The weirdest deals we"ve found on Amazon Prime Day (so far)

Amazon Prime Day is about deals — deals that come in all shapes and sizes.  Sure, there's TVs and other tech things to buy, but there's also the weird, wonderful and outright bizarre stuff that's marked down.  SEE ALSO: The best deals from.....»»

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Reggie Watts made a weird comedy just for VR

Reggie Watts is no stranger to pushing the boundaries of both technology and humor, and he just found a way to do both at once. He recently produced Waves, a mind-melting comedy (it involves joining a cult, among other things) that's tailor-made for.....»»

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Turns Out We Put a Parking Lot on Top of a Lost Ancient Greek Fort

It seems that we find the coolest things when we dig up old parking lots. In 1996, the National Underwater and Marine Agency discovered the location of a warship built for Texas’ navy during the Mexican-American War, conveniently beneath a parking lot i.....»»

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Road Runoff a No-No for Coho

Researchers have found the first direct evidence that coho salmon near U.S. Northwest cities are being killed by chemical runoff from roads and parking lots that reach streams   -- Read more on»»

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Road Runoff A No-No for Coho

Researchers have found the first direct evidence that coho salmon near northwest cities are being killed by chemical runoff from roads and parking lots that reach streams.      -- Read more on»»

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Where the monsters live

The monsters read your full network traffic flow if they have your keys or you used weak ones.The monsters are in the hidden partitions of USB flash drives left in parking lots and technical conferences.The monsters are in the weakened smartphone OS that .....»»

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Rich People Do Rich People Stuff in Cadillac ATS and CTS Commercials

Cadillac has two new commercials for the ATS and CTS, which focus on rich people doing rich people things in their rich people cars. They’re basically 30-second Nancy Meyers films. Caddy’s first ad, “Lost & Found,” finds a unique way to brag about.....»»

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"The Night Of" episode 7 keeps us guessing, though not in a good way

So much happened in the penultimate episode of The Night Of.  Everything is running along smoothly and all of the characters seem to have found a groove within their own particular lots. Chandra has taken the lead in the trial. Naz deepened his invol.....»»

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Store turns Pokemon Go players into vehicle buyers

Street Toyota salesman Nick Schuman has found a way to catch Pokémon and customers at the same time. By playing off the latest craze, he can build rapport in a low-key way with consumers drawn to his store's lots......»»

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Watch an iPhone fall to its death in this crazy bungee jumping incident

When visiting South Africa and experiencing the world’s highest bungee jump there are a few things that go through your mind; none of them are related to the mobile phone in your pocket. Mairtin Farragher found this out the hard way after jumping of.....»»

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Windows 10 update fixes some display bugs, but developers’ help is needed

Move a window from a high pixel density display to a low one and things can get weird. Microsoft knows about this, and fix it in the Anniversary Update. Programs need to implement a change to take advantage, however. The post Windows 10 update fixes some .....»»

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This Incredibly Detailed Lightsaber Is the Best Reason to Own a 3D Printer

3D printers can make lots of cool things, but lightsabers might be the coolest. If you need proof, I submit Tested’s video as evidence. Read more........»»

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Water Does Some Really Weird Shit to Things

Water can do some trippy things, man. If you take a glass of water and slide it in front of a pattern, the refraction of light in water basically screws with those patterns and makes it appear as something else entirely. The distortion is really crazy to .....»»

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Kotaku Trolling Gamescom With “Half-Life: 3" | Lifehacker How I Found Peace Exploring the Vastn

Kotaku Trolling Gamescom With “Half-Life: 3" | Lifehacker How I Found Peace Exploring the Vastness of Space In No Man’s Sky | Jalopnik This One Weird Trick Will Extend The Range Of Your VW e-Golf | io9 Why I’m Loving No Man’s Sky Read more......»»

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Send Us Your Weirdest No Man"s Sky Discoveries

Discovered something amazing on your adventures? Send them to us and be featured in our gallery! A few days into No Man's Sky and we've already encountered our share of weird and wonderful things across its vast universe. From bizarre creatures to .....»»

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Mercedes-Benz 380SL Ends Up Smashing a $400,000 Ferrari 458 Speciale While Parking

Parallel parking can turn out to be a tricky affair for even seasoned drivers at times. Or so found out the owner of Ferrari 458 Speciale who recently went through the horrors of witnessing a Mercedes 380 SL land up on the nose of his bright red Prancing .....»»

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LG V20 Will Bring That Quad DAC Heat, a First for a Smartphone

When LG announced the V10 last year, I poked a bit of fun at the phone for having lots of new “things and stuff” to try and grab headlines. That wasn’t so much a jab at LG for tossing everything they could think of at the wall and hoping.....»»

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Mystery object in weird orbit beyond Neptune cannot be explained

A new-found object orbiting at extreme angles to the planets hints at new puzzle in the outer solar system - in addition to Planet Nine.....»»

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Meth lab found underneath a Walmart parking lot

We've heard countless stories about people brewing up meth in Walmart bathrooms, but now police have found a meth lab underneath a Walmart in Amherst, New York! They discovered the underground lab inside a culvert below the store's parking lot and a crew .....»»

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Tracking Australia"s dinosaur past

The Australian outback. Known for a few, very specific things. Kangaroos. Sand. Lots of animals that want to kill you. More sand. Paul Hogan. And dinosaurs!.....»»

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