ARM Launches DynamIQ: big.Little to Eight Cores Per Cluster

Most users delving into SoCs know about ARM core designs over the years. Initially we had single CPUs, then paired CPUs and then quad-core processors, using early ARM cores to help drive performance. In October 2011, ARM introduced big.Little &ndash.....»»

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Star Wars Rebels: Season 3 Finale Review

In Season 3's finale, Thrawn makes his big move, forcing the Ghost crew to look for outside help. Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below. The Star Wars Rebels: Season 3 finally had a pretty high bar to reach following Season 2’s finale......»»

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When is the best time to buy a TV?

TVs are always on sale — which is sort of like saying they're never really on sale. How do you find great TV deals, especially if you can't wait for the one big sale week of the year? How do you know you're getting a good price if y.....»»

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ASUS ROG STRIX Z270G Gaming mATX Motherboard Review

Most enthusiast look at the standard ATX motherboard because it usually includes more features than their little brothers mATX or mITX. Over the past several generations of motherboards, that has been changing to where a new mATX motherboa.....»»

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Bits: Farhad’s and Mike’s Week in Tech: YouTube’s Problematic Advertising

Farhad and Mike discuss how YouTube’s issues with brands pulling ads because of racist content has caused a major headache for Google’s video arm......»»

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It’s all over: Talking big about Alexa

It is now time for another episode of Farewell To Competition, in which a product is imagined to have won a battle that will actually be ongoing for years to come.Writing for The Motley Fool, Danny Vena says “Amazon Is About to End the Competiti.....»»

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If you define day cruising as equal parts sun and speed, choose Wallytender X

If you're looking for a fast day cruiser or a quick superyacht guest shuttle, the Wallytender X fills both roles nicely. The 1200 horsepower top engine configuration has will scoot between island stops at 69 miles per hour. The post If you define day.....»»

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9 secret apps to hide your sexts

Since the dawn of time, solitary lovers (more accurately, lusters) have kept the erotic spark alive by sexting. Trading flirty notes and then much more explicit pics makes loneliness a little more manageable and much more steamy. Smartphones have mad.....»»

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Supermassive Black Hole Rocketing Out of Distant Galaxy At 5 Million MPH

The Bad Astronomer writes: Astronomers have found a supermassive black hole barreling out of its home galaxy at 5 million miles per hour. The 3 billion solar mass behemoth formed from the merger of two slightly smaller black holes after two galaxies.....»»

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Mercedes-AMG expects another vroom year

Following a big rollout of new models, Mercedes-AMG sales are up 30 percent so far in 2017, according to Mercedes-Benz USA. While the pace will slow, a double-digit percentage increase is expected for 2017......»»

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McLaren supercar gets stratospheric price

McLaren Automotive's three-seat hypercar will cost a cool 2 million pounds ($2.5 million at current exchange rates) in its home market when it launches in 2019......»»

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Aadhaar or no Aadhaar, it’s not that easy to fool the system

In the last six to eight months, we have been coming across many news items which tell us how Aadhaar is being mandatory in many areas of life - PAN card registration, railway bookings, e-KYC for telcos, merchant payments and more. The post Aadhaar.....»»

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Big Data Can Enhance Business Decision Making

Big data isn’t about technology. It’s about creating that one-to-one personal experience that each of us craves as a consumer......»»

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Zombieland Director Will Bring Valiant Comics" Archer & Armstrong to the Big Screen

Archer & Armstrong is an action-comedy comic that follows the strange friendship between an immortal warrior and his soon-to-be murderer. Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer will helm the film adaptation of the action-comedy comic book Arche.....»»

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Nintendo: Super Mario Run Sales Didn"t Meet Expectations

While Fire Emblem Heroes is Nintendo's big money maker on mobile, the company prefers Super Mario Run's pricing model. The sales of Nintendo's mobile game Super Mario Run failed to live up to the company's expectations. According to Nikkei, Nin.....»»

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When CGI Characters Dominate Live-Action Movies

In the wake of Beauty and the Beast and Kong: Skull Island, here are some of the greatest CGI characters to come to life on the big screen. CGI has truly altered the movie landscape over the past several decades. It's allowed studios to build a.....»»

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Nom Nom Nom: Prehistoric Human Bones Show Signs of Cannibalism

Human cannibals likely took a big bite out of their fellow humans about 10,000 years ago, according to a study that examined prehistoric bones with scratch and bite marks on them......»»

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Tired of big companies using your data for profit? Use yours for good

A new startup wants to help you transform the simple, everyday task of shopping online into social good. Data Does Good, a company founded by two students at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, lets you donate your shopping history a.....»»

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Moto G5 Plus Hits US on March 31 for $185 With Amazon Ads, $230 without

The Moto G5 Plus arrives in the US on March 31, folks. When it arrives, it’ll be available for as little as $184.99 if you order the Prime Exclusive version from Amazon, which means it includes Amazon ads sprinkled about. If you want the clean.....»»

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Google might kill Hangouts" text messaging feature (update: confirmed)

Google might soon begin implementing some big changes to Hangouts, now that the service's purpose has been redefined. According to an email reportedly sent to GSuite admins, you'll stop being able to send and receive text messages.....»»

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AMD Launches Ryzen Brand for Desktop PC Processor Market

This IDC Market Note analyzes the impact of AMD's launch of the Ryzen 7 and Ryzen 5 desktop PC processors on the desktop PC processor market."AMD's ability to execute on its x86-based Ryzen processors will indicate the greatest potential to disrupt t.....»»

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