On "Once Upon a Time," the Snow Queen is assembling the magical Avengers

Once Upon a Time’s twisted family connections took a turn for the weird last week when we found out that the Snow Queen was once Emma’s foster mother, and this week, things got even stranger. It turns out that the Snow Queen had two sisters wh.....»»

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Weird Things To Buy: The Million Dollar Parking Spot

If you’re reading this from the Midwest, or the South, or somewhere fairly affordable, you’re probably gasping at the thought of spending as much as $1 million on something like a parking spot—something many of us can get for free. But if you’re r.....»»

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 If you were offline between, say, 7pm and 10pm Eastern last night, boy, things must have seemed real weird when you logged back onto Twitter. Despite what you might have heard, BuzzFeed did not invent the optical illusion. “The Dress,” a.....»»

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The Dress Debate Was Dumb, But Did It Make Us Dumber?

 If you were offline between, say, 7pm and 10pm Eastern last night, boy, things must have seemed real weird when you logged back onto Twitter. Despite what you might have heard, BuzzFeed did not invent the optical illusion. “The Dress,” a.....»»

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Rare Intact Roman Tombstone Found in England

A well-preserved Roman tombstone has been unearthed in a parking lot in western England. Continue reading →.....»»

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Furr Division: Love Will Tear Up Your Couch (again)

Designed by Tobias Fonseca, and available on Artsider as t-shirts and prints and lots of different things. (more…).....»»

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A new app that predicts where parking spaces can be found using real-time data from mobile phones

Anagog, a Tel Aviv-based firm, has developed an app that can guide drivers to empty on-street parking using real-time, crowd-sourced data from mobile phones......»»

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Seemingly official One M9 press shots and specs found on German retailer site

German retailer Cyberport put up product pages showing what appear to be press shots and complete specifications of the HTC One M9. Samsung is doing a good job hyping us up, but HTC has a harder time keeping things under wraps. Yesterday, German retailer .....»»

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Lenovo will stop preloading Superfish adware on PCs

Lenovo found itself in a bit of hot water when some customers started noticing weird sponsored links in the search results on their brand new PCs. The culprit it turns out was a little piece of adware called Superfish the company was shipping on lapt........»»

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Mysterious Metal Balls Found On Ocean Floor

What are those things? Scientists dredging the seafloor in the Atlantic Ocean several hundred miles east of Barbados in January were surprised when their sled got snagged -- and, after freeing it from the seafloor, even more surprised at what it brought .....»»

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Pushbullet update lets you reply to messaging apps on your desktop

Pushbullet is great for lots of things, and is especially handy for sending files back and forth between devices. A new update to their Android app might just make Pushbullet much more vital to your daily routine, as the popular cross-platform and browser.....»»

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Japan"s insane underground bicycle parking lots are the future

An impressive video has emerged of what it is like to park your bicycle in Japan, proving once and for all that the technologically-advanced country has thought of everything. A man in the video posted to YouTube can be seen putting his bike into an eleva.....»»

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What’s a Real IoT Project? A Career-Shaping Question for Developers

In 2010, I was a CTO at Cisco when it started to put increasing strategic bet on the Internet of Things (IoT). That year, we designed Smart City in Songdo. Soon after, I found myself at GE, architecting the “Industrial Internet”. When I started engine.....»»

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Your Starship Dock Is Ready Now

One day, parking lots will be a lot more badass.Read more........»»

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8 weird things inspired by U.S. presidents

These world leaders had more contributions to our country than just foreign policy and a great head of hair Many things we still use today were invented or inspired by these presidents, including household staples like air conditioning and teddy bears. Ot.....»»

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This Just Cause 3 trailer has explosions. Lots of explosions

One of the best things about the Just Cause games is that the team making the game doesn’t have any illusions about what the game is about. Of course the first trailer for the game starts with an explosion. What follows... One of the best things a.....»»

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Industry voice: Don"t risk your server data: go for RAID hardware, not a software solution

I'm reminded that when I do what I do best and don't try to be all things to all people, I get much more accomplished. Interestingly, I've found that the same approach applies to server storage system controllers – and to the home PC I use for photo edi.....»»

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6 Reasons Hackers Love the Internet of Things

Haven’t jumped on the Internet of Things (IoT) because of security concerns? New research from HP Fortify shows there’s reason for caution. HP Fortify researchers reviewed ten IoT-connected home security systems and found all of them are vul.....»»

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Things get weird when an artist collective makes a video game

A game developer, a composer and a T-shirt designer walk into a bar. Scratch that. They walk into an artist collective in Montreal, and start making weird, endearing, innovative video games together. This is KO-OP Mode. As co-founder Saleem Dabbous ........»»

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Giveaway: Win 1 of 2 Moto 360s by Helping Us Test Amazon Giveaway (Updated)

Yesterday, Amazon announced a new giveaway tool that could be used by pretty much anyone to give things away. It’s called Amazon Giveaway. Of course it is. Since we tend to do lots of giveaways, but also love buying stuff we don’t need from Am.....»»

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