3 Ways an Indoor Water Feature Will Transform Your Office

Few things can make an office stand out like a quality indoor water feature – it instantly becomes the centerpiece of the entire space ... The post 3 Ways an Indoor Water Feature Will Transform Your Office appeared first on Architecture Lab......»»

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Jake Gyllenhaal and Jeff Bauman rib each other in hilarious interview

Someone needs to give Jake Gyllenhaal and Jeff Bauman their own comedy show. SEE ALSO: Jake Gyllenhaal's 'Stronger' is the second feature film about the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing The pair have been touring together to promote the movie Stronger (.....»»

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AI can reconstruct a picture of your face into these weird and wonderful 3D images

Tech's talk of the town is all about the iPhone X facial recognition feature that can scans your face and create the already infamous "animojis."  SEE ALSO: The Sony Xperia XZ1's camera can 3D scan faces into augmented reality avatars But what i.....»»

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There"s more evidence that the Pixel 2 will have the HTC U11’s biggest feature

A Google app beta teardown has revealed more mentions of squeezable sides. We’ve previously heard both from sources and a regulatory filing that the Pixel 2 will have squeezable sides like the HTC U11, and now more evidence of the featur.....»»

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Take Your Post-It Game To The Next Level With This Giant Mural Maker

Buzzfeed teamed up with its longtime advertiser 3M to build a Post-it art generator. Only on Buzzfeed would a giant emoji poo made out of Post-it notes be considered “art,” but here we are.Read Full Story.....»»

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Huawei promotes Mate 10 “real AI phone” by mocking Face ID

Face ID is perhaps the most contentious iPhone X feature next to the notch and amojis. The public demo’s seeming failure, which Apple has tried to explain away, seems to only add to the skepticism of Apple’s Touch ID replacement. Smelling blood,.....»»

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Gungrave VR shows off wild shooting action in first trailer

Don your PSVR headset and get ready to reload......»»

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BioLite"s FirePit goes beyond the camping grill

Relaxing and staring at fire is a primordial pleasure, but one that's often isolated to camping trips. It also inevitably leads to burger and hot dog cravings. While your average campfire -- a flaming stack of logs surrounded by rocks o.....»»

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Pi wireless charger doesn’t need to touch your phone

Like with almost anything, Apple’s adoption of an existing technology is a sure way to boost said technology (and rewrite history in the process). This year, it’s wireless charging, thanks to the iPhone X. But while wireless charging promises the.....»»

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How to get Apple’s iOS 11 on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Apple has just released the iOS 11, which means that supported iPhone and iPad devices can download the latest version of iOS. Here's how you can download it so you can get it as soon as possible. The post How to get Apple’s iOS 11 on your iPho.....»»

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Dragon"s Crown Pro Confirmed for PS4

This updated version of Atlus' 2013 action-RPG will feature 4K visuals on Sony's console. Dragon's Crown is officially coming to PlayStation 4. After being leaked earlier this month, Dragon's Crown Pro was formally unveiled during Sony's Tokyo.....»»

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It"s happened, someone"s made a hairy belly waist pouch you can wear around town

You don't need to suck in that gut anymore, because now you can wear it proudly out of your shirt. The Dadbag is a fanny pack (or bum bag, depending on where you're from) that looks like a hairy belly sticking out from under your t-shirt. SEE ALSO: Y.....»»

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Forza Motorsport 7 Offers 4K Ways to Improve on Greatness

Race fans, start your Xbox One X engines. And bring a great 4K TV. For me, Forza Motorsport’s career mode started to get really great with Forza 4. That, in my opinion, is when Forza found the hard-to-quantify “soul” that so many other ra.....»»

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Synology expanding network storage business in North America

Network storage solution provider Synology is looking to expand in the North America market and apart from its present operations in West Coast, it plans to establish an office in the East Coast......»»

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Edifier Luna Eclipse setup & unboxing: Get your new sound system in the groove

Edifier's unique Eclipse speakers look and sound great, but getting started can be a pain. Our Edifier Luna Eclipse setup & unboxing guide will help you with your shiny, new pair of speakers. The post Edifier Luna Eclipse setup & unboxing: Get your n.....»»

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Article: Coolest iPhone X Feature? It"s the Battery, UK Consumers Say

A snap poll of UK smartphone users found the single most appealing feature of the iPhone X was not related to new features or designs, but simple functionality......»»

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August’s new smart locks know if your door’s ajar

August has rolled out a trio of new devices, including a pair of connected locks that can tell whether your door is actually closed or not, and a smarter doorbell camera. Offering features like Apple HomeKit support, integration with Amazon’s A.....»»

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August"s latest smart locks warn if you left the door open

If you've lived on this planet long enough, you've probably had that moment where you thought you'd closed the door on your way out, only to find out that it didn't quite shut. But how are you supposed to know if no one&#.....»»

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Google will delete your Android device backups if you"re not diligent

Google will automatically delete Drive backups from devices that have been inactive for more than two weeks, according to a support page. Users have two months to cancel the deletion. The post Google will delete your Android device backups if you.....»»

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Urine output to disease: Study sheds light on the importance of hormone quality control

A discovery about the endoplasmic reticulum in hormone-producing cells shed lights on water balance under normal physiology and could open doors to better understanding of diseases related to misfolded proteins......»»

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Paying for antivirus software is mostly BS

You're just an average consumer, trying to keep your expensive electronics free from malware. And so you, like many before you, decide to pony up and pay for some fancy antivirus software. But this isn't the '90s, and it turns out that you might just.....»»

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