Ask the iTunes Guy: What to do when iTunes goes wild

Some of the questions I get about iTunes issues are relatively easy to solve, but others require a lot of time and exploration. In this week’s column, I look at a single question about an iTunes library that seems to have gone back in time. Ther.....»»

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World’s biggest hard disk drive goes on sale

This huge HDD is a helium-powered monster which is supremely reliable. Western Digital has announced that it’s now shipping the HGST-branded Ultrastar He12, a helium-based (‘HelioSeal’) 12TB hard disk.This is a fourth-gener.....»»

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Don’t get up to turn on your AC unit from GE — just ask Alexa to do it instead

Thanks to a new Alexa skill from GE Appliances known as Geneva, you can just say, "Alexa, tell Geneva to turn on the air conditioner," and your air conditioner will obey. The wonders of technology. The post Don’t get up to turn on your AC unit.....»»

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How a Hollywood writers" strike will affect your favorite TV shows

Game of Thrones is safe. Netflix might even benefit. And Saturday Night Live — well, they'll be screwed. If you're a TV fan, you've probably heard rumblings about a looming writers' strike, which — if it goes ahead (and that's not a done.....»»

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How to stop websites from asking for your location in Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari

We've already looked at how to turn off location services in the Windows 10 Creators Update. But the operating system isn't the only way your location gets used. Your browser can also serve up your location, though by default most browsers ask yo.....»»

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10 essential questions to ask when buying a used car

When you're looking to buy a used vehicle, there are questions that help you separate the good cars from the junkers. Here's are the 10 essential things to ask when buying a used car. The post 10 essential questions to ask when buying a used car appe.....»»

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Casio PRO TREK WSD-F20 goes hi-tech

When it comes to tough timepieces that are also functional while looking great on your wrist, you would not be able to go too wrong when it comes to Casio of Japan. Casio has a long history of rolling out timepieces that are rugged and yet fully capa.....»»

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Automakers ask California to ease rules for self-driving car tests

Automakers urged California to further ease its proposed regulations for autonomous vehicles, saying the state did not respond to their earlier objections by making enough revisions to its planned set of rules for self-driving cars......»»

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Spotify and Apple iTunes included in proposed EU law banning geoblocking of services

Ending so-called geoblocking is a priority for the European Commission as it tries to create a single market for digital services across the 28-nation bloc The post Spotify and Apple iTunes included in proposed EU law banning geoblocking of services.....»»

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"Genius": Albert Einstein"s Wild Side Stars in New Nat Geo Series

"Genius," a gripping new series about the life of Albert Einstein, makes its television debut tonight. The show delves into the more controversial aspects of Einstein's life, with plenty of violence and debauchery right off the bat......»»

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Laying the bricks for a digital foundation

​Many of us have fond memories of playing with Lego sets in our youth and letting our imagination run wild, creating multi-coloured structures and spaceships from bricks of all shapes and sizes.  Visitors to the Infocomm Media Development Authorit.....»»

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Samsung Destroys Guy Who Made A Dick Pic Joke On Twitter

What a tool. Last week, Samsung posted a photo of its latest phone release, the Galaxy S8, on its Twitter page. In the caption, the company encouraged its fans to share the first photo they took with the new phone. Got your hands on the Galaxy S8? S.....»»

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Miele Uses Simulation to Optimize Induction Stove Design

Less than a decade ago, if you were to ask a master chef which type of cook stove he preferred, he would have answered gas, without question. Now there's another option. Less than a decade ago, if you were to ask a master chef which type of cook stov.....»»

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Hyundai goes to Antarctica

In the latest video to top our weekly viral video charts, Hyundai helps finish a 100-year old expedition......»»

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The Best Questions to Ask in an Interview to Leave a Remarkable Impression

The Best Questions to Ask in an Interview to Leave a Remarkable Impression.....»»

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US ISP Goes Down As Two Malware Families Go To War Over Its Modems

An anonymous reader writes from a report via Bleeping Computer: Two malware families battling for turf are most likely the cause of an outage suffered by Californian ISP Sierra Tel at the beginning of the month, on April 10. The attack, which the com.....»»

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Zelda: How to Make Cake, Curry, Pie, and More

See all the tasty treats and hearty meals you can make for Link in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild......»»

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Heroes of The Storm 2nd Nexus Challenge Rewards Revealed

The latest Heroes of the Storm Nexus challenge gives players weekly unlockable rewards The second Nexus challenge goes live with the Heroes of the Storm 2.0 patch, and once again quest rewards are featuring content for both Heroes of the Storm.....»»

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Sigma goes cinema: Nine pro lenses designed for high-res launch in new lineup

Sigma is headed into new territory with a lineup of cinema lenses, from primes to fast zooms. The company says that the new product lineup is designed to handle resolution as high as 8K. The post Sigma goes cinema: Nine pro lenses designed for high-r.....»»

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EU Lawmakers Include Spotify and iTunes In Geoblocking Ban

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Reuters: European Union lawmakers voted on Tuesday to ban online retailers from treating consumers differently depending on where they live and expanded their proposed law to include music streaming services s.....»»

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Fierce PC Imperial Hive Review

Today we have in our hands the devilish delights of the all-new Red Devil Golden Sample RX 580. The Golden Sample goes beyond what the standard Red Devil is capable of, by offering an improved cooler and higher clock speeds. Unlike previous.....»»

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