Apple’s big AR push reportedly starts with iPhone, but won’t end there

As other companies augment their phones with VR capabilities, Apple may look go a different direction with augmented reality. As companies like Samsung and Google augment their phones with virtual reality capabilities with headsets like the Gea.....»»

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Pokemon GO Halloween just got REAL (Gen 3 real)

This morning the latest build of Pokemon GO for Android revealed a collection of changes just before Halloween. This set of changes falls in the category of “oh my goodness this could mean something big” – with regard to the third f.....»»

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Polestar and Volvo will upend modern car ownership

Polestar 1 may be the first exciting hybrid sports car from Volvo and Geely’s EV-obsessed spin-off, but it’s the prospect of shaking up the auto ownership experience that could really change the marketplace. Unveiled in China earlier this.....»»

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This $13 accessory makes it practically impossible to lose your AirPods

Apple’s AirPods are the most popular wireless headphones in the world right now for so many reasons, from the cool cord-free design and the W1 wireless chip to the sound quality. Of course, they’re not perfect and the very same design tha.....»»

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An update from the War on Rats

I cut back the vegetation around my home, as it had grown up too high over the wild rainy season and hot summer. Rats had taken over the brush and ivy. My landscaping left them nowhere to go. Nowhere but my woodshed... (more…) I cut back the.....»»

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Here is Apple"s self-driving car prototype

Here are new images of Apple's self-driving car technology (Project Titan) mounted on a Lexus RX350. That gear on the top is a rack of six LIDAR sensors that use lasers to collect spatial data about the vehicle's surroundings. Going to need more t.....»»

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Smalltown America finds ecstasy at Dollar General

I love dollar stores, and so does rural America. Dollar General, in particular, is cleaning up in the towns so out of the way even Wal-Mart can't make business there. The Decatur store is one of 1,000 Dollar Generals opening this year as part of t.....»»

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iOS 11.1 Release Date Tips & Tricks

iOS 11.1 Release Date Tips & Tricks is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile. The iOS 11.1 update doesn’t have an official release date, but there’s a good chance it’ll touch down for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users in a few.....»»

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Dad introduces baby to the art of playing piano with your feet

Sure, you can probably bang out "Chopsticks" on the piano – but can you do it with your feet? In this sweet video from dad and YouTuber Viva Frei, his son proudly shows off his "Chopsticks" skills – but with a little help, of course.&.....»»

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Say hello to the Bluetooth speaker that easily fits in your pocket or purse

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. Bluetooth speakers are one of the most convenient technological breakthroughs of the last decade, but they can also be clunky, difficult to transpo.....»»

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New dad straps on his baby to sing her to sleep with some multi-instrumental smooth jams

Finally, I have something in common with 2-month-old babies: we both love falling asleep to the sweet sounds of early '80s soft rock. One new dad won't let his newborn stop him from playing music, only now, he'd rather she were strapped to him wh.....»»

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Samsung’s Odyssey Windows Mixed Reality headset won’t be sold in the UK

Sadly, the Odyssey won’t be making the epic journey across the waves to Europe. There’s some bad news for those looking to pick up a Windows Mixed Reality headset in the near future, because one of the seemingly best offerings of the c.....»»

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UK looks to take a lead in the 5G rollout

The UK government is determined to be setting the pace in next-gen connectivity. When it comes to Brexit, the UK may be struggling to make an impression in Europe, but in one area at least, the government is looking to make sure it’s ahe.....»»

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"Busybody" protein may get on your nerves, but that"s a good thing

The p75 protein is vital for signaling pain in nervous system, researchers have discovered......»»

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Battling flames increases firefighters" exposure to carcinogens

The threat of getting burned by roaring flames is an obvious danger of firefighting, but other health risks are more subtle. For example, firefighters have been found to develop cancer at higher rates than the general population. Now researchers have.....»»

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The Sonos One offers all that wireless speaker goodness with a side of Alexa

 There isn’t much to say about the new Sonos One that hasn’t been said about Sonos already. The company has long been the gold standard in wireless whole-home audio and their speakers, while small, are powerful and more than usable f.....»»

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Apple claims Face ID doesn’t compromise user’s privacy

Apple responds to Sen. Al Franken’s concerns that the sample image stored in the phone’s Secure Enclave never actually leaves the phone.Apple has finally responded to the concerns of Sen. Al Franken (D-MN), allaying fears the new facial recogniti.....»»

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U.S. Tech Giants Face a Future Shaped by Europe

Silicon Valley is a uniquely American creation, the product of an entrepreneurial spirit and no-holds-barred capitalism that now drives many aspects of modern life. But the likes of Facebook, Google and Apple are increasingly facing an uncomfortable.....»»

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Apple, GE partner to bring Predix apps to iOS

The aim is to bring analytics from GE's Predix industrial IoT platform to Apple's iPads and iPhones......»»

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World Hunger Is Increasing, Thanks to Wars and Climate Change

Despite efforts to end food shortages, a recent U.N. report shows that, after years of decline, hunger is on the rise again -- Read more on»»

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FogHorn Builds Closer to the Edge With a $30 Million Funding Push

The edge intelligence and industrial IoT company is backed by GE, Saudi Aramco, Intel Capital, Bosch, Dell and more. The edge intelligence and industrial IoT company is backed by GE, Saudi Aramco, Intel Capital, Bosch, Dell and more......»»

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