Automakers raise pressure on Congress to set autonomous-vehicle policies

Automakers and technology companies are increasingly anxious for Congress to get moving on policies for the development and testing of self-driving technology.....»»

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Moonhack breaks a world record for kids coding, again

On Tuesday, 28,575 kids around Australia broke a world record by coding on the same day.  It was all for Moonhack, an event for ages 8 to 18 set up by Code Clubs Australia, a network of 1,950 volunteer-led, after-school coding clubs for children.....»»

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Ford CEO doesn"t see robot army on roads anytime soon

Ford's newly minted CEO doesn't foresee a robot takeover when it comes to the advent of autonomous vehicles......»»

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Need storage space? Grab a 5-pack of magnetic hooks for just $12

No one ever complains about having too much storage space. Hang up to 25 pounds with these magnetic hooks to help you clear up some clutter and get organized. Get a set of 5 for just $12 on Amazon. The post Need storage space? Grab a 5-pack of magnet.....»»

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New Star Wars movie focused on Obi-Wan Kenobi is in the early stages

 The next standalone spin-off series set in the Star Wars universe could be focused on Obi-Wan Kenobi, the Jedi who took Luke Skywalker under his wing in the original series, and who also helped train the child who would become Darth Vader. Vari.....»»

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Unpatchable "Flaw" Affects Most of Today"s Modern Cars

Catalin Cimpanu, writing for BleepingComputer: A flaw buried deep in the hearts of all modern cars allows an attacker with local or even remote access to a vehicle to shut down various components, including safety systems such as airbags, brakes, par.....»»

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Union May Win Battle Against Self-Driving Trucks, But Not the War

The Teamsters got Congress to keep big trucks out of legislation allowing autonomous vehicle testing. Long term, though, self-driving trucks will happen. The post Union May Win Battle Against Self-Driving Trucks, But Not the War appeared first on Ext.....»»

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3D Print the Adafruit Circuit Playground Chess Set

Print out and polish an electronics-themed chess set using metal-infused filament. Read more on MAKE The post 3D Print the Adafruit Circuit Playground Chess Set appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers......»»

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IoT in the office: Plantronics service blocks annoying noises

The Internet of Things (IoT) is creating interesting, new business opportunities. This week, Plantronics announced a new noise-as-a-service portfolio called Habitat Soundscaping. The solution set is designed to counteract the productivity-killing.....»»

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Introduction to Azure Cosmos DB

Azure Cosmos DB is the latest data service offering from Microsoft. Azure Cosmos DB is a super set of DocumentDB and provides a new set of capabilities. These capabilities make Azure Cosmos DB stand out from other members in the NoSQL database family.....»»

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Street Fighter V Celebrates 30th Anniversary With New Costumes

The month of August marks three whole decades since the first installment in the iconic fighting franchise was released. Street Fighter V is being prepped to celebrate the momentous occasion with a new set of costumes that will coincide with the anni.....»»

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God of War Digital Deluxe Edition Features Death’s Vow Armor Set and More

An updated listing on Amazon reveals the God of War Digital Deluxe Edition in all of its glory for the PlayStation 4. It is priced at $69.99 and features several digital goodies. Besides the base game, the bundle comes with the official soundtrack an.....»»

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[QUIZ] Match the CEO to Their Automotive Brand

When we’re talking about automotive news here on The News Wheel, half of it is about the CEOs and other executives running the show behind the scenes. Can you match the CEO with their automotive company? Let’s find out! Vehicle Spotlight:.....»»

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2018 Honda Accord Teased; All Set For July 14 Big Reveal

The 2018 Honda Accord is recently teased for having its sketches released. It is all set for its big reveal next month......»»

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2020 Ford Bronco Recently Spied? The Ultimate Off-Roader May Be All Prepped Up

Many speculate the recent sightings of a Ford vehicle could be the 2020 Ford Bronco. If it is, it means the off-roader may be ready to take on the road soon......»»

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How to Set the Samsung Gear S3 Home Key Shortcut

You can quickly launch S Voice on your Samsung Gear S3 by double pressing on the Home key. The S Voice is a helpful feature, so some users are pleased that Samsung has made launching the app easier. However, recognizing the fact that not everyone use.....»»

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Democrats in Congress Explore Creating an Expert Panel on Trump"s Mental Health

There is also a bill aimed at establishing a “commission on presidential capacity” -- Read more on»»

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Game of Thrones episode 6 leaks online, and hackers aren’t to blame

Watch out, Game of Thrones fans, because this week’s upcoming episode has been leaked a few days early. Though Game of Thrones season 6, episode 7 – dubbed “Death is the Enemy” – is not set to air until Sunday night, it&.....»»

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Ford patent shows autonomous auto future with or without steering wheel

Many automotive enthusiasts are on the fence a bit about the autonomous future. Auto enthusiasts like to drive and some fear the autonomous autos will take that ability from us eventually. At the same time, there are certainly conditions where not ha.....»»

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Hurry: It’s not too late to get eclipse glasses for Monday’s solar eclipse!

In case you hadn't noticed the news from the 4,835,762 blogs trying as hard as they can to game Google and get some of that sweet, sweet eclipse traffic, there's a rare total solar eclipse happening soon. The eclipse is set to take place on Monday, a.....»»

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How to set individual volume levels for separate Bluetooth devices

Use multiple Bluetooth devices and want to set a separate volume level for each of them that your phone remembers? There's an app for that......»»

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