Are You Living For Happiness Or Pleasure? They Are Different!

Are You Living For Happiness Or Pleasure? They Are Different!.....»»

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The Best Time To Invest In Something Is …

At 18 minutes into this awesome talk that Fred Wilson did at MIT a few weeks ago, he finishes the statement “The best time to invest in something is ...” “… when nobody wants to invest in it but you.” He adds “And.....»»

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HIPPO"s molecular balancing act helps nerves not short circuit

It may be possible to therapeutically fine tune a constantly shifting balance of molecular signals to ensure the body's peripheral nerves are insulated and functioning normally, researchers have discovered. They suggest this may be a way to treat neu.....»»

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Obesity amplifies genetic risk of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

An international study has revealed a striking genetic-environmental interaction: Obesity significantly amplifies the effects of three gene variants that increase risk of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) by different metabolic pathways......»»

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Risk of obesity influenced by changes in our genes

A child's risk of obesity as they grow up can be influenced by modifications to their DNA prior to birth, a new study has shown. These changes, known as epigenetic modifications, control the activity of our genes without changing the actual DNA seque.....»»

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Early blood signatures of vaccine immunogenicity

Within seven days of vaccination, a blood test early after vaccination can predict whether vaccines based on living, modified viruses have had the desired effect. This is one of the results of a new study on systems analysis of immune responses induc.....»»

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Scientists using high tech microscope find clues to an autoimmune disease

Using a unique microscope capable of illuminating living cell structures in great detail, researchers have found clues into how a destructive autoimmune disease works, setting the stage for more discoveries in the future......»»

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Food photos help Instagram users with healthy eating

People are turning to Instagram as a place where they can log food intake and track healthy eating behaviors by posting photos of everything they eat -- and being held accountable by followers for sticking to their goals, a new study finds......»»

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Genes need to be screened for stem cell transplants

As stem cell lines grow in a lab dish, they often acquire mutations in the TP53 (p53) gene, an important tumor suppressor responsible for controlling cell growth. New research findings suggest that genetic sequencing technologies should be used to sc.....»»

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How to minimize the risks of phishing scams

Employees are often the weakest link in your company's security chain. But with a little knowledge and foresight you can mitigate the risks. In this video, senior writer Sharon Florentine explains the anatomy of a phishing scam and how you an.....»»

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Drunken man arrested for assaulting 300-lb. K5 security robot

So, you toss back a few drinks and decide now is the best time to “test” a 5-foot tall, 300-pound, egg-shaped security robot that is patrolling a Mountain View, California, parking lot. Although it might seem like a good idea when you are drun.....»»

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Alien Isolation 2 update: Creative Assembly working on different game

The Alien Isolation 2 release date rumor has been debunked. In an update from Creative Assembly, the developer says it has something brand new new up its sleeve......»»

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5 Epic Battles Call of Duty WWII Should Recreate

Activision take note! Here's 5 battles that we'd like to see in Call of Duty World War II. Can you make it happen?.....»»

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Little Nightmares Review - PS4

If you like weird, you've come to the right place. Check out the puzzle-platformer horror adventure in the Little Nightmares review......»»

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PS Plus May 2017: Free PS4 and Vita games ANNOUNCED

The big PS Plus May 2017 reveal is here, and here's your list of free PlayStation Plus games for the coming month. Anything you fancy?.....»»

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DJI’s new Goggles allow you to see the world from your drone’s perspective

DJI has announced its latest drone accessory, the DJI Goggles, a headset that allows owners of its UAVs to fly their drone from a first-person perspective. Compatible with the company’s Mavic Pro and Phantom 4 series drones, DJI’s most po.....»»

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Watch live stand-up comedy in VR with Altspace VR

Comedy Living Room will be live streaming a stand-up comedy act to virtual reality headsets on Thursday. The event will be run by Altspace VR, a software company that allows users to create a digital avatar to meet other people, attend live events.....»»

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Reddit discussion boards to undergo major overhaul

Reddit it bringing major changes to how its discussion boards work, company CEO Steve Huffman has announced. Until now, moderators could customize how different subreddits stand out from one another other through the use of CSS (cascading style sh.....»»

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Find the deeper meaning in song lyrics with ‘Behind the Lyrics,’ now available on Android

Genius wants to give people quick access to the deeper meaning behind the songs they’re listening to. More than a year ago the company joined forces with Spotify to create a new feature called ‘Behind the Lyrics’ for its Spotify ap.....»»

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Nvidia"s latest Game Ready drivers prep you for "Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III"

Another day, another new set of drivers ready for installation from Nvidia. This time around, the Green Team has optimized its drivers – version 381.89 WHQL – for a number of new and upcoming games including Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War.....»»

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"Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite" gets a trailer, September release date

If you’ve got a stable of characters like those under the banners of Marvel and Capcom, you’d be a fool not to monetize it to the max. That’s exactly what these two are doing with Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, an upcoming crossover f.....»»

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