7 Weird Things Found in and Under Parking Lots

From Viking parliaments to kings to bee swarms … you’d be surprised to learn about all the strange thinks found in -- and under -- parking lots......»»

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On "Once Upon a Time," the Snow Queen is assembling the magical Avengers

Once Upon a Time’s twisted family connections took a turn for the weird last week when we found out that the Snow Queen was once Emma’s foster mother, and this week, things got even stranger. It turns out that the Snow Queen had two sisters wh.....»»

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Weird Things To Buy: The Million Dollar Parking Spot

If you’re reading this from the Midwest, or the South, or somewhere fairly affordable, you’re probably gasping at the thought of spending as much as $1 million on something like a parking spot—something many of us can get for free. But if you’re r.....»»

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Lots of us have had the urge to jump to our doom

A recent study found that the urge to jump off tall things is pretty common, even among people who are not suicidal......»»

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Those Ugly Surface Parking Lots Are Actually Costing Cities Money

Parking lots are already one of the worst things ever invented by humans—acres of buckling, blighted fields of concrete that often sit completely empty. But now a new study shows that parking is not only ugly, it's actually making cities lose revenue.Re.....»»

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RIP, Lucius Shepard, gone too soon

Lucius Shepard, one of science fiction's great writers, has died. He was 66. I had met Lucius on several occasions and found him to be just as you'd hope from his novels: smart and witty (but lots of writers are smart and witty), and kind, and weird in th.....»»

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The 38 Most Interesting Designs of 2013

Welcome to the end of another year, people! We made it, and not without a ton of brand new stuff to carry us into 2014 and beyond. We saw lots of beautiful, interesting, and just plain weird things, but here we’ve rounded up the items that stuck wit.....»»

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The 38 Most Interesting Designs of 2013

Welcome to the end of another year, people! We made it, and not without a ton of brand new stuff to carry us into 2014 and beyond. We saw lots of beautiful, interesting, and just plain weird things, but here we've rounded up the items that stuck with us; .....»»

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Ancient cemetery found under parking lot in England

It would seem parking lots in England are the places to go for those wanting to find some ancient bones – or, in this case, a rather large grave, which is said to be the final resting place of individuals of different religions, making it especially.....»»

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Weird rock in Russia contains 30,000 valueless diamonds

A strange rock that was pulled from Udachnaya diamond mine in Russia has yielded some of the most-unique scientific findings to date. While it vaguely appears to be a normal rock that would be found in a diamond mine, the ... Read More.....»»

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Weird Al the Magnificent and the mysterious floating orb

Fresh off his hit album "Mandatory Fun," Weird Al Yankovic takes to YouTube to demonstrate his newly found skills as a magician......»»

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Curiosity Rover discovers ancient Martian organic molecules

NASA has just reached another breakthrough in its exploration of Mars' landscape and history. Barely two weeks after revealing their findings and theories about the Gale Crater, the scientists are now announcing that the Mars Rover has found two things: a.....»»

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The 100: Midseason Finale Review

The eventful midseason finale for The 100 found the group reacting to the Grounders' ultimatum. Note: Full spoilers for The 100 midseason finale follow. There are aspects of this episode worth debating and certainly some notable things I wish were h.....»»

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Hey, teens: Back in our day, video games were actually hard

Kids today have things so easy. A group of teenagers found out just how tough games used to be when The Fine Bros. asked them to play the original Mega Man for its "Teens React" series. It wasn't pretty. In fact, it was a bloodbath. Mega Man, released in .....»»

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Google brings Lollipop to Android Wear, updates Hangouts and Chromecast

Lots of little things make for a busy week.....»»

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Lessons from Destiny’s first add-on could bring larger fixes to the endless loot grind

There’s something wrong with Destiny. Well, there are lots of things wrong with Destiny (at least as many as there are right), but this is something that leaves regular players disappointed on a weekly basis. They repeatedly chase the best rewards from.....»»

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2015 Ford Mustang Convertibles land on dealer lots in time for the holidays

It might currently be a little chilly to drop the top of a new Mustang, but they’re heading to dealerships soon. New drive modes for snow and heated seats will help things until spring. The post 2015 Ford Mustang Convertibles land on dealer lots in tim.....»»

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Ex-Qualcomm exec Rob Chandhok joins IoT startup Helium

Qualcomm’s former internet of things big idea guy Rob Chandhok has found a new home at a much smaller company, but he’s doing very similar work. He’s joined a startup called Helium….....»»

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Americans Believe The Internet Has Made Them Better Informed

The majority of Americans believe access to the Internet has made them better informed and "improved their ability to learn new things," the Pew Research Center found in a new study, published Monday. Having surveyed 1,066 adult Internet users, the stud.....»»

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A Brief Look At the History (and Return) of Homestar Runner

If you've never seen a Homestar Runner cartoon, you're missing out on one of the greatest things to come out of the internet in its short lifespan. But if you're one of the web series' existing fans who's poured over every cartoon and found every secret l.....»»

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Amazon updates Kindle for Android app, adds X-Ray and flash cards

Amazon has released an update to its Kindle app for Android. The new version adds lots of new features including support for X-Ray enabled books. One of the things I love about reading books with Kindle is the synchronization across devices. I have often .....»»

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