What a Cluster: When Dark Matter Collides, Things Get Weird

Dark matter just got a shade more mysterious. Scientists studying a smashup between giant clusters of galaxies have watched how each cluster's dark matter passes through the collision -- and found that it seems to contradict certain theories of how dark m.....»»

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Apple’s weird minivan caught on tape — self-driving car, or mapping?

There’s lots of speculation that Apple is getting into the automotive game, with a van found to be leased tot hem roaming the streets of California with special equipment mounted to the top. Though it’s not totally clear what the van and equipment are.....»»

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On "Once Upon a Time," the Snow Queen is assembling the magical Avengers

Once Upon a Time’s twisted family connections took a turn for the weird last week when we found out that the Snow Queen was once Emma’s foster mother, and this week, things got even stranger. It turns out that the Snow Queen had two sisters wh.....»»

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Weird Things To Buy: The Million Dollar Parking Spot

If you’re reading this from the Midwest, or the South, or somewhere fairly affordable, you’re probably gasping at the thought of spending as much as $1 million on something like a parking spot—something many of us can get for free. But if you’re r.....»»

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See your own photos through the eyes of Google’s AI

Last month the trippy so-called “dream” photos created by Google’s Artificial Neural Networks took the Internet by storm, and the response was split down the middle: some found the photos, which include things like a “pig-snail” and random faces.....»»

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Gent with chip on shoulder invents powerful pedestrian horn

Weird Universe found this inspirational story about a maker on a mission in the pages of the May 1948 issue of Popular Mechanics. Read the rest.....»»

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Why You Think Some Things Are Common on Social Media When They"re Not

Have you ever found yourself staring at Facebook, blinking in disbelief because you can’t quite fathom why something is so popular? Well you might just be victim of a network quirk that makes it appear as though something is common—when in fact it’s.....»»

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Azure Service Bus – As I Understand It: Part II (Queues & Messages)

Continuing from my previous post about Azure Service Bus, in this post I will share my learning about Queues & Messages. The focus of this post will be about some of the undocumented things I found as we implemented support for Queues and Messages in .....»»

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Slicing golf balls in half exposes the weird guts that hide inside

Golf balls are really, really weird. Especially the old ones used over a hundred years ago. The dimpled shell can hide things like goose and duck feathers, wound rubber and all other sorts of colorful and bright polymers and rubbers and plastics. The curr.....»»

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Monster DNA Pro 2.0

The powerful Monster DNA Pro 2.0 delivers deep bass with enough high frequency presence to keep things balanced, but similar-sounding headphones can be found for less money......»»

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Stanford Starts the "Secure Internet of Things Project"

An anonymous reader writes: The internet-of-things is here to stay. Lots of people now have smart lights, smart thermostats, smart appliances, smart fire detectors, and other internet-connect gadgets installed in their houses. The security of those device.....»»

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A Sad Number Of Americans Sleep With Their Smartphone In Their Hand

If you don’t think you could live without your smartphone, you’re not alone. On Monday, Bank of America released its annual Trends in Consumer Mobility Report, which studies consumers’ behavior toward their gadgets. The results found that lots of p.....»»

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Your Next Hardware Project Might Be Biological, and Other News from the Solid Conference

O’Reilly Media held its annual Solid conference this week in San Francisco. It’s an annual show  covering “Hardware, Software & the Internet of Things.” We found it eye-opening, informative, and occasionally controversial. Here&.....»»

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Mark Wahlberg and Jimmy Fallon shoot each other in the head with arrows

Sticking with his reputation for playing cerebral, high-concept late night games, Jimmy Fallon invited Mark Wahlberg onto The Tonight Show to try and shoot things off of his head with (foam) arrows. All matter of weird objects would be placed on Fallon an.....»»

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How to Lower Your Cable Bill with Help from the FCC

A few things are certain in life: Death, taxes and monthly cable bills that keep going up. However, Ars Technica has found that filing formal complaints about cable prices with the Federal Communications Commission is a surprisingly effective way to get .....»»

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Why I Think the 16GB iPhone Curse is Here to Stay

One of the things iOS 9 is slowly fixing is the storage issue that has prevented many users who were not familiar how iOS updates work from upgrading. Instead, they found themselves delaying the move to iOS 8 because there wasn’t enough storage space.....»»

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6 horribly depressing things Google says YouTube can teach us about humanity (NSFW)

Google executives explain what's not allowed on YouTube -- and in the process, point us to some really weird, sick stuff. During a presentation today at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, two Google executives began their talk wit.....»»

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Batman Arkham Knight PC Was Outsourced to Iron Galaxy, Inevitable Disaster?

Today was finally the day that Batman Arkham Knight was released out into the world. While things appeared to go smoothly on the consoles, as we reported the PC release was somewhat of a disaster. I myself found when I installed the game that a corrupted.....»»

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3 things to know about closing the gender wage gap

Most of us have heard the disheartening "78 cents" statistic whenever discussions about the gender pay gap arise: The stat itself stems from a 2013 U.S. Census Bureau report, which found that women make approximately 78 cents to the dollar of what men ear.....»»

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5 things to know about your new Spider-Man: Tom Holland

Marvel has found its new Spider-Man. Meet Tom Holland Rumors have been swirling about the young actor for weeks, but now it's finally been confirmed. Holland will star in the new Spider-Man flick, which is set for a July 28, 2017 release Hollywood insider.....»»

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