Arm-mounted underwater jet drive looks like it came from a James Bond movie

Like something out of a James Bond movie, Scubalec is a new Kickstarter crowdfunding project for a handheld, arm-mounted personal jet drive, designed to propel intrepid users through the water. The post Arm-mounted underwater jet drive looks like it.....»»

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Bosch Streamlines Invoice Processing with Top Image Systems eFLOW

This IDC Buyer Case Study looks at how a global supplier of technology and services partnered with Top Image Systems to automate and optimize its invoice processing systems. Organizations that are seeking business value by reengineering document-inte.....»»

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Get your Sagan on with these 38 awe-inspiring photos of the final frontier

Few things instill a sense of wonder quite like the final frontier. These 38 photographs show the beauty of Earth, our solar system, and far corners of the universe -- just in case you need to bring out your inner Carl Sagan. The post Get your Sagan.....»»

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How to Customize the Galaxy S8 Notification Bar

How to Customize the Galaxy S8 Notification Bar is a post by Cory Gunther from Gotta Be Mobile. You can easily access some of the most used Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ features right from the notification pulldown bar. Like connecting to WiFi or turni.....»»

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Filament Friday: “Silk Like” Filament Gives Glossy Prints

Everyone at my hackerspace kept asking what filament I'd used for a print I'd made with Silk Like, because it gives off a shiny lustrous texture that turns heads. Read more on MAKE The post Filament Friday: “Silk Like” Filament Gives Glos.....»»

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Sorry, Emma Watson, But Beauty and the Beast 2 Should Be About Belle Getting Guillotined in the French Revolution

The live-action Beauty and the Beast movie has made over $1-billion, meaning a sequel is probably a near-guarantee. Disney probably won’t use their direct-to-video animated movie sequels (e.g. Enchanted Christmas or Magical World) as templates. Luc.....»»

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Tesla looks to Mexico to lure engineers for California plant

Tesla has been actively hiring for assembly-line jobs as it prepares to launch U.S. output of the Model 3. But finding manufacturing engineers, who are in even shorter supply than software engineers in Silicon Valley, has been a tougher challenge......»»

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Good Video Game Sex Scenes Are Hard To Make

There are a lot of terrible sex scenes in mainstream games. There are also a handful of good ones, as seen in games like The Witcher 3. But even in that game’s case, creating believable sex scenes wasn’t easy. Video game technology is great if yo.....»»

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Should You Bring a Llama to Your Wedding?

Weddings have seen some interesting trends over the last few years, ranging from bridal diapers to Taco Bell matrimonies. With the rise of FOMO-inducing platforms like Instagram, it’s simply not good enough to be in love with someone—your love ha.....»»

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Don’t expect OnePlus to act like all the other phone companies, because it won’t

OnePlus doesn't work like Samsung, LG, or Apple; and although it launched the OnePlus 3T soon after the OnePlus 3, that doesn't mean it'll follow a similar release pattern in the future. The post Don’t expect OnePlus to act like all the other phone.....»»

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Wilson’s Heart (Oculus Rift): Our First Take

“Wilson’s Heart’ is a 1940s black-and-white movie of a video game that makes great use of Oculus Rift and Touch controls to immerse you in campy dread The post Wilson’s Heart (Oculus Rift): Our First Take appeared first on Digital Trends......»»

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Bits: Daily Report: Cloud Computing Asserts Itself

Amazon Web Services has become the profit engine of the internet retailer. Can it stay ahead of rivals like Microsoft and Google?.....»»

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Exploring Virtualities, a Utah VR arcade and theater startup taking over a dying mall

 VR theaters and arcades like Virtualities are starting to pop up in warehouses and other empty spaces around the U.S., including Burningham’s startup, located in what used to be a Hot Topic on the second floor of the Gateway Mall on Salt.....»»

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Plane in UK"s first double-drone near-miss case

The near-miss with a passenger jet is the first in the UK to involve more than one drone......»»

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How Amazon is trying to make Alexa sound more human

On Thursday, Amazon announced a series of new Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) tags that will help developers control Alexa's intonations a bit better than before making her sound more sophisticated -- or at least, more like us. The post How A.....»»

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Legal war with Apple hits Qualcomm"s revenue projections

The legal fight between Apple and Qualcomm on licensing modem technology is turning uglier every day.Apple has filed lawsuits against Qualcomm in countries like the U.S., U.K., China and Japan, accusing the chipmaker of using its dominant market p.....»»

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9 Hideous Creatures That Deserve Your Unconditional Love

We can’t all be puppies—or even capybaras, for that matter. There’s a whole world of critters whose inner beauty goes unnoticed. Perfectly snuggly critters like naked mole rats have been mocked and called things like “the stuff of nightmares.....»»

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Nintendo debuts Helix, a flubber-like, lab-created ‘Arms’ character

Helix is a very different take on the Arms brawler, combining bizarre movements with some unique abilities and attacks, in a very mobile, very malleable body, which should be a real challenge for all combatants. The post Nintendo debuts Helix, a flub.....»»

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The Internet-of-Things is Maturing

An anonymous reader shares a report: The "Internet of Things" (IoT) category is starting to mature in terms of startup investments, according to a new report from Silicon Valley venture capital firm Wing. Like any other trendy area of tech, IoT is in.....»»

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Nixeus NX-VUE27P 1440P IPS Monitor

It might not be much to look at but the Nixeus NX-VUE27P has specifications to impress like a 27" AH-IPS panel and a 1440P resolution. Oh, and did we mention its priced less than $399 USD?... [PCSTATS].....»»

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Even the World"s Largest Internet Companies Get Phished, Just Like Your Grandma

If you’ve ever been duped by a phishing scam, you can feel a little less stupid about it today, because you’ve been joined in that sad club by Google and Facebook.Read more........»»

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