A simple command allows the CIA to commandeer 318 models of Cisco switches

Bug relies on telnet protocol used by hardware on internal networks. Cisco Systems said that more than 300 models of switches it sells contain a critical vulnerability that allows the CIA to use a simple command to remotely execute malicious c.....»»

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Share anything from your Mac instantly with Dropshare 4

 Dropshare is a dead-simple file sharing utility that doesn’t tie you to any specific cloud service. A license for the Mac version is available now in the Boing Boing Store for $12.99.Sharing files with other people usually kicks off the same.....»»

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Help Me, Laptop! I Need a Good, Cheap Chromebook

Chromebooks — the laptops that run Google's minimalist Chrome OS instead of Windows 10 or macOS — carry a certain allure with their lower prices, automatic updates and simple interface. But all of........»»

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Porsche Design Huawei Mate 10 redefines luxurious style in smartphones

Huawei has certainly done very well for itself to be one of the major smartphone manufacturers in the world, and some of their flagship models like the Honor 9 and Mate 9 have definitely captured the attention of many. However, they have also collabo.....»»

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Gran Turismo Sport review: A brilliant, but very new, direction for the series

The latest game in this legendary franchise is all about racing online and e-sports. Gran Turismo Sport is a great racing game. What it's not is a simple PS4 port of the last GT game. Almost eve.....»»

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2017 Hyundai Tucson Limited AWD Long-Term Update 2: Keeping It Simple

If you built a better mousetrap, would the world beat a path to your liftgate? Sorry for the mangled metaphor, but I was thinking about this after turning on a nifty touch of the 2017 Hyundai Tucson Limited AWD: the Smart Liftgate (hands-free) featur.....»»

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West Star Signs Agreement With Embraer For Legacy Models

West Star Aviation’s Chattanooga, Tennessee, facility has signed an agreement with Embraer to receive Authorized Service Center approval. read more.....»»

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Robust Extents House / ICONCAST

The simple geometry of the robust form was devised to merge with the developing sub-urban context of Koswatte, Battaramulla. The design attempts efficient and optimum use of land, space and its construction materials; built on a 12 perch blo.....»»

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808 Audio XL-V smart speaker arrives with Alexa next month

808 Audio has just launched its first smart home device, the 808 Audio XL-V. This smart speaker is cylindrical with a tower design and, most importantly, it has Alexa built-in. As with other Alexa devices, 808’s new smart speaker allows users t.....»»

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Quebec residence for ice hockey player includes indoor practice rink

Simple black and white volumes form this home in Quebec City, which was built by local firm PARKA Architecture for a professional ice hockey player and his family. Read more Simple black and white volumes form this home in Quebec City, which.....»»

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This Photoshop fail from Netflix is actually pretty hilarious

Hearing the term "Photoshop fail" will likely invoke strong feelings about the manipulations of models and actors' bodies with unrealistic beauty standards. But sometimes, Photoshop fails can be completely innocent, and totally hilarious. The most re.....»»

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Body Camera Giant Wants Police To Collect Your Videos Too

tedlistens shares a report from Fast Company: Axon, the police supplier formerly known as Taser and now a leading maker of police body cameras, has also charged into police software with a service that allows police to manage and eventually analyze i.....»»

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NASA model improves odds of finding habitable exoplanets

NASA has a new model that improves the space agency’s odds of identifying habitable exoplanets. The model is based on new NASA research that determines conditions across three different dimensions instead of one, as previous models did. With th.....»»

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“Hey Google” Command Rolling Out to Phones With Prompt to Re-Train Your Assistant

This may have started slowly rolling out a few days ago, but if you haven’t been prompted yet, be on the lookout for Google telling you that the “Hey Google” command is ready for use on your phone. This is the alternate Google Assis.....»»

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GM Reaches $120M Settlement With US States Over Ignition Switch Claims

General Motors has reached a $120-million settlement with 49 states and DC over claims relating to its faulty ignition switches......»»

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Brain takes seconds to switch modes during tasks

The brain rapidly switches between operational modes in response to tasks and what is replayed can predict how well a task will be completed, according to a new study in rats......»»

Category: biomedSource:  sciencedailyRelated NewsOct 20th, 2017

Remap the Pixel 2 squeeze function with Button Mapper

Some would say the squeeze function on the HTC U11 and Pixel 2 are gimmicks. However, one could argue that being able to simply squeeze the phone to illicit some response or action could be quite useful. The U11 allows you to remap the squeeze functi.....»»

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Shifting relationship between flexibility, modularity in the brain, researchers find

A new study has found negative correlation between flexibility and modularity in the brain. Understanding how they interact is essential to the advance of neuroscience, the researchers said. Flexibility allows for better performance on complex tasks,.....»»

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Ahead of Apple Pay Cash, PayPal & Facebook team up for peer-to-peer payments in Messenger

Ahead of the impending launch of Apple Pay Cash in Messages, Facebook and PayPal today announced a new partnership that allows users to send money to each other via Messenger. Today’s announcement is an extension of a partnership between the tw.....»»

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Denmark"s proposed anti-cheat law allows schools to examine students" laptop content, including search histories

Those of a certain age will probably remember a time when there were no laptops in schools. Today, these computers aid students in a multitude of ways, but they can also be used for dishonest purposes, such as cheating on exams......»»

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