Chrome for iOS adds a Safari-like Reading List

As part of its latest update, Google Chrome for iOS just got a so-called Reading List feature, allowing users to save pages for offline viewing. If that sounds familiar, it's because Safari has had a similar feature for years now......»»

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Norway, the Country Where No Salaries Are Secret

In Norway, there are no such secrets. Anyone can find out how much anyone else is paid -- and it rarely causes problems. From a report: In the past, your salary was published in a book. A list of everyone's income, assets and the tax they had paid, c.....»»

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The Avionics V1 looks like no other ebike on the market, reaches 32 mph

The Avionics V1 electric bike has a distinct, vintage look that is both retro and modern at the same time. The bike features a 5,000-watt motor and a battery with enough life to pedal 75 miles between charges. The post The Avionics V1 looks like no o.....»»

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Get your Sagan on with these 47 awe-inspiring photos of the final frontier

Few things instill a sense of wonder quite like the final frontier. The best space photos show off the beauty of Earth, our solar system, and the far corners of the universe. Here are our current favorites. The post Get your Sagan on with these 47 aw.....»»

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10 thoughts we had while watching the new "Game of Thrones" trailer

The new 'Game of Thrones' trailer released during San Diego Comic Con today, dropping hints of the terrors and triumphs ahead. Much like one of Dany's 747-sized dragons, we're breathing fire all over it. Here are 10 extensive thoughts, theories,.....»»

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David Lynch made a short film for the "Twin Peaks" panel at Comic-Con

David Lynch couldn't be in San Diego for the Twin Peaks panel at Comic-Con because he would never do a thing like that, let's face it. It would be too good. Instead, he made us our very own movie. (And eagle-eared fans may connect it to that notoriou.....»»

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"Legion" season 2 adds "Wonder Woman" scene-stealer Saïd Taghmaoui in a major role

FX announced that the veteran actor will play a major role in the second season of the hit series, but beware if you are not all caught up: There are some pretty major season 1 spoilers on the way. The post 'Legion' season 2 adds 'Wond.....»»

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Theon Greyjoy brought a puppy to his "Game of Thrones" Comic-Con panel

Theon finally got a pup of his own. Alfie Allen, the actor who plays Theon Greyjoy on Game of Thrones, brought a puppy — his puppy? It seems like it's his puppy — onstage Friday at the HBO panel in Hall H at Comic-Con.  SEE ALSO: Bar.....»»

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Are dating apps the new social networks?

Are dating apps even for love anymore, or are we just messing around on them the same way we do on Snapchat and Instagram?  The answer is complicated — just like the relationships that often spring from these apps.  There are still pl.....»»

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Playbuzz unveils a new editor for writing articles chock full of interactive content

 Playbuzz helps online publishers make their content more interactive by adding elements like polls and galleries. Until recently, those elements have taken the form of widgets that publishers can embed into their stories, but that’s chan.....»»

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Update to iOS 10.3.3 now: Apple patches serious Wi-Fi exploit

iOS users should update immediately to version 10.3.3 to eliminate the risk of a Wi-Fi-based exploit that can be carried out by an attacker in proximity to a device—or potentially through a compromised Wi-Fi router—without any interaction from.....»»

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This week in games: Call of Duty WWII"s spooky zombies, Doom Guy identity revealed, and more

Christmas in July? More like Halloween in July, as we are inundated with horror trailers this week—Evil Within II, Observer, and Call of Duty: WWII's spooky new zombies.That, plus John Romero reveals who served as inspiration for the iconic Doo.....»»

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Snap hires team to protect it from Zuckerberg"s army

Snapchat cares about security—whether it's keeping CEO Evan Spiegel's yacht adventures private or its software free from vulnerabilities. They, of course, would also not like to see any of their code ripped off by competitors such as Facebook.&.....»»

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"The Walking Dead" Season 8 trailer is all action and a whole lot of of hope

After weathering criticism that Season 7 of The Walking Dead was unrelentingly bleak, Season 8 of AMC's zombie hit looks like a very different animal, at least judging from the first trailer released at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday afternoon......»»

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Disney uses neural net technology to see if you love its movies like you should

Disney Research is figuring out ways to make you love its movies even more, such as applying neural net technology to determining if audiences are reacting as they should to Disney's latest films. The post Disney uses neural net technology to see if.....»»

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Weekly Rewind: Atari hats, Reebok space boots, Comic-Con highlights

In the tech world, a lot happens in a week. So much news goes on that it's almost impossible for mere mortals with real lives to keep track of it. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick and dirty list of the top tech stories from this week. The post W.....»»

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9 Things to Know About the iPhone 6 iOS 10.3.3 Update

9 Things to Know About the iPhone 6 iOS 10.3.3 Update is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile. Apple’s iPhone 6 iOS 10.3.3 update is small but it could have a dramatic effect on your device’s performance. The current version of iOS.....»»

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It looks like Beyoncé, Solange, and Michelle Obama all hung out (we"re so jealous)

What's better than a sighting of Michelle Obama, Beyoncé, or Solange? The three of them possibly together. In the same room. With each otherTogether.   Breathe.  SEE ALSO: Engaged couple recreates the Obama's most romantic photos for t.....»»

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Everything you can do right now in the Nintendo Switch Online app

The Nintendo Switch Online app is now available for iOS and Android devices, with Splatoon 2 is its sole supported game. Here's how to get the most out of it and chat with your friends. The post Everything you can do right now in the Nintendo Switch.....»»

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Google is finally making it easier to create GIFs on Android

Google's Motion Stills app brought some much-needed focus and balance to the iPhone's Live Photos when it launched last year. Thus far, however, it has only brought its steady video stabilizing goodness to iOS users.  That's no longer the case......»»

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9 awful things Sean Spicer was cool with, but his new boss? Nope, nope, nope

Sean Spicer is gone. Not like dead-gone just quit-his-job-gone.  But in the vacuum left by his exit, we're left to ponder, "Wait, a new boss is what pushed Sean Spicer over the edge?"  SEE ALSO: Sean Spicer has resigned from the White House.....»»

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