Cisco security advisory dump finds 20 warnings, 2 critical

It’s a bad week for all things network security as Cisco spewed out 20 Security Advisories and Alerts – two critical and three high-impact – that customers should be aware of and implement patches where they can.Cisco, like other big enterpr.....»»

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Google Home goes on a defensive rant if you ask it about the CIA

Paranoid? Who's being paranoid? Following the Wikileaks March 7 Vault 7 data dump, which allegedly details a host of CIA hacking tools, people have started looking at their internet-connected devices with just a tad bit more skepticism. After all, if.....»»

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CREDO and Cloudflare argue against national security letter gag orders

 Earlier this week, the FBI finally allowed Cloudflare and CREDO Mobile to identify themselves as recipients of national security letters, which allow the agency to secretly order tech companies to hand over customer data. (The FBI initially all.....»»

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Hubble telescope finds black hole shot out of a distant galaxy

Astronomers using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope have observed a supermassive black hole with a mass one million times that of our Sun hurtling away from its parent galaxy. It's the first confirmed case out of several suspected "run.....»»

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WikiLeaks reveals someone at the CIA really, really likes "Doctor Who"

With the latest dump of WikiLeaks data called "Dark Matter" we get to see how (allegedly) deep the CIA's affection for British TV goes.  The documents, released Thursday, contain  more details from the "Vault 7" leak.  SEE ALSO: WikiLe.....»»

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Nearly Two-Thirds of Cancers Are Due to Random DNA "Mistakes"

Cancer is a disease cause by mistakes in DNA, and now a new study finds that majority of these mistakes are completely random — they're not due to heredity or environmental factors, but rather the result of random errors......»»

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Massive Ukraine Munitions Blasts May Have Been Caused By a Drone

dryriver writes: The BBC reports that 20,000 people are being evacuated from the immediate area around a munition dump in Ukraine that has gone up in flames. The 350 hectare munition dump near Kharkiv is around 100km (60 miles) from fighting against.....»»

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Goodyear Names 34th Highway Hero

AKRON, Ohio, March 23, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- A truck driver who stopped an out-of-control dump truck and then saved the life of an incapacitated driver by performing cardiopulmonary resuscitat read more.....»»

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Senators reintroduce a bill to improve cybersecurity in cars

 Senators Ed Markey of Massachusetts and Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut have reintroduced the Security and Privacy in Your Car (SPY Car) Act of 2017. They first introduced the bill, along with a similar bill for aircraft, during the last sess.....»»

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WikiLeaks dump shows how CIA compromised iPhones and Macs

WikiLeaks' latest document dump allegedly shows the CIA has devoted a lot of time to going after Apple products.  The leaking organization released another dose of documents on Thursday that detail "several CIA projects that infect Apple Mac fir.....»»

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New WikiLeaks dump: The CIA built Thunderbolt exploit, implants to target Macs

"Sonic Screwdriver" leveraged a now-patched vulnerability. Enlarge / One of these things is a CIA implant dropper. (credit: From an original image by Scott Ackerman) WikiLeaks today dumped a smaller subset of documents from its "Vault 7" colle.....»»

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Prepare to ace multiple IT certifications with the Ultimate Computer Security Bundle

If you want to join the ranks of ethical hackers employed by companies worldwide, you can get started by picking up the Ultimate Computer Security Bundle, now only $29......»»

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Most Android devices lack latest security patches

Nearly three-quarters of Android devices on the five biggest U.S. carriers are running on security patches that are at least two months old, putting them at greater risk of being hacked.That finding was made in an analysis released Thursday by Sk.....»»

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King George"s Letters Betray Madness, Computer Finds

Hundreds of letters written by King George III of England support a modern diagnosis of madness during his later years......»»

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Critical step in DNA repair, cellular aging pinpointed

The body's ability to repair DNA damage declines with age, which causes gradual cell demise, overall bodily degeneration and greater susceptibility to cancer. Now, research reveals a critical step in a molecular chain of events that allows cells to m.....»»

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Google: Half of Android devices haven’t been patched in a year or more

Google engineers yesterday acknowledged that half of all Android devices had not received a security update in the past year, even as they argued that the firm has made progress in streamlining the open-source operating system's patching process.".....»»

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Cisco announces its first Made in India router

Cisco on Thursday unveiled its first 'Made in India' router which can be used by small and medium businesses (SMBs) across multiple industries. The post Cisco announces its first Made in India router appeared first on Tech2. Reaffirming its comm.....»»

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71 Percent of Android Phones On Major US Carriers Have Out of Date Security Patches

Ian Barker, writing for BetaNews: Slow patching of security flaws is leaving many US mobile users at risk of falling victim to data breaches according to the findings of a new report. The study from mobile defense specialist Skycure analyzed patch up.....»»

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"Trump is our lord and saviour": ABC News, Good Morning America Twitter accounts hacked

How many hacks will it take before organizations start improving the security of their Twitter profiles? Compromised accounts are a problem that feels like an almost weekly occurrence. Just this morning, hackers took control of accounts belonging to.....»»

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Snowden"s ex-boss offers tips on stopping insider threats

Steven Bay, a former defense contractor, knows a thing or two about insider threats. For a brief period, he was the boss of Edward Snowden, the famous leaker who stole sensitive files from the U.S. National Security Agency.Recalling the day he lea.....»»

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Think your groceries are expensive? Japan has $27,000 melons.

Imagine going into a high-end luxury store filled with sparkling display cases, security at every turn and an attentive staff and finding not expensive jewelry but...fruit encased in the glass. In Sembikiya, Japan's oldest fruit shop, fruit is treate.....»»

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