Administration to Reopen Evaluation of Auto Efficiency Standards

WASHINGTON, March 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Statement by American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM) President and CEO Chet Thompson following President Donald Trump's visit to Michigan where he announced the Administration would reopen the cur.....»»

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Auto giant Continental buys Singapore-based Quantum Inventions for $29M

 German automotive giant Continental is furthering its push into the future of transportation after it got its check book out to acquire Quantum Inventions, a Singapore-based company that specializes in mobility data services. The deal was anno.....»»

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Uber forced to raise prices by up to 80% in Hong Kong

If you're going to be hailing an Uber in Hong Kong — expect to pay a lot more, starting today. The ride hailing giant has hiked its minimum fare in the territory by as much as 80 percent, a decision that came after an "evaluation of the marketp.....»»

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Embracing the committed online shopper

Raymond Auto Group in northern Illinois has embraced the "shop, click and buy" approach. It took some work......»»

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Analyzing Falkor’s Microarchitecture: A Deep Dive into Qualcomm’s Centriq 2400 for Windows Server and Linux

Developing a custom microarchitecture is difficult. Even with all the standards in place and licensing an instruction set such as ARM, the actual development takes time and the right people to put together, then the infrastructure to deploy at scale.....»»

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Modernize Your Filing System and Don’t Trust Your Meter

The first tip isn’t technical at all, but it’s still important for efficiency.....»»

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China eclipses U.S. in Honda"s world view

Honda's rapidly expanding footprint in China spotlights how the world's biggest auto market is pulling focus and resources away from the United States. The Japanese automaker is setting priorities in everything from production to product development......»»

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Can U.S. follow through on tough NAFTA talk?

To deliver on its promises, the administration will need the cooperation of the U.S. business community and key members of Congress. Both groups sought to distance themselves from the president last week......»»

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Trump Administration"s Science Priorities "Better Than Feared"

But the White House memo completely omits climate science and space, emphasizing military tech and basic R&D -- Read more on»»

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Target won’t be adding Hampton Creek products back on its shelves

 Despite clearance from the Food and Drug Administration earlier this month, Target has decided to terminate its relationship with beleaguered food startup Hampton Creek. Target pulled all 20 Hampton Creek products from its shelves two months ag.....»»

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White House elevates status of US Cyber Command

The Trump administration is also considering separating Cyber Command from the National Security Agency......»»

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Trump approves Obama-era plan for a more independent US Cyber Command

 President Trump has given the go-ahead for a plan dating from the Obama administration to elevate US Cyber Command to the level of Unified Combatant Command, giving it more operational independence from the National Security Agency. The stateme.....»»

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Top 5 best OCR software (optical character recognition)

We look at the best options for digitising your paperwork. Get one of these pieces of OCR software In all areas of business and administration, digitisation is a hard fact. If you fail to implement the latest digital strategies and technologica.....»»

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Forecasters put the total solar eclipse into a weather model and the result is amazing

The weather wizards at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have added the effects of the Aug. 21 total solar eclipse to one of their newest, highest-resolution computer models. The result is a gorgeously detailed view of how th.....»»

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Aerocool Project 7 PSU 650 W

Aerocool collaborated with TPU in order to build an ultra-reliable high-performance PSU. The P7-650W Platinum is one of the best power supplies we ever tested, featuring full modularity, high efficiency, and dead silent operation even under.....»»

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Brother makes buying toner less of a bother with intelligent refill subscriptions

Like to play chicken with the "ink low" warnings? Brother Refresh is a new auto fulfillment service that ships toner when you're running low. The auto fulfillment service joins the company's Amazon Dash option. The post Brother makes buying toner les.....»»

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Report: Cities Have A Very Long Way To Go To Meet The Paris Climate Goals

Cities across the country have committed to taking the lead on climate change, but it’s going to be a long road. As the current administration rolls back environmental regulations–led by a president who believes global warming is.....»»

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Oracle Mutexes

Mutexes differ from latches in a number of ways. Read on to see how they differ from latches, what modes they can be acquired in, and their relative efficiency compared to latches......»»

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802.11ax Holds Promise Beyond Higher Speed

The IEEEs’ 802.11 Working Group continues to churn out useful standards. The latest, 802.11ax, has been in the pipeline for several years......»»

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Ford patent shows autonomous auto future with or without steering wheel

Many automotive enthusiasts are on the fence a bit about the autonomous future. Auto enthusiasts like to drive and some fear the autonomous autos will take that ability from us eventually. At the same time, there are certainly conditions where not ha.....»»

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Initiating Research Reports on Auto Makers Equities -- SORL Auto Parts, Honda Motor, Ferrari, and Tata Motors

Initiating Research Reports on Auto Makers Equities -- SORL Auto Parts, Honda Motor, Ferrari, and Tata Motors.....»»

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