CBRS Alliance: Shared spectrum services "a near-term opportunity"

The CBRS Alliance, which promotes LTE services in the shared 3.5 GHz Citizens Broadband Radio Service band, is riding high after signing up all of the Big 4 U.S. carriers, plus Samsung, and then seeing a slew of CBRS activity at the recent Mobile.....»»

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Trump’s sun staring eclipses good solar safety sense

 Donald Trump wore proper safety glasses to look at the solar eclipse that crossed the U.S. today – at least at first. Near the end of his viewing, the President seems to have forgotten why he was wearing those stupid glasses to begin wit.....»»

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Android 8.0 Oreo is official, starts rollout to devices

Google partners with Nabisco, ships code to AOSP, and posts system images. Enlarge (credit: Google) NEW YORK CITY—Happy Eclipse Day! As the Moon slowly crept its way across the Sun, Google took the opportunity to host an Eclipse-themed Andro.....»»

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Millennials are not the most loyal when it comes to apps, Nielsen finds

Per Nielsen's latest volume of its Millennials on Millennials report, it would appear that millennials are not exactly the most loyal of customers, and this trend applies even in the realm of digital services.  The post Millennials are not the most.....»»

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Calling All Digital Experience Poets

On Aug. 18, the US observed Bad Poetry Day. Yes, there is a day devoted to the art of writing bad verse. To celebrate, DX Summit is hosting its second annual DX Poetry Contest. If you’ve been waiting for the opportunity to flex your creative.....»»

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Meet Android Oreo’s all-new emoji

 The newest version of Android (Oreo, officially) doesn’t bring a ton of new stuff to the mobile operating system, but it does overhaul something near and dear to most smartphone user’s hearts: Emoji. Google has done away with its &#.....»»

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"Stashing" is the newest way to get screwed over in love

Feel like your new romance features a little bit too much alone time? You might have been stashed. What now? Meet “stashing,” the newest relationship term to strike fear into our hearts. We’ve already been victims of “kittenfi.....»»

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Driverless Cars Need a Lot More Than Software, Ford CTO Says

In an interview, Ken Washington, Ford's Chief Technical Officer, shared company's views on how autonomy will change car design. From an article: The biggest influence will be how the cars are bought, sold and used: "You would design those vehicles di.....»»

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Apple just shared iOS 11 beta 7 to developers

 Apple just dropped a brand new beta for iOS 11. And you know that iOS 11 is going to be your favorite major iOS update of the year as there’s only one per year. The company has been testing iOS 11 for a couple of months already. Don’.....»»

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Cisco brings its SDN to Amazon, Microsoft and Google’s public cloud

Today Cisco announced it is developing a way to integrate its software defined networking product named Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) with public cloud infrastructure from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.B.....»»

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SDN: Technology to cut costs, speed new services

Software defined networking is defined by a decoupling of the control and packet-forwarding planes in a network, an architecture that can slash operational costs and speed the time it takes to make changes or provision new services.Since all the i.....»»

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Supreme Court Asked To Nullify the Google Trademark

Is the term "google" too generic and therefore unworthy of its trademark protection? That's the question before the US Supreme Court. From a report: What's before the Supreme Court is a trademark lawsuit that Google already defeated in a lower court......»»

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Cloudflare CEO: It"s easy to kick out Nazis, but I"m worried about the long term

It's easy to kick Nazis off your platform.  "People send you nice notes when you do," said Matthew Prince, CEO of Cloudflare. "But I really worry about the long term."  Prince's company was one of many that took action in the wake of the re.....»»

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Here"s all the cool stuff you can do on social media to celebrate the eclipse

The total solar eclipse will be streamed, grammed, snapped, and shared.  Monday's event is one of the biggest planetary events to take place during the social media age, and social networks are celebrating with new features.  SEE ALSO: 20 q.....»»

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Dude on Tinder somehow uses memes to win his match"s heart

Call me old-fashioned, but there's nothing like a shared love of memes to really get sparks flying.  Reddit user Dankmonseiur69 posted a screenshot of his very successful Tinder interaction that didn't require poetry or puns on Monday. All he ne.....»»

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Younger consumers use two or more apps for streaming music, mobile messaging, says Nielsen

 Millennials’ reputation for a lack of brand loyalty extends to digital services, according to a new report out from Nielsen this morning. The measurement firm’s latest study looks into how the generation consisting of 18 to 34-year-.....»»

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Yardi Wins Cortland Capital Market Services

Santa Barbara-based property management software developer Yardi said Friday that it has signed up Cortland Capital Market Services LLC, as a new customer. Financial impact of the win was not announced. Cortland Capital Market Services, which is base.....»»

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Auto giant Continental buys Singapore-based Quantum Inventions for $29M

 German automotive giant Continental is furthering its push into the future of transportation after it got its check book out to acquire Quantum Inventions, a Singapore-based company that specializes in mobility data services. The deal was anno.....»»

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At GM, Maven car-sharing unit"s ambitions come into focus

A dealership car-sharing program represents one more step toward what Maven CEO Julia Steyn has called a "holistic mobility platform." The idea is a one-stop shop for emerging mobility services......»»

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"Stranger Things" pop-up bar in Chicago is so cool even Barb would be like "Okay let"s party"

If you live near Chicago and like demonic beings from other dimensions, mixed drinks, and waffles: you're in luck. A Stranger Things pop-up bar has opened and it is cool as hell. Unfortunately, most of the show's cast will need to wait about a decade.....»»

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Supreme Court asked to nullify the Google trademark

The case comes two months after court’s “offensive” trademarks ruling. Enlarge (credit: Leon Neal/Getty Images) Is the term "google" too generic and therefore unworthy of its trademark protection? That's the question before the US Suprem.....»»

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