuba slashes internet costs

Cuba cut the price of internet access by 25 percent Monday, but getting online still costs more than a day's wages for the average worker in one of the world's least connected countries......»»

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The Internet Is Ripe With In-Browser Miners and It"s Getting Worse Each Day

Catalin Cimpanu, reporting for BleepingComputer: Ever since mid-September, when Coinhive launched and the whole cryptojacking frenzy started, the Internet has gone crazy with in-browser cryptocurrency miners, and new sites that offer similar services.....»»

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Dream City?: Taxibots, Sensors and Self-Driving Shuttles: A Glimpse at an Internet City (in Toronto)

An Alphabet subsidiary has a chance to develop “the world’s first neighborhood built from the internet up,” but will it put humans first?.....»»

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Republican fight against municipal broadband heats up in Michigan

Michigan bill says no "federal, state, or local funds" can pay for broadband. A state lawmaker in Michigan wants to prevent cities and towns from using any government funding to provide Internet service. Michigan Rep. Michele Hoitenga, a Repub.....»»

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The social media marketing biz is booming

 Running your social media profiles with a razor-sharp focus has proven to be a viable way to keep your brand above the ever-increasing noise of the internet. If you are looking to drive more traffic to your freelance hustle, almost-famous dog,.....»»

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MysteryVibe’s Stephanie Alys talks about a pleasurable future

 The MysteryVibe is a snake-shaped vibrator that took the Internet by storm and is still going strong. This week I talked to the co-founder of the company, Stephanie Alys, about the future of pleasure and sextoys. It’s safe to say that thi.....»»

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Apple and GE announce partnership to make ‘industrial’ apps for iPhone and iPad

Apple and GE (General Electric) today announced a new partnership to build enterprise ‘industrial’ apps for the iOS platform. This includes a new development SDK focused on the Internet of Things. Tim Cook said GE is an “ideal partn.....»»

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Bespoke Post raises $8M to deliver a monthly ‘box of awesome’ for men

 Thanks to the Internet, you can order regular deliveries of everything from clothing to razors to geeky memorabilia. With Bespoke Post, you’re not just limited to one type of products — it ships its customer “box of awesome.....»»

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Google and Apple yet to fix Wi-Fi hole in a billion devices

The KRACK vulnerability is bad news for Android and Apple now, but long-term consequences are in store for the internet of things.....»»

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IoT will forever be in trouble, but there"s hope

Your coffee pot, refrigerator, thermostat, and in-home security system are all connected to the internet. Or, if they're not now, they will be one day. Sadly, as the forgotten stepchildren of internet security, these Internet of Things devices are li.....»»

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Supreme Court to hear landmark Internet privacy case

The Supreme Court this week announced that it will hear a landmark Internet privacy case dealing with the ability for law enforcement and government officials to access data stored in other countries. The case is called US v. Microsoft and the two ha.....»»

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SpaceX"s Reusable Rockets Win US Air Force General"s Endorsement

As the military looks to drive down costs, the head of U.S. Air Force Space Command said he's "completely committed" to launching future missions with recycled rockets like those championed by SpaceX's Elon Musk. "It would be 'absolutely foolish' not.....»»

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Samsung believes "programmable objects" will blanket your home

While Samsung continues to reap the rewards of being the world's largest Android partner, it also has its eyes set on the future of the connected home. "Samsung is very focused on the internet of things," said David Eun, the president o.....»»

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Twitter is done with hate symbols and violent groups

 Twitter, a platform infested with trolls, hate and abuse, can be one of the worst places on the Internet. As a followup to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s tweetstorm last week, in which he promised to crack down on hate and abuse by implementin.....»»

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Netflix, Amazon, Movie Studios Sue Over TickBox Streaming Device

Movies studios, Netflix, and Amazon have teamed up to file a lawsuit against a streaming media player called TickBox TV. The device in question runs Kodi on top of Android 6.0, and searches the internet for streams that it can make available to users.....»»

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Toronto To Be Home To Google Parent"s Biggest Smart City Project Yet

Sidewalk Labs, the smart city subsidiary of Alphabet (the parent company of Google) with the stated goal of "reimagining cities from the Internet up," now has a very big sandbox in which to conduct its high-tech experiments. From a report: That's obv.....»»

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Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs is building an "internet city" in Toronto

The next step for Alphabet's Sidewalk Labs is making a 2,000 acre smart neighborhood in Toronto. Google Canada will relocate its headquarters to the newly created Quayside neighborhood along the Eastern Waterfront to serve as an anchor.....»»

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Barefoot’s Tofino Chip and P4 Could Replace Load Balancers

The programmable chip costs the same as fixed-function chips. The programmable chip costs the same as fixed-function chips......»»

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Netflix Fueling Subscriber Growth -- at All Costs

Netflix is sinking deeper into debt in its relentless pursuit of more viewers, leaving the company little margin for error as it tries to build the world's biggest video subscription service. The big burden that Netflix is shouldering hasn't been a.....»»

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[PHOTOS] GM Brings Hydrogen-Powered War Elephant to US Army

One of the big problems with getting new vehicle propulsion technology to become accepted is that it just costs so much money—for example, battery electric vehicles have been steadily growing, but the cost of building the infrastructure needed to c.....»»

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"First 5G mobile net connection" claimed by Qualcomm

Qualcomm says it has achieved 1Gbps internet speeds using a 5G chip on a mobile device......»»

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