7 Weird Things Found in and Under Parking Lots

From Viking parliaments to kings to bee swarms … you’d be surprised to learn about all the strange thinks found in -- and under -- parking lots......»»

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Lots of us have had the urge to jump to our doom

A recent study found that the urge to jump off tall things is pretty common, even among people who are not suicidal......»»

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Those Ugly Surface Parking Lots Are Actually Costing Cities Money

Parking lots are already one of the worst things ever invented by humans—acres of buckling, blighted fields of concrete that often sit completely empty. But now a new study shows that parking is not only ugly, it's actually making cities lose revenue.Re.....»»

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RIP, Lucius Shepard, gone too soon

Lucius Shepard, one of science fiction's great writers, has died. He was 66. I had met Lucius on several occasions and found him to be just as you'd hope from his novels: smart and witty (but lots of writers are smart and witty), and kind, and weird in th.....»»

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The 38 Most Interesting Designs of 2013

Welcome to the end of another year, people! We made it, and not without a ton of brand new stuff to carry us into 2014 and beyond. We saw lots of beautiful, interesting, and just plain weird things, but here we’ve rounded up the items that stuck wit.....»»

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The 38 Most Interesting Designs of 2013

Welcome to the end of another year, people! We made it, and not without a ton of brand new stuff to carry us into 2014 and beyond. We saw lots of beautiful, interesting, and just plain weird things, but here we've rounded up the items that stuck with us; .....»»

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Ancient cemetery found under parking lot in England

It would seem parking lots in England are the places to go for those wanting to find some ancient bones – or, in this case, a rather large grave, which is said to be the final resting place of individuals of different religions, making it especially.....»»

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ATM skimming comes to non-ATM payment terminals in train stations, etc

ATM skimming isn't limited to ATMs! There are lots of terminals that ask you to swipe your card and/or enter a PIN, and many of them are less well-armored and -policed than actual cashpoints. Skimmers have been found on train-ticket machines, parking mete.....»»

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Experts Find Remains of England"s King Richard III

He wore the English crown, but he ended up defeated, humiliated and reviled. Now things are looking up for King Richard III. Scientists announced Monday that they had found the monarch's 528-year-old remains under a parking lot in the city of Leicester --.....»»

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Superman Has a Weird Relationship With His Birth Parents

Things are pretty strange in the Fortress of Solitude. As far as parent-child communication goes, having sporadic, philosophical arguments in a giant ice castle is probably not the healthiest. See also: How Much Does It Cost to Be Superman in Real Life? T.....»»

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Weird Facial Disguise Can Fool Algorithms, But Not Your Friends

The NSA made me slather my face in make-up. Or, it didn't make me, exactly. But last spring, I found myself wandering around D.C., wearing dazzle camouflage for the first time. It was a sunny Saturday, the capital swamp neither frigid nor muggy-oppressive.....»»

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Amazon’s Fire Phone is a nice piece of gear, with some not-very-useful parlor tricks

I found some things to like about Amazon’s new handheld digital vending machine, the Fire Phone — like its solid build, camera, and screen quality. But I do wish the interface felt a little bit less cluttered and easier to use out of the box. .....»»

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This Site Lets You Check If A Hotel’s WiFi Sucks Before It’s Too Late

 There are lots of things that review sites should rank hotels on, but don’t. Is it known for bed bugs? Is the “heated pool” only heated during summer when the sun is out? How many ghosts live there? How fast is the WiFi? This site.....»»

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The new life of dead trees

Dani Tinker, with the National Wildlife Federation, on the wonderful weird things growing in that felled log out back. Read the rest.....»»

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A Russian Lizard Sex Satellite Is Out of Control in Orbit

It began as just another chapter in humanity's ongoing fascination of sending weird shit into space, then things spiraled out of control. Right now a rouge orbital satellite filled with geckos flies more than 200 miles above our heads. But this isn't a sl.....»»

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The Cute and the Crazy: 32 Scenes From Comic-Con Day 1

Comic-Con is like a box of chocolates: you never know what you're going to get, but it's almost always sweet and sometimes nutty. Attendees found that fact out once again Thursday, as the weird and wacky convention made its welcome return to the San Diego.....»»

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9 Things I Like About Go

Yesterday I found one of my first Go apps. In a moment of retrospection, I realized how happy I am working with the Go language. I thought I'd take a moment to document why. Here, in no particular order, are the top 9 reasons I like working with Go: .....»»

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10 Weird Things That Happened During Obama"s Trip to L.A.

The POTUS loves a good scandal — the kind you can watch on primetime TV, that is. President Barack Obama's fundraising tour for Democratic candidates this week included a trip to Los Angeles. The President is a friend to many Hollywood A-listers .....»»

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12 things product managers should do in their first 30 days at a new company

Ken Norton is a product partner at Google Ventures where he advises startups on product management and also helps organize workshops. Congratulations, a product has found its product manager. Perhaps you’re joining a small startup, or maybe you have a n.....»»

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Hamtramck Disneyland

When Ukrainian immigrant Dymtro Szylack retired from the GM plant, he found himself with lots of free time and nothing to do. He decided to fill his time with art. Szylack collected items from all over and glued, stapled, and welded them all into this imp.....»»

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Your Favorite Emojis Finally Get The Documentary They Deserve

You know them. You love them. Because they describe the (really weird) things that words sometimes can't: emojis. So, what if emojis were tangible, real-life things? This mock-documentary from Dissolve entitled "Emoji Among Us" wants to show you what tha.....»»

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