Article: Ad Safety Boils Over in the UK. Will Brands Be Next to Act?

Simmering dissatisfaction with the ability of major ad platforms to prevent advertising from appearing alongside controversial content has reached a boil in the UK. The Guardian and the UK government were the latest entities to cut back their digital.....»»

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Anti-Virus Vendors Scramble To Patch Hijacking Exploit Involving Microsoft Tool

"A zero-day attack called Double Agent can take over antivirus software on Windows machines," Network World reported Wednesday. wiredmikey writes: The attack involves the Microsoft Application Verifier, a runtime verification tool for unmanaged code.....»»

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Everything we think we know about the Samsung Galaxy S8

 Next week in New York, Samsung will finally reveal the Galaxy S8. The handset has a lot riding on it — not simply because it’s a brand-defining flagship or because it’s seemingly been pushed back at least once. Next week’.....»»

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The North Atlantic may get its first-ever named storm in March next week

Oceans in the northern hemisphere are supposed to still be cold from the winter Enlarge / The European model shows the formation of a subtropical cyclone next Tuesday in the Atlantic Ocean. (credit: Weather Bell) Just one hurricane has ever fo.....»»

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Researchers Teach Self-Driving Cars To "See" Better At Night

Researchers may have developed a way for self-driving cars to continue navigating at night (or on rainy days) by performing an AI analysis to identify traffic signs by their relative reflectiveness. Slashdot reader sciencehabit shares an article from.....»»

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The North Atlantic may get is first-ever named storm in March next week

Oceans in the northern hemisphere are supposed to still be cold from the winter Enlarge / The European model shows the formation of a subtropical cyclone next Tuesday in the Atlantic Ocean. (credit: Weather Bell) Just one hurricane has ever fo.....»»

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Watch this: Justice League first trailer

Hitting theaters next November 17th, Justice League first full trailer shows Batman taking the lead in putting together a new team to protect Earth. Ben Affleck repeats his role as Bruce Wayne/Batman and does Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. The team is co.....»»

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The surprising origins of your f*cking favorite swear words

As a society, we like to swear. Swear words have a strange power over us. It starts when we are young, when they are deliciously taboo. Then, as we age, our dependence on swear words increases to the point where as an adult, we find that the magnitud.....»»

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Uber"s self-driving car crashes in Arizona

Uber's very bad 2017 just got a lot worse. But this time, the problem isn't human interactions in the workplace, but self-driving cars on the road.  On Friday, photos posted to Twitter revealed an Uber self-driving car flipped over on its side a.....»»

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Mass Effect’s dialogue system started with real promise, and went downhill from there

BioWare have made many changes to Mass Effect's dialogue system over the years, but none of them have been quite right. Mass Effect: Andromeda has come in for its fair share of criticism, with its awkward dialogue singled out as a particular we.....»»

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Explaining Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2"s Villain

We break down the convoluted backstory of the golden villain Star-Lord and the gang will face next in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2......»»

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#GOPDnD Has the Best Dungeons & Dragons Game Ever After Trumpcare Failed

After a series of closed-door meetings, rejected promises, and thinly veiled threats from President Donald Trump, Republicans finally pulled the American Health Care Act before taking a vote on Friday. This was met with laughter by many, and a few te.....»»

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ASUS ROG STRIX Z270G Gaming mATX Motherboard Review

Most enthusiast look at the standard ATX motherboard because it usually includes more features than their little brothers mATX or mITX. Over the past several generations of motherboards, that has been changing to where a new mATX motherboa.....»»

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Bits: Farhad’s and Mike’s Week in Tech: YouTube’s Problematic Advertising

Farhad and Mike discuss how YouTube’s issues with brands pulling ads because of racist content has caused a major headache for Google’s video arm......»»

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It’s all over: Talking big about Alexa

It is now time for another episode of Farewell To Competition, in which a product is imagined to have won a battle that will actually be ongoing for years to come.Writing for The Motley Fool, Danny Vena says “Amazon Is About to End the Competiti.....»»

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Quick Look: Comparing Vulkan & DX12 API Overhead on 3DMark

Earlier this week the crew over at Futuremark released a major update to their API Overhead testing tool, which is built into the larger 3DMark testing suite. The API Overhead tool, first rolled out in 2015, is a relatively straightforward test that.....»»

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Google removes SMS integration from its Hangouts messaging platform

In an email send to G Suite administrators, Google announced the elimination of Hangouts’ SMS integration. Over the past year, Google has gradually asked SMS users to switch to Messages, removed merged conversations, and launched a separate Go.....»»

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Digital downloads killed 150 GameStop stores

It's game over for at least 150 GameStop stores. The retailer has announced that it's shutting down 2 to 3 percent of 7,500 shops across the globe after sales and earning plummeted last year. According to The Wall Street Journal, t.....»»

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Stocks Weather D.C. Chaos; Dow Slips Just 1.5%

Is this the most hated bull market ever? Energy stocks could move higher. Why mall REITs may be the next investor nightmare......»»

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Save time and space with this fast-growing vertical garden from EcoQube

The EcoQube Frame is a vertical garden that grows nutritious microveggies fast and easily. It's built to be a low-maintenance, living decoration that grows microveggies in just over a week. The post Save time and space with this fast-growing vertical.....»»

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Fear the Walking Dead Showrunner Leaving After Season 3

Dave Erickson will continue to work with AMC "to pursue his next passion project." The next season of Fear the Walking Dead will mark the end of Dave Erickson's time with the franchise, as the showrunner will leave the hit AMC series at the con.....»»

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