7 Weird Things Found in and Under Parking Lots

From Viking parliaments to kings to bee swarms … you’d be surprised to learn about all the strange thinks found in -- and under -- parking lots......»»

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Weird Things To Buy: The Million Dollar Parking Spot

If you’re reading this from the Midwest, or the South, or somewhere fairly affordable, you’re probably gasping at the thought of spending as much as $1 million on something like a parking spot—something many of us can get for free. But if you’re r.....»»

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Lots of us have had the urge to jump to our doom

A recent study found that the urge to jump off tall things is pretty common, even among people who are not suicidal......»»

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Those Ugly Surface Parking Lots Are Actually Costing Cities Money

Parking lots are already one of the worst things ever invented by humans—acres of buckling, blighted fields of concrete that often sit completely empty. But now a new study shows that parking is not only ugly, it's actually making cities lose revenue.Re.....»»

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RIP, Lucius Shepard, gone too soon

Lucius Shepard, one of science fiction's great writers, has died. He was 66. I had met Lucius on several occasions and found him to be just as you'd hope from his novels: smart and witty (but lots of writers are smart and witty), and kind, and weird in th.....»»

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The 38 Most Interesting Designs of 2013

Welcome to the end of another year, people! We made it, and not without a ton of brand new stuff to carry us into 2014 and beyond. We saw lots of beautiful, interesting, and just plain weird things, but here we’ve rounded up the items that stuck wit.....»»

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The 38 Most Interesting Designs of 2013

Welcome to the end of another year, people! We made it, and not without a ton of brand new stuff to carry us into 2014 and beyond. We saw lots of beautiful, interesting, and just plain weird things, but here we've rounded up the items that stuck with us; .....»»

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Ancient cemetery found under parking lot in England

It would seem parking lots in England are the places to go for those wanting to find some ancient bones – or, in this case, a rather large grave, which is said to be the final resting place of individuals of different religions, making it especially.....»»

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ATM skimming comes to non-ATM payment terminals in train stations, etc

ATM skimming isn't limited to ATMs! There are lots of terminals that ask you to swipe your card and/or enter a PIN, and many of them are less well-armored and -policed than actual cashpoints. Skimmers have been found on train-ticket machines, parking mete.....»»

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F1 2014 Errors, Save Fix, Bugs, Crashes and Fixes

When it comes to Codemasters and its racing titles for PC, the association doesn’t seem too friendly as with every new title, there are at least one or two things that caused problems in the previous games still found prevalent in the latest iterati.....»»

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Lone Stars: 11 Up-and-Coming Austin Musicians to Watch

Weird and wonderful, one of the very first things that comes to mind when you think of Austin, Texas, is the city’s vibrant music scene. In fact, Austin describes itself as the “Live Music Capital of the World,” and all signs point to th.....»»

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iFixit tears down the new Retina iMac, finds it largely unchanged over previous versions

The folks over at iFixit have gotten their hands on one of Apple’s new 27″ Retina iMacs, and, as they are wont to do, immediately opened it up to find out what makes these things tick. Inside they found that most of the internal components are.....»»

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Twitpic’s shutdown saga comes to a weird end that founder calls embarrassing

A month or so after telling the world Twitpic would be shutting down, then backtracking and saying it had found a buyer, Twitpic has reversed its position once again. The service,….....»»

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Big Man Gyrates With Bear, Things Get Weird at NHL Game

It's a classic sports tale: A hefty fan takes off his shirt and shakes everything his momma gave him to "Turn Down For What" at an NHL game. He guzzles beer. A person in a bear suit joins the party. The two engage in some mildly NSFW getting down A few da.....»»

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Whisper found to be tracking users, sharing info

You’d think an anonymous app would let you be, well, anonymous. Whisper, which promises users they’re safe from things like being known, have come under fire today. It seems their service is guilty of tracking the location of users, and sharing that i.....»»

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Weird things human sent into the stratosphere (mostly as marketing)

Including: bacon (video above), beer, Lego Minifigures, a toy robot, an armchair... the list goes on, over at Smithsonian......»»

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Sun, Psyched for Halloween, Turns Itself Into Jack-o"-Lantern

The solar system is really, really excited about Halloween On October 8, the day the Blood Moon haunted the skies, the sun looked eerily like a Jack O'Lantern. See also: 10 Weirdest Things Found in Outer Space The image, released on October 10, shows the .....»»

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Android Forums: Scammy flashlight apps, Emoji on Android, and buying the Note 4

Do you use a flashlight app? Some of them may be doing scammy things in the background. Are all reviewers anti-Android? Should you buy the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4? What's the best keyboard app with Emoji? All of these discussions, and more, can be found.....»»

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Project Morpheus: "lots of extremely cool" things in the pipeline, teases dev

Project Morpheus: 'lots of extremely cool' things in the pipeline, teases dev.....»»

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Admitting To Those Social Media Sins Aloud Makes You Sound 100 Percent Ridiculous

We are all guilty of doing embarrassing things on the Internet. Our minds can go to some pretty weird places when trying to decide which Instagram filter will make people most jealous of a meal, for instance. Now, just imagine what would happen if you '.....»»

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Majorana Discovery: After 80-Yr Search, Weird Particle Found

If you thought the search for the Higgs boson — the elusive particle that endows matter with mass — was epic, spare a thought for the physicists who have been trying to find a way to discover another subatomic particle … Continue reading →.....»»

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