5 of the maddest gadgets at the London Wearable Tech Show

We spent time on the show floor at the recent London Wearable Technology show, finding the most unusual, fun, different, and downright mad new gadgets on display. Here are our five favorites from the show. The post 5 of the maddest gadgets at the Lon.....»»

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This wearable chair will help doctors through long surgeries

'Archelis' by Nitto is a leg brace designed for professions who work long hours, standing on their feet, that supports your glutes as you bend your legs.  Read more...More about Convenience, Long Hours, Surgeons, Doctors, and Standing 'Ar.....»»

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Mark Zuckerberg, man of the people, visits assembly line and discovers it"s "hard"

Mark Zuckerberg, who is totally not running for president, continues to do things a politician would do by visiting an assembly plant and commenting at how hard physical labor can be. SEE ALSO: Tech CEOs are looking more and more like politicians The.....»»

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Snapchat will no longer show a white border around old Memories

 Snapchat will no longer show that annoying white border around old photos that you share from Memories. Previously, if you shared a photo from Memories that was more than 24 hours old it would have a white border around the image. While Snapch.....»»

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Victoria Justice"s past pettiness towards Ariana Grande has become an incredible meme

One woman's petty is the internet's comedy. A long, long time ago Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande starred together in the hit kids' show Victorious.  A Twitter user posted a lost interview this week with the show's cast, in which all the memb.....»»

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7-year-old who wrote adorable letter to Google CEO continues to crush it with new tech job

Chloe Bridgewater is only 7 years old but she's already getting paid to test products for a computer company.  Her new side hustle comes only a few months after she wrote a letter asking "Google boss" Sundar Pichai for a future job in tech. .....»»

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Cloop Magnetic Keepers prevent cables from becoming clutter

We love our gadgets and gizmos, but we can’t use them without charging up the battery every now and again. Since a full charge only lasts for a few hours, we’re normally stuck carrying a bunch of cables around. This on its own is no issue.....»»

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Alien: Covenant"s Rover Might Actually End Up Going to the Moon

Alien: Covenant has a lot of far-flung futurist tech in it, which will inevitably be smeared in bits of the cast by the time the xenomorphs are done with them. But one piece in the movie is actually a bit of present-day technology: a small Rover prov.....»»

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"The Chances" is breaking new ground for TV, and it"s about time

File this one under "this shouldn't be a big deal, but..."  AMC-backed streaming service Sundance Now has given its first ever straight-to-series order to The Chances, a show centered around two best friends: Kate (Shoshannah Stern), who is adju.....»»

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Tech employees quit their jobs mostly because of unfair work environments, study says

 Life isn’t fair. Work’s not fair. Tech isn’t fair. So it’s no surprise that unfairness or mistreatment is the most frequently cited reason for leaving a job in tech, according to the Kapor Center for Social Impact’.....»»

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When to defrag a hard drive, TRIM an SSD and perform other storage tasks, or not

We still get quite a few questions about when and how to optimize storage devices. Easy answer: The care and feeding of storage devices is either taken care of automatically by Windows, or it's simply unnecessary. Mostly.[Have a tech question? Sen.....»»

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Globetrotters are increasingly ‘teching out’ with VR, social media, and wearables

How is tech like virtual reality, social media, and wearables changing travel? A study from Adobe Analytics has a few answers, including when to book that flight and when to travel to avoid crowds. The post Globetrotters are increasingly ‘techi.....»»

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Key Mutations Show How Tibetans Thrive at High Elevations

At altitudes of 15,000 feet, Tibetans live in environments that would incapacitate most humans. New research has uncovered several genetic mutations that appear to be responsible for these high-altitude superpowers—including a trait inherited from.....»»

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Pebble Time Round reborn? Acer Leap Ware is the newest circular smartwatch

Acer's new smartwatch is a sleek-looking wearable with a fitness focus, but it looks to lack one key feature. Acer unveiled a new smartwatch today, called Leap Ware. It's a sleek-looking circular wearable with a fitness focus, and while it.....»»

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Tech Tip: Let Your Fingers Do the Walking (Back)

If you’re tired of fumbling with the mouse to click the Back button on your browser to revisit the previous page, use a keyboard shortcut instead......»»

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Maternal marijuana use linked to low birth weight

Researchers found that women who used marijuana while pregnant were almost three times more likely to have an infant with low birth weight. It is the first large-scale study in Canada to show this association between maternal marijuana use and low bi.....»»

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DJI invites press to May event, likely to introduce its smallest drone yet

DJI has sent invitations to members of the tech press, inviting them to attend an event in New York City on May 24th. DJI doesn’t provide many hints as to what it will announce at the event. That said, most publications are speculating that DJI.....»»

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Acer is making yet another fitness wearable

After a series of underwhelming attempts at making fitness wearables that track uncommon metrics, Acer is at it again with its new Leap Ware watch. Not many details have been shared yet, but one thing the company was happy to mention? The Wa.....»»

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Mother"s family history could pose risk for preterm birth

The results of the study show that the medical history of a pregnant woman's mother and aunts should also be taken into account when considering the risk of pregnancy complications such as premature birth......»»

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Nintendo Switch Hardware Sales Reach 2.74 Million Worldwide, 5.46 Million For Software

Nintendo shared their latest earnings report for fiscal year ended March 31, with plenty to show for their recent performance on sales from the Switch, 3DS, Wii U, and more. Read Nintendo Switch Hardware Sales Reach 2.74 Million Worldwide, 5.46 Milli.....»»

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How to master today"s top coding tools for over 90% off

The tech market is booming, and that means the demand for skilled coders is as well. But you won't be able to capitalize on this demand unless you're well-versed with the right programming tools, so check out the Ultimate Learn to Code 2017 B.....»»

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