Boston Public Schools Map Switch Aims To Amend 500 Years of Distortion

Students attending Boston public schools are now getting a more accurate depiction of the world after the school district rolled out a new standard map of the world that show North America and Europe much smaller than Africa and South America. From a.....»»

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Why Russia Gave up Alaska, America"s Gateway to the Arctic

The tale of how and why Russia ceded its control over Alaska to the U.S. 150 years ago is actually two tales and two intertwining histories......»»

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Science March Appoints Three Public Faces Amidst Mounting Controversy

Bill Nye the Science Guy will be joining the March for Science as an honorary chair, according to a new blog post on The Planetary Society’s website. Two other scientists, Mona Hanna-Attisha, public health advocate at Hurley Medical Center, and Lyd.....»»

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Fiat announces limited edition 500-60th to celebrate the iconic vehicle’s 60th anniversary

Fiat has announced a special limited edition of its compact car Fiat 500 called the 500-60th to mark and celebrate its 60th anniversary. The post Fiat announces limited edition 500-60th to celebrate the iconic vehicle’s 60th anniversary appeare.....»»

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IDG Contributor Network: Azure surpasses AWS as the public cloud of choice

A new survey of IT professionals shows Microsoft Azure has overtaken Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the public cloud provider of choice, although there is considerable overlap.The survey was commissioned by Sumo Logic, a data analytics provider, and.....»»

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DMCA Helps YouTube Avoid Up to $1bn in Royalties Per Year, Study Claims

The safe harbor provisions of the DMCA allow Internet platforms to avoid liability for the infringements of their users. However, it also helps them avoid paying for content, critics say. A new study from the US which aims to put a value on the reven.....»»

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Meet the Galaxy S8, Samsung’s Most Important Phone Ever

It's the company's first phone since the Note 7 disaster Samsung on Wednesday revealed two new flagship smartphones, a move the company hopes will help it recover from the financial and public relations debacle sparked by its problem-plagued Ga.....»»

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150 Years Ago Today, the US Bought Alaska

The U.S. bought Alaska for $7.2 million, though the region's worth wasn't realized until three decades later when Alaskans struck gold......»»

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The Avegant Glyph are headphones that separate you from the real world

Dealing with people is usually the last thing anyone wants to do. While some humans are awesome, going out in public with a whole mess of them on a train, plane, or bus is sometimes overwhelming in a bad way. We use music and social media to tune the.....»»

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Local authority instantly regrets asking public to name new ferry

Public bodies in Britain really don't learn from their mistakes.  They whole Boaty McBoatface saga and the lesser known Gritty McGritface incident should've taught them not to trust the public — ever.  SEE ALSO: You seriously cannot t.....»»

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ZTE Invites Axon 7 Mini Owners to Test Android 7.1.1 Update

If you own an Axon 7 Mini from ZTE, the company is inviting you to test Android 7.1.1 ahead of public release. Getting started is easy enough. All you’ll need to do is fill out the participation form (linked below), then be sure to follow the r.....»»

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Self-assembling chips could help us keep pace with Moore"s law

A technique that integrates three existing methods could be used to make ever-smaller patterns on silicon. Moore's Law, the observation that the number of transistors in a chip doubles every two years or so, has held for about half a decad.....»»

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This Backwards-Orbiting Asteroid Has Been Flirting With Death For a Million Years

Most asteroids orbit the Sun in a counterclockwise fashion, but a newly-discovered object nicknamed Bee-Zed goes against the grain, spinning around the Solar System the opposite way. Not only that, it frequently ventures within Jupiter’s orbital sp.....»»

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Audi buys Silvercar, showing it’s serious about sharing services

Audi will acquire Silvercar, the Texas-baded mobility company known for its airport car rentals. The move accelerates Audi's plans to get more involved in sharing services, something it's been eyeing for several years. The post Audi buys Silvercar, s.....»»

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AT&T gets $6.5 billion to build US-wide public safety network

FirstNet will serve police, firefighters, and EMTs throughout the country. Enlarge / Fire martial texting a message on his cell phone. (credit: Getty Images | yougottalove) AT&T has won a lucrative contract to build and manage a nationwide pub.....»»

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Airline Fined For Sending 3.3 Million Unwanted Emails

The airline Flybe has been fined 70,000 pound ($87,000) for sending more than 3.3 million marketing emails to people who had opted out of receiving them. From a report on BBC: The emails, sent in August 2016, advised people to amend out-of-date perso.....»»

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IDC PlanScape: Distributed Ledger (Blockchain) Technologies in Smart Cities

This IDC study discusses how blockchain/distributed ledger technologies could be applied to securely validate public sector transactions and identities and to reduce bureaucracy via smart contracts. City and other public sector leaders need to better.....»»

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Creative Sound BlasterX Siege M04 Review

The Creative Sound BlasterX team designed and built the Siege M04 from the ground up after spending many years researching the habits of gamers from all over the world. Internally, the Siege M04 has at its core the renowned PWM 3360 sensor.....»»

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This Tyrannosaur Used a "Sixth Sense" to Hunt Its Prey

A newly-discovered tyrannosaur that lived 75 million years ago in what is now Montana is offering insights into the facial features and uncanny senses of these fearsome prehistoric beasts. Like modern crocodiles, tyrannosaurs had faces covered with h.....»»

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UW Professor: The Information War Is Real, and We"re Losing It

An anonymous reader writes: It started with the Boston marathon bombing, four years ago. University of Washington professor Kate Starbird was sifting through thousands of tweets sent in the aftermath and noticed something strange. Too strange for a u.....»»

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If you publish Georgia’s state laws, you’ll get sued for copyright and lose

In some states, you can't read the law without paying a corporation. Carl Malamud of Public.Resource.Org. (credit: Kirk Walter) If you want to read the official laws of the state of Georgia, it will cost you more than $1,000. Open-records acti.....»»

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