Turns Out We Put a Parking Lot on Top of a Lost Ancient Greek Fort

It seems that we find the coolest things when we dig up old parking lots. In 1996, the National Underwater and Marine Agency discovered the location of a warship built for Texas’ navy during the Mexican-American War, conveniently beneath a parking lot i.....»»

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Road Runoff a No-No for Coho

Researchers have found the first direct evidence that coho salmon near U.S. Northwest cities are being killed by chemical runoff from roads and parking lots that reach streams   -- Read more on»»

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Road Runoff A No-No for Coho

Researchers have found the first direct evidence that coho salmon near northwest cities are being killed by chemical runoff from roads and parking lots that reach streams.      -- Read more on»»

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4 things a ‘Google Phone’ could mean - CNET

A house-made Google phone could range from the iPhone-killer to the weird......»»

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What Dark Magic Makes This Weird Yo-Yo Work?

Yo-yo tricks are already a miracle of physics. But Ben Conde specializes in a type of yo-yo with an unattached string, and does things that defy all logic. But there’s one sneaky feature that makes these contraptions work.Read more........»»

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Sony Movie Studio 13 Platinum

Sony Movie Studio 13 Platinum is an advanced video editing application with lots of effects, but its interface is confusing, it lacks organizational features found in the competition, and it's slow at rendering video projects......»»

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Flipping a protein switch to illuminate brain functions

What goes on inside the brain when we learn new things? Much still remains wrapped in mystery, but scientists have found a way to examine this at the molecular level......»»

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Things got weird on Twitter this week

It doesn’t get much weirder than it did this past week on Twitter.  SEE ALSO: This week on Instagram: 10 significant moments to remember Tyler, the Creator and Elon Musk chatted, Sonic the Hedgehog and LeBron James both talked some sh*t and it .....»»

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iOS 10: Hands-on with the new Lock screen [Video]

One of the biggest changes found in iOS 10 will be one of the first things you see upon installing the update. Indeed, the Lock screen in iOS 10 has received what amounts to an overhaul and a rethinking of its functionality. Have a look at our hands-on vi.....»»

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Boston Dynamics’ freakish SpotMini is the robodog we secretly want

Robot dogs are not new, unless Boston Dynamics is making one, at which point things get pretty weird. Plus: YouTube goes live, Uber stops playing the surge game - sort of. The post Boston Dynamics’ freakish SpotMini is the robodog we secretly want a.....»»

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Report: HTC-built Nexus "Sailfish" leaks reveal the undercard in the next Nexus lineup

The summer months bring us something besides hot weather and vacations: Nexus phone rumors. So we’re kicking things off right with a new set of specs from Android Police, which we’ve found to be one of the more accurate sources for such leaks. First,.....»»

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The Netherlands Voted A Garage Its Best Building Of The Year--Here"s Why

We don't think of parking lots as bastions of innovation—but maybe we should.Schools, hospitals, houses, churches. Of the 125 projects competing for the title of the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects' Best Building Of The Year, there were plenty of ve.....»»

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How Imgur maintains its geek cred as it chases ad dollars

Visit any post on photo-hosting site Imgur as a casual user and you're bound to see some things that won't make sense to a layperson. Even as the site's audience has grown to around 150 million users, its denizens have managed to preserve a weird, idiosyn.....»»

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Alchemy Theory Solving Iwanko’s Secret? Solgaleo Reference Also Found

Remember how we talked about the craziest Pokemon Sun and Moon alchemy theory that goes so deep to connect the game with things like Hebrew mythology, the roots and symbols of alchemy, AZOTH and so much more? Well, now there is another update on that theo.....»»

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Resources found in macOS Sierra hint at upcoming OLED touch bar, Touch ID support, more

Hidden inside all of the changes that are coming with macOS Sierra are several notable additions to the developer side of things. On Apple’s API differences webpage, you can see several new resources that hint at potential features that could be c.....»»

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DIY ding repair for surf and stand-up paddle boards

I have dinged the rails of every surfboard I've ever owned. Generally, I crack the rails when I make stupid mistakes in the parking lot, or my driveway, though I understand some folks actually bump into things in the water. For small bumps and bruises, I .....»»

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Independent watch company Butler looks to an analog past and a digital future

 Small watch companies are nimble. They can try lots of things including creating limited-edition pieces dedicated to archaic VOR skylanes and apps dedicated to making a pilot’s life a little easier. Take Butler, for example. The company has ju.....»»

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Everything revealed at E3"s PC Gaming Show: Games like these make the PC special

PC gaming's show of its ownThe PC Gaming Show is back in 2016 for its second incarnation—a celebration of all things PC, this time smack dab in the middle of E3 press conference day. Huge.It's a place where huge trailers (Deus Ex) live alongside weird i.....»»

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The good, the bad and the weird at the Tokyo Toy Show

This year's Tokyo Toy Show failed to turn up anything as impressive as the things I cooed over back in 2014. (Perhaps that's why it's only held every two years.) However, I did get another glimpse into what (the hell) Japanese toy companies.....»»

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Robot workers are showing up in malls, hotels, and parking lots

Robots capable of autonomous movement while completing assigned tasks are beginning to appear on sidewalks and in parking lots, hotels, and stores. Used for security, delivery, and inventory, they may also displace humans who currently do the same jobs. T.....»»

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