Bill Nye Is Marching Because "Science Is Part of Politics"

Bill Nye, the acclaimed science guy, wants to know: "Are you planning to march?".....»»

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America"s traffic sucked today because of that total solar eclipse thing

Well, everyone, it happened. The 2017 solar eclipse has come and gone, and it was truly a sight to behold.  Those lucky enough to be in the path of totality witnessed a few short minutes of complete darkness in the middle of the day — some.....»»

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How to choose the right enterprise mobility management tool

It’s almost redundant to refer to a “mobile workforce,” because so much of the workforce today is using mobile devices in some fashion. Managing this large and expanding environment continues to be a huge challenge for IT, and for a growing.....»»

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‘Twin Peaks’ Explained, ‘Part 15’: Characters journey toward self-discovery

Twin Peaks' can be a confusing series at times, even for longtime viewers. In 'Part 15,' 'Twin Peaks' shows multiple characters confronting self-doubt on a journey of discovery. Here's what happened. The post ‘Twin Peaks’ Explained, ̵.....»»

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Despite being a space reporter, this total solar eclipse completely freaked me out

It's really difficult to explain what I just saw.  I'm a space reporter. I know the science: The moon moved in front of the sun from Earth's perspective, blotting out our nearest star's light and plunging us into an eerie twilight here in Lenoir.....»»

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Hannah-Beth Jackson Targets Harassment In Venture Capital Industry With New Bill

A new bill is expected to be introduced this week by local Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson (D-Santa Barbara), to target incidents of sexual harassment in the venture capital industry. Jackson--who represents Santa Barbara the 19th Senate District, which.....»»

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"Game of Thrones" is not good anymore because there aren"t any stakes

Spoilers below, obviously, for anything up to and including Season 7, episode 6 of Game of Thrones. Don't act like you haven't been warned. Game of Thrones is not good anymore.  Like wind erosion on an ancient Valyrian pillar, too many character.....»»

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Android 8 Oreo is here: What"s new, what"s changed, and what"s awesome

Get your phones ready because Android Oreo is finally here. (That’s right, it’s called Oreo, not Orangina.) After months of betas, an eclipse-themed countdown, and the usual rampant naming speculation, Google has lifted the veil of secrecy fro.....»»

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Lifesaving smart fabric can detect and neutralize deadly nerve gas

As part of the fight against deadly chemical weapon attacks, researchers have developed a new smart fabric that is capable of not only rapidly detecting nerve gas, but also of neutralizing it. The post Lifesaving smart fabric can detect and neutraliz.....»»

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Twin Peaks: "Part 15" Review

This week, Twin Peaks hit us with a touching and haunting farewell for a beloved character. Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below. This week's Twin Peaks, as we close in now on the final few episodes, hit us with some more Fire Walk with.....»»

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America’s biggest board game convention: Gen Con in pictures

If you couldn't make it to this year's massive tabletop fest, we've got you covered. Every year, 60,000+ tabletop enthusiasts converge on Indianapolis to take part in Gen Con, the biggest board g.....»»

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Governance Propels the Digital Workplace Forward

Martyn Perks recently wrote about how governance gets in the way of the digital workplace. He makes a good argument for changing the default environment, but his solution is an overcorrection. It's the equivalent of burning down the forest because a.....»»

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Proposed bill targets sexual harassment in venture capital industry

 Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson (D-Santa Barbara) plans to introduce a new bill, SB 224, to explicitly prohibit sexual harassment in the venture capital industry. Jackson’s bill comes in light of numerous reports from female founders alleging se.....»»

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UK politicians hold a tearful vigil for a clock because they clearly have nothing better to do

Just in case you were in any doubt about the world falling apart, British politicians confirmed our worst fears today by holding a silent vigil for a bell. Big Ben, to be precise.  SEE ALSO: 14 people on TripAdvisor who were so disappointed by B.....»»

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Connect up to 6 speakers to the Belle Bluetooth speaker and subwoofer combo

So if you've a house full of speakers that you don't use all that often because their volume is too weak or their bass is too low, Podo Labs believes you can connect them all its Belle Bluetooth speaker to get your party started. The post Connect up.....»»

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Android O finally gets its name in a couple of hours — but we already know what it"s going to be

Android O will finally get named in a few hours. How do we know? Because Google put up a countdown clock for the big reveal coinciding with the solar eclipse. Oh, we wonder what it could be?  SEE ALSO: Android O's final name might be announced o.....»»

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New Google doodle explains the science of a total solar eclipse, adorably

Just like almost everyone else in the United States, Google is amped about the total solar eclipse sweeping the nation on Monday.  An adorable new doodle reimagines the solar eclipse not as the result of the orbital motion of heavenly bodies, bu.....»»

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Indian online lending platform Capital Float raises $45M Series C

 Capital Float, which claims to be the largest online lending platform in India, announced today that it has raised a $45 million Series C led by Ribbit Capital. Returning investors SAIF Partners, Sequoia India and Creation Investments also part.....»»

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Origin PC EON15-S Review: A Svelte, Sensibly-Priced Gaming Laptop

It was not that long ago when the idea of buying a gaming laptop meant spending a heavy premium versus a desktop setup. That was always a tough pill to swallow, because for the most part, there was no way to upgrade critical components like.....»»

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Dating app aims to boost Russian voter turnout

TV claims that instructions for the voting app come from the top of Russian politics......»»

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Guy falls into a giant sinkhole because he was too busy looking at his phone

Let this be a lesson to us all. A man riding a scooter was going down a street in the Chinese city of Guangxi, when a massive sinkhole suddenly opened up ahead of him. SEE ALSO: Giant sinkhole appears overnight, swallows 25 tonnes of fish His arm up,.....»»

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