Article: Recommended Reading: April 21, 2017

eMarketer’s scan of the key developments of the day, plus data to make sense of it all. Today’s topics: Google to introduce ad blocking feature for Chrome browser; date set for Uber appeal in UK; and more......»»

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Age of Empires IV Announced

Microsoft also announced when fans can play the upcoming remaster of the original Age of Empires. Age of Empires IV is officially in the works, Microsoft announced today at Gamescom 2017. According to a post on Xbox Wire, the latest entry in th.....»»

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America"s traffic sucked today because of that total solar eclipse thing

Well, everyone, it happened. The 2017 solar eclipse has come and gone, and it was truly a sight to behold.  Those lucky enough to be in the path of totality witnessed a few short minutes of complete darkness in the middle of the day — some.....»»

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This weatherman"s reaction to the solar eclipse is adorable

Monday's total solar eclipse was akin to a meteorologist's Super Bowl — a fact that was certainly not lost on one Chicago weatherman. SEE ALSO: The 2017 solar eclipse is finally here Tom Skilling, chief meteorologist for WGN-TV, travelled to Ca.....»»

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The most epic images from the 2017 total solar eclipse

Epic photos from the Great American Eclipse are pouring in as people from all over the U.S. witnessed the rare event. Here are some of our favorites. Read more...More about Space, Mashable Video, Solar Eclipses, Total Solar Eclipse, and Solar Eclipse.....»»

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Gamescom 2017: Overwatch Junkertown Map Revealed

Take a trip to the former home of Junkrat and Roadhog in the newest Overwatch map. New Overwatch Escort Map, Junkertown, has been revealed at Gamescom, as well as an animated short. Former home to Junkrat and Roadhog, Overwatch’s new Junkerto.....»»

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When is Android Oreo Coming to Your Phone?

Don’t own a Pixel or Nexus and want to know when your phone is getting Android Oreo? According to Google, it could be before the end of 2017. During the Android Oreo announcement, Google listed out a handful of companies that they have worked w.....»»

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Microsoft Sets Dynamics Marketing Expiration Date for May 2018

Last October, Microsoft told its Dynamics 365 and CRM ecosystem it would stop offering new customer contracts for Microsoft Dynamics Marketing (MDM) in November 2016. On Aug. 18, 2017, the Redmond, Wash.-based vendor took this a step further and an.....»»

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The 2017 solar eclipse is finally here

The first pass of the Great American Eclipse occurred over Oregon. As the moon passed over the sun, it cast a shadow over the state that lasted more than two minutes.  Read more...More about Mashable Video, Sun, Moon, Solar Eclipses, and Solar E.....»»

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Total eclipse of the Ars

From thick clouds to glorious totality, a flavor of 2017's North American eclipse. Enlarge / The partial eclipse from New York City. (credit: John Timmer) Our staff is sharing its eclipse stories and photos from today. The post will be updated.....»»

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Samsung Galaxy Android 8.0 Oreo Updates Confirmed

Samsung Galaxy Android 8.0 Oreo Updates Confirmed is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile. Samsung isn’t talking specifics yet but Google’s confirmed incoming Galaxy Android 8.0 Oreo updates with a chance for release in 2017. Google&.....»»

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Here is everything announced at Nvidia’s Gamescom 2017 presentation

NVIDIA's Gamescom 2017 presentation didn't have any major hardware announcements, but it did highlight some exciting social features in upcoming titles, as well as introduce the hotly anticipated PC port of Final Fantasy XV. The post Here is everythi.....»»

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Cord-Cutting Still Doesn"t Beat the Cable Bundle

I'd like to cut the cord, writes Brian Barrett for Wired, then, the very instant I allow myself to picture what life looks like after that figurative snip, my reverie comes crashing down. From an article: Cutting the cord is absolutely right for some.....»»

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Driverless Cars Need a Lot More Than Software, Ford CTO Says

In an interview, Ken Washington, Ford's Chief Technical Officer, shared company's views on how autonomy will change car design. From an article: The biggest influence will be how the cars are bought, sold and used: "You would design those vehicles di.....»»

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2017 Xbox One S Bundles: Which Should You Buy?

2017 Xbox One S Bundles: Which Should You Buy? is a post by Travis Pope from Gotta Be Mobile. There are so many Xbox One S bundles for sale today that it’s hard to understand which you should buy and why. That’s what this guide to Xbox One S bun.....»»

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Shadow of War and PES 2018 to get Nvidia Ansel support in 2017

Nvidia’s gameplay capture tool Ansel offers much more than just simple screenshots. Long gone are the days of a simple screenshot that only shows what your screen was displaying the moment that you took it.Originally announced alongside the G.....»»

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Taylor Swift casually prepares to eclipse the eclipse

Of all the times for Taylor Swift to come out of the woods she's naturally chosen one of the most action-packed days of 2017: Eclipse Day. The 27-year-old singer doesn't seem to care that America is anxiously preparing to witness a rare AF cosmic eve.....»»

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How the Voyager Golden Record Was Made

Fascinating article on The New Yorker about how the Voyager Golden Record was made: The Voyagers' scientific mission will end when their plutonium-238 thermoelectric power generators fail, around the year 2030. After that, the two craft will drift en.....»»

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14 Best Budget Apps for 2017

14 Best Budget Apps for 2017.....»»

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Breitbart "confuses" German soccer player for gangster on jet-skis

Steve Bannon is back to Breitbart News but that didn't prevent the far-right website from making a spectacular blunder.  SEE ALSO: Here's what Breitbart's fashion section will look like On Sunday, Breitbart published an article with the headline.....»»

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So, you’re not seeing the eclipse today …

Only about 6 percent of Americans will see the totality today. Enlarge / Path of a solar eclipse totality in April, 2024. (credit: Despite all the hype surrounding Monday's solar eclipse—and it has become nearly inescapable.....»»

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