Article: Sharing Economy in Japan a No-Go

In Japan, not only have few internet users employed sharing economy services, many have never even heard of them. Japan’s experience contrasts dramatically with data from Singapore and Vietnam......»»

Category: internetSource:  emarketerApr 21st, 2017

Politics Muddy Toshiba Bidding

As the second round of bidding for Toshiba’s coveted memory business draws near, the opaque process is exposing a deep schism of interests in Japan among politicians, bureaucrats and bankers. But did anyone ask what engineers want?.....»»

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Instagram (for Android)

Instagram for Android continues to pack in new functionality, including live video and Snapchat-style stories. It's close to being overstuffed, but still reigns supreme among social photo sharing apps......»»

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Legal war with Apple hits Qualcomm"s revenue projections

The legal fight between Apple and Qualcomm on licensing modem technology is turning uglier every day.Apple has filed lawsuits against Qualcomm in countries like the U.S., U.K., China and Japan, accusing the chipmaker of using its dominant market p.....»»

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“Out of his mind” surgeon plans human head transplant, revival of frozen brain

They’re preposterous claims. Enlarge (credit: Getty | Anadolu Agency) Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero will undertake the first human head transplant later this year in China, the doctor told German magazine Ooom in an article publishe.....»»

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Slashdot Asks: Should an Employee Be Fired For Working On Personal Side Projects During Office Hours?

An anonymous reader writes: I found this article that talks about whether an engineer should be fired if s/he is working on a side project. Several people who have commented in the thread say that the employer should first talk to the person and unde.....»»

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With New Funding, Didi Chuxing, an Uber Rival, Looks Beyond China

The ride-sharing company raised $5.5 billion, making it one of the world’s largest start-ups and underscoring its global ambitions......»»

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2017 Toyota Avalon Hybrid Limited

If you're looking for the exceptional fuel economy of a hybrid but want more room, a bit of luxury, and a little extra performance, Toyota has you covered with the 2017 Toyota Avalon Hybrid......»»

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The Week in iOS Apps: Make music with Audiobus and two other new music creation apps

Melody makersImage by Rob Schultz/MacworldThis week’s roundup includes three new apps that help you make music or put a melodic soundtrack on your iOS videos. Read on!Audiobus 3Image by Audiobus 3To read this article in full or to leave a comment,.....»»

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PTI eyeing to become largest backend house in Japan

Powertech Technology (PTI) will strive to become Japan's largest backend house following its acquisition of Micron Akita and a majority stake in Tera Probe, according to DK Tsai, chairman and CEO for the Taiwan-based company......»»

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Digitimes Research: Study of Japan IT industry for 1Q17

While LG Electronics has dominated the global OLED TV market, Japan-based Panasonic, Sony and Toshiba still launched OLED TVs in Japan in the first quarter of 2017, with panels supplied by LG Display. However, to differentiate from LG Electronics&rsq.....»»

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Article: YouTube Ad Controversy Doesn"t Trip Up Alphabet

Google parent Alphabet seems to have survived an advertising controversy basically unscathed, posting strong Q1 results that were driven in large part by advertising on mobile and—you guessed it—YouTube......»»

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Article: eMarketer Updates Worldwide Internet and Mobile User Figures

This year, 47% of the world’s population will use the internet regularly, according to eMarketer’s latest estimates. Mobile phones will play a large part in access, with nearly four in five internet users worldwide going online via mobile.....»»

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Article: Listen In: Let"s Talk About Smartphones

How much will the smartphone market grow from here, and how will usage of the devices change? eMarketer analyst Cathy Boyle explores the question of what's coming next in the latest episode of “Behind the Numbers.”.....»»

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Article: Recommended Reading: April 28, 2017

eMarketer’s scan of the key developments of the day, plus data to make sense of it all. Today’s topics: Lyft goes socially conscious with rider donations; EU moves against illegal streaming devices; and more......»»

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Article: Cash on Delivery Still Wins Out Among Digital Shoppers in Indonesia

Those making online purchases in Indonesia still reach for cash when paying for goods and services. But Ant Financial has made some aggressive moves in establishing digital payment platforms for a population adopting smartphones......»»

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Article: UK Book Sales Hit New High

2016 was a record-setting year for the UK’s publishing business, with sales of books and journals reaching a new high of £4.8 billion ($6.5 billion). But ebooks played a lesser role than in years past, with sales down 3%......»»

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Uber’s Anthony Levandowski out as Advanced Technologies lead amid legal fight

 Uber’s Anthony Levandowski, who founded Otto and then became head of Uber’s Advanced Technologies Group (ATG) once Otto was acquired by the ride sharing company, is stepping aside from his role as head of ATG. The move comes as Uber.....»»

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Mom lets daughter"s school know her 10-year-old is "done" with homework

Making tough calls for your children is a vital aspect of parenting. One brave mother stepped up to the parenting plate for her child, sharing an email she sent to her daughter's school explaining that her 10 year old is "done with homework" because.....»»

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Take your notes to the next level in iOS 10 with collaboration

The Notes app in iOS 10 allows you to add people to a note, and work with them in real time. Check out this guide to learn how to set up notes collaboration in iOS 10 and how to remove people from a note or stop sharing it. The post Take your notes t.....»»

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Punching holes in nomx, the world’s “most secure” communications protocol

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof, and nomx implodes under scrutiny. Enlarge / Artist's impression of a nomx product under the scrutiny of security researchers. (credit: Aurich/ThinkStock/Nomx) This article was originally publis.....»»

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