Article: Germany"s Ad Blocking Rates Continue Steady Fall

Display ad blocking rates for desktop computers in Germany have consistently been low—and have been falling since Q1 2016, data shows......»»

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Article: Smart TVs Selling Briskly in China

Buyers in China have embraced smart TVs, purchasing them at nearly five times the rate of traditional TVs in 2016. And the future looks even brighter......»»

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Article: Programmatic Ad Spending Soars in Finland

Programmatic digital display ad spending in Finland totaled €36.3 million ($40.3 million) in 2016, up 97% over 2015, comprising over a quarter of total digital display ad spending......»»

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Article: Twitter Gains More Followers

Twitter’s latest quarterly results indicate the social network has found its footing once again. While revenues declined for the first time ever, the company added 9 million more users......»»

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Article: Brands Recognize Realities of the Customer Journey

The store experience is a significant focus for retailers, which are looking to leverage digital tools and technologies to make in-store shopping more personalized and relevant......»»

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Article: Four Insights from WeChat"s 2017 User and Business Ecosystem Report

WeChat’s dominance of the messaging app space in China should not be news to anyone. By the end of 2016, WeChat reported having 889.3 million monthly active users, a figure that puts the service—if not in the same league—at least in.....»»

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Article: Recommended Reading: April 27, 2017

eMarketer’s scan of the key developments of the day, plus data to make sense of it all. Today’s topics: FCC chief lays out net neutrality plans; 24/7 live video is coming to Twitter; and more......»»

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Article: UK Consumers Open Minded About Machine Learning

Machine learning takes the heavy lifting out of interpreting and responding to the vast swathes of digital data available in the world today. In Great Britain, consumers are already well aware of the applications of this type of technology, and many.....»»

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Article: Personalized Advertising Gets Low Marks from UK Parents

Marketers seeking UK mothers online might want to think again when considering personalized or retargeted ads. A recent poll of UK users of online parent site Mumsnet showed respondents had little love for being pursued so directly......»»

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Article: Marketing in China: Taking on Ad Fraud Gains New Urgency

Calvin Chan, COO of AdMaster, and Peiyu Ren, the advertising technology company's vice president of product, discuss the worsening digital ad fraud condition in China, and what all players—marketers, ad tech service providers and publishers.....»»

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The Magicians: Season 2 Review

With Season 2, The Magicians continues to be the best show on TV that you're probably not watching. Full spoilers from The Magicians continue below. For a preview of what to expect in Season 3, make sure to read our Q&A with showrunners John Mc.....»»

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Worldwide Telecommunications Services Forecast, 2017–2021

This IDC study provides our forecast of the worldwide telecommunications market for the 2017–2021 period."The worldwide telecommunications market will continue to experience flat growth in connectivity over the next five years as the mobile and bro.....»»

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Italian Island"s Mutation Fights Malaria, But Raises Risk of Other Diseases

The people of Sardina are famous for their longevity, but also have some of the world's highest rates of multiple sclerosis and lupus......»»

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Call of Duty: WWII Preorder Guide

CoD returns to its roots this fall - here’s who is offering preorder exclusives. The Call of Duty franchise returns to its roots with the aptly named Call of Duty: World War II. There will be no double jumping, wall running, or space walking.....»»

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Youth violence on decline, new study shows

Contrary to popular perception, a new study finds that youth violence is declining -- and at noteworthy rates. Between 2002 and 2014, researchers found a 29 percent decrease in the relative proportion of young people involved in violence in the Unite.....»»

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New test assesses sperm function

New research validates the usefulness of a test that determines if sperm can capacitate, a process that allows them to fertilize an egg. The first article validates the underlying technology of the test, called the Cap-Score Sperm Function Test, and.....»»

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Exploring personalized pharmacotherapy to treat panic attacks

Although drug therapy is the accepted first-line treatment for panic disorders (PDs), 17% to 64% of patients do not respond adequately and continue to exhibit one of the most common symptoms of PD, the panic attack (PA). Researchers carefully reviewe.....»»

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IBM revenue dip continues in the fifth year

The shares of International Business Machines (IBM) corp. saw a huge decline in revenue for the first time in five quarters. A low demand for company’s traditional IT services has been identified as the reason behind the great fall. The shares went.....»»

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CMSWire Tweet Jam: Improving the Employee Experience #SocBizChat

Customer experience has been top of mind for businesses large and small for a while now. We're all meant to be customer-centric organizations. Continue reading........»»

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Google Trips Gets Improvements Just in Time for Your Summer Vacations

After making its public debut last fall, Google Trips hasn’t seen many updates. Today, that changes, thanks to an update that adds several new features to Google’s trip planner and organizer. In the update, you’ll now find an option.....»»

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"Call of Duty: WWII" takes you back to Omaha Beach November 3rd

Call of Duty: WWII will launch November 3rd on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. As you might expect, the game takes place largely in Europe between 1944 and 1945, ultimately pushing toward Germany after fighting through Nazi reinforcements on.....»»

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