Blockchain: "Overhyped" buzzword or real-deal enterprise solution?

While blockchain is among the hottest technologies in the enterprise security, data storage and file-sharing arenas, many experts question its use or even whether it's really as secure as billed.As marketplaces struggle with how best to deploy the.....»»

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Experts Call for Legislation and Improved Tracking to Deal with Orbital Debris

As the amount of debris in low Earth orbit continues to increase, experts at a recent conference called for both improved efforts to track debris as well as national legislation to mitigate that growth......»»

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Software-Defined Storage: It’s Real but Defining It Can Be a Real Trick

True SDS decouples storage hardware from data services and automates storage management across multiple devices......»»

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All-Flash Arrays Buck the Enterprise Storage Doldrums

IDC calls the all-flash array segment a "bright spot" during an underwhelming Q4 2016 for storage vendors, particularly in EMEA......»»

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Top Tips for Enterprise SSD Form Factor Selection and Deployment

Some form factors are better than others for certain applications......»»

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Elastifile Harnesses the Flash Storage and the Cloud for Hybrid Workloads

The startup's silo-busting storage platform offers cloud-enabled data services and management for enterprise applications......»»

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Enterprise SSD Buying Guide

Vendors have been rolling out a number of new products for the enterprise SSD market......»»

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Quantum Upgrades StorNext for Distributed Enterprises

The company tackles delivering responsive data services for enterprise organizations spread far and wide......»»

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BlueCat DNS Edge Pounces on Insider Threats

BlueCat DNS Edge analyzes DNS data to detect suspicious behavior within enterprise networks......»»

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Securing Docker, One Patch at a Time

The open-source Docker container project integrates many different security approaches, but like every other software project, it still has to deal with reported software vulnerabilities......»»

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The Rise Of AR Will Recreate Your Filter Bubbles In The Real World

By Cade Metz for WIRED. Last week, Mark Zuckerberg unveiled what he calls the world’s first augmented reality platform, a way of layering digital effects atop anything we see through our smartphone cameras. Eventually, he says, this platform.....»»

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Humans, smartphones may fail frequently to detect face morph photos

Both humans and smartphones show a degree of error in distinguishing face morph photos from their 'real' faces on fraudulent identity cards, new research has found......»»

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Software system connects devices for the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is steadily progressing: not only computers, but also machines, cars and household appliances are connected. However, linking devices from different manufacturers is proving to be difficult. Researchers have found a solution: t.....»»

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Controlling Robot Swarms With Augmented Reality

Engineers at NYU have built an AR app to operate robots in the real world Engineers at NYU have built an AR app to operate robots in the real world.....»»

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PS4 Slim Bundle Deal with PlayStation VR Headset for $599

Been eyeing a PlayStation 4 along with the PlayStation VR? The virtual reality headset is now more readily available - with select retailers offering a PS4 bundled with the VR headset for $599. Read PS4 Slim Bundle Deal with PlayStation VR Headset fo.....»»

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Article: Netflix Gains a Foothold in China Through iQiyi Licensing Deal

Netflix gave up on entering China in late 2016, after hitting a regulatory wall. Now the service is making a comeback through a licensing deal with a local player to show its original content......»»

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The future is being able to monitor the heart rate of your favorite NFL player

In the perhaps not-so-distant future, NFL players will be able to monetize intimate data about their body.  The NFL Players Association recently closed a deal with Whoop, a wearable tech company that makes wristbands that track heart rate, sleep.....»»

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This "impossible" puzzle box is a real head-scratcher

The impossible box gets its name because, at a glance, it looks like an impossible creation. With a dove tail joint attaching two pieces of wood on each side, the box seemingly shouldn't even exist. Thankfully, YouTuber Mr. Puzzle shows us the in.....»»

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IDC Survey Spotlight: Top Security Challenges in Enterprise Mobility Deployments

This IDC Survey Spotlight looks at the most frequently experienced security issues — including regulatory compliance, access controls, and device and data loss — among U.S. enterprises deploying enterprise mobile devices and applications at scale.....»»

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Colocation and the Enterprise Datacenter

This IDC Survey examines some of the key dynamics of the colocation market from the enterprise datacenter operator's perspective. Areas of inquiry include:Adoption Rates: How much are enterprises leveraging colocation solutions?Usage: What are the pr.....»»

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Netflix gets its shows into China through iQiyi licensing deal

While Netflix has dominated much of the streaming content market, it's been blocked by regulators in a major region: China. The company found a stopgap method to get its material into the country by way of a new licensing deal with the.....»»

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