Apple’s weird minivan caught on tape — self-driving car, or mapping?

There’s lots of speculation that Apple is getting into the automotive game, with a van found to be leased tot hem roaming the streets of California with special equipment mounted to the top. Though it’s not totally clear what the van and equipment are.....»»

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On "Once Upon a Time," the Snow Queen is assembling the magical Avengers

Once Upon a Time’s twisted family connections took a turn for the weird last week when we found out that the Snow Queen was once Emma’s foster mother, and this week, things got even stranger. It turns out that the Snow Queen had two sisters wh.....»»

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Weird Things To Buy: The Million Dollar Parking Spot

If you’re reading this from the Midwest, or the South, or somewhere fairly affordable, you’re probably gasping at the thought of spending as much as $1 million on something like a parking spot—something many of us can get for free. But if you’re r.....»»

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Sue Storm Can Fly in the New Fantastic Four Movie

There's lots of interesting things to spot in the new FF trailer, including Storm's powerful abilities and figuring out what happened to Doom's face. The second trailer for Josh Trank's take on Marvel's first family came out over the weekend. If you.....»»

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Japanese Collagen Beer Gets You Hammered and Younger Looking at the Same Time

Japan is always on the ball when it comes to weird things to eat or drink. The latest food oddity from Japan is a new beer called Precious. Each can of Precious has 350ml of beer… Japan is always on the ball when it comes to weird things to eat.....»»

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Emerging Tech Survey: U.S. Home IoT

This IDC study presents a cut of the results from IDC's Emerging Tech Survey, which found a continued growing acceptance of and interest in home Internet of Things applications in the United States, such as home automation, control, and video monitoring a.....»»

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Attackers can stalk or rob you by exploiting IoT device security and privacy flaws

After testing the security of six Internet of Things (IoT) devices commonly used in homes, Veracode security researchers found that product manufacturers don't put enough focus on security and privacy as a design priority; this puts users "at risk for an .....»»

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5 things to do if you let a customer down

Guest: Our product marketing manager was seeing some issues within our application. He called me to talk about it. “Something weird is happening,” he said. “Our activation rate fell by almost half!” GUEST: Want to master the CMO role? Join u.....»»

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Disney’s New 3D Printer Prototype Makes Huggable Things Out Of Fabric Instead Of Hard Plastic

 We’ve seen lots and lots of 3D printers over the last few years, and they almost all have one thing in common: the objects they print are hard* and mostly rigid. What if you wanted to print something soft, instead? Something you can hug, or sn.....»»

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13 Things You Finally Understand When You’ve Found Your Soul Mate

My Soul Mate causes me considerable discomfort. He sees the beauty of my soul but he also sees the ugly...The post 13 Things You Finally Understand When You’ve Found Your Soul Mate appeared first on Lifehack. My Soul Mate causes me considerable .....»»

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Why This Button Is the Most Fascinating Thing on the Web Right Now

To press or not to press, that is the question One of the things that made LOST so enthralling was that you, the viewer, could ask yourself what you might do if you found yourself in the show’s fantastic-yet-simple scenarios. Would you hoard su.....»»

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Meet the tiny device that solves all your on-the-go smartphone needs

If you’re a smartphone power user, you probably have lots of accessories that can do things like share files between devices, charge dying batteries, deliver external storage, or sync it with a computer. But most accessories we know of can’t offer .....»»

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Bear with no respect for holiday traditions devours Easter baskets

There's always going to be someone who shows up to holiday celebrations uninvited and makes things weird, whether it's the cheapskate uncle who never brings anything or a significant other from a month-long relationship Sometimes, it's a 400-pound bear Se.....»»

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided leaked, headed to PC, Xbox One, PS4

Square Enix has been doing something weird over on Twitch with its “Can’t Kill Progress” channel. There’s been lots of sitting and waiting, a guy with a robot arm, more sitting and waiting. All we knew for sure was that...See full .....»»

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Man Crashes Car, Runs Naked Through Toys-R-Us

We’re always hearing about weird people doing weird things, but today’s story is one of the strangest (and most entertaining) we’ve heard in a while. This story comes to us from Dundee City in the UK, where a man recently crashed his car into a reta.....»»

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Tony Blair enters UK pre-election fray, tells everyone to "get real"

LONDON — In what felt like a weird throwback to the late 1990s and 2000s, Tony Blair was back in election campaigning mode Tuesday. See also: 9 things America can learn from the UK about elections The former prime minister publicly threw his weight .....»»

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The 10 Craziest Things We Left On The Moon

Humans have left behind some pretty weird sh*t on the moon -- and, as you'll see in a fascinating new video from the online network Geobeats, that includes literal as well as metaphorical sh*t. Just click on the video (above) to see the top 10 countdown.....»»

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Smartphones Are Helping This Nonprofit Keep A Generation Of Memories Alive

 Each day, we talk to lots of people: meetings with coworkers, dinnertime chats with family or friends, messages on social media. When was the last time, however, you had a long conversation with someone about the things that really matter to both of.....»»

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Photographer finds the exquisite, bald beauty in Sphynx cats

Alicia Rius has always been fascinated by weird things. When she first encountered a Sphynx, she was attracted to the raw and exposed nature of the cat "Without fluffy and fancy coats, this breed shows what a true cat is with every fold and movement. Ever.....»»

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Best laptops for photo editing: Retina is important, but it’s not everything

Photo editing on the road is always challenging, with the need for a high-quality display, fast graphics, and lots of RAM at odds with carrying a lightweight laptop. Here are some of the best laptops we've found for the road-warrior photographer......»»

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