The weirdest deals we"ve found on Amazon Prime Day (so far)

Amazon Prime Day is about deals — deals that come in all shapes and sizes.  Sure, there's TVs and other tech things to buy, but there's also the weird, wonderful and outright bizarre stuff that's marked down.  SEE ALSO: The best deals from.....»»

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Reggie Watts made a weird comedy just for VR

Reggie Watts is no stranger to pushing the boundaries of both technology and humor, and he just found a way to do both at once. He recently produced Waves, a mind-melting comedy (it involves joining a cult, among other things) that's tailor-made for.....»»

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Turns Out We Put a Parking Lot on Top of a Lost Ancient Greek Fort

It seems that we find the coolest things when we dig up old parking lots. In 1996, the National Underwater and Marine Agency discovered the location of a warship built for Texas’ navy during the Mexican-American War, conveniently beneath a parking lot i.....»»

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Road Runoff a No-No for Coho

Researchers have found the first direct evidence that coho salmon near U.S. Northwest cities are being killed by chemical runoff from roads and parking lots that reach streams   -- Read more on»»

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Road Runoff A No-No for Coho

Researchers have found the first direct evidence that coho salmon near northwest cities are being killed by chemical runoff from roads and parking lots that reach streams.      -- Read more on»»

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Paint 3D Hands-On: How Microsoft makes it easier to create

It feels weird at first, but Paint 3D builds in lots of help for people just getting started with creating 3D objects......»»

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NASA finds prolonged space travel can affect the spine

With a manned mission to Mars in the cards for NASA, the space agency is spending lots of money and time researching the effects of prolonged space travel on the human body. A new study has been published that has found that space travel will affect the s.....»»

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Man"s eloquent response to parking ticket is pretty damn clever

Parking tickets. Who doesn't hate them? While most people shrug their shoulders and decide to just pay up, one Australian man has found a rather novel and hilarious way to fight a parking ticket issued to him.  SEE ALSO: 'The Bachelor' contestants fi.....»»

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Civilization VI: The 5 biggest changes in the strategy king"s latest entry

Iteration rather than revolution, Civilization 6 has made some small but significant changes. Playing a new Civ game is like driving a new car in a foreign country. Lots of things feel familiar, you sort of know what you’re doing, and the end goa.....»»

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Meet the baby who was born twice

Margaret Boemer went for a routine ultrasound 16 weeks into her pregnancy with her third child. She quickly found out that things were far from routine......»»

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First impressions of Amazon"s Echo Dot

I didn't think an IoT voice assistant was for me, but at $50 I couldn't resist the Amazon Echo Dot. I'm finding Alexa to be handy for lots of little things. Amazon's hockey puck like Echo Dot gives you all the utility of their personal assistant Alexa a.....»»

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Things I miss: Davey and Goliath

No one else thought a talking dog teaching us about God's love was weird? I kinda enjoyed these as a kid but always felt something was off... No one else thought a talking dog teaching us about God's love was weird? I kinda enjoyed these as a kid but al.....»»

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"Overwatch" player lands a double kill while using a bow for a controller

People keep using weird things for controllers in Overwatch, and this guy's latest setup is no exception. Twitch user Rudeism crafted a controller using a toy bow, allowing him to fully immerse himself into the hero Hanzo. Not only that, he managed to get.....»»

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It Looks Like NASA Found ESA"s Crashed Mars Lander

On Wednesday, the European Space Agency attempted to land a probe on Mars, and things went bad. While the ExoMars mission team continues to piece together why its Schiaparelli lander lost contact with the Earth, NASA has now obtained photographic evidence.....»»

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Weird things posted on Facebook Marketplace

Weird things posted on Facebook Marketplace.....»»

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Things get real weird when the office snacks run out

This is what happens when there's no more food in the office. Spoiler, it gets weird. How to make 'Stranger Things' soup, complete with floating Barb Emma Stone proves she is 'very f*cking cool' answering 73 questions from Vogue Woman wears wedding dress.....»»

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Making an Actual Skateboard with Lego Bricks Is Just Awesome

Sure, people build lots of different things with Lego, but those are just toys or fun models. To make an actual working skateboard that will be outfitted with trucks and wheels to support the weight of an adult human? To hold up against the punishment of .....»»

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IDG Contributor Network: Parking available! CloudParc uses IoT, machine vision to improve city parking

Finding a parking space is like a treasure hunt. Lots of aggravation for a few moments of joy.Parking is a challenge for city officials, too. How do you maximize both parking revenues and driver convenience?+ Also on Network World: Smart City Challenge: .....»»

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Stranger Things Actor Addresses Will"s Sexual Orientation

There’s been a lot of talk about whether Will from Stranger Things is gay, largely because bullies on the show call him homophobic slurs, which admittedly seems like a weird way to code a character. Will’s sexual identity hasn’t been explored in the.....»»

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Virtual Reality Comes Home: The Future Of Storytelling Festival

Lots of people are thinking about the future of the publishing business. But Charles Melcher has moved past that conversation. He's a perennial insider/outsider: he was a self-styled book publisher until 2009 when he found himself facing the uncertain fut.....»»

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