3 Simple Ways To Be Successful in Life

3 Simple Ways To Be Successful in Life.....»»

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LPWAN reduces maintenance and operation costs of IoT devices with long life cycles

The value of emerging smart IoT (Internet of Things) applications can be shown based on low power wide area networks (LPWAN) that boast high safety, low cost and easy management, and among LPWAN solutions, the LoRa technology has been kicking off......»»

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Article: Coolest iPhone X Feature? It"s the Battery, UK Consumers Say

A snap poll of UK smartphone users found the single most appealing feature of the iPhone X was not related to new features or designs, but simple functionality......»»

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BeeLine’s simple navigation device keeps cyclists headed in the right direction

 Lets say you’re roaming the city on your bike. You know your final destination — but you don’t necessarily care how you get there, or if your route is the shortest possible one. You just want to ride. That’s the idea beh.....»»

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Half-Life 2 mod builds the game using the original"s engine

Half-Life is one of the most beloved video game franchises around. Unfortunately, it’s pretty much an accepted fact at this point that Valve has no interest in producing a third major title in the series......»»

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Elf on the Shelf has become a rhyming, ridiculous meme

Most memes are simple and easy to understand. Some other memes demand a bit more. The newest meme just wants you to rhyme stuff.  SEE ALSO: Adorable grandma gently caresses George Clooney's face at TIFF Elf on the Shelf started as a Christmas tr.....»»

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The Oregon Trail returns to schools in Minecraft: Education Edition

Many kids who attended school in the 1980s and 1990s will probably have fond memories of The Oregon Trail. An educational game meant to show children what life was like for the 19th century Pioneer family traveling the trail to the US west coast, The.....»»

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This wireless endoscopic camera is the coolest smartphone accessory we’ve seen in a while

There are so many nifty smartphone accessories out there that most people have no idea even exist. But then when you find one and a light goes off… where have you been all my life!? Such is the case with the Depstech WiFi Borescope Inspection.....»»

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Researchers estimate the human cost of emissions cheating (updated)

We've known for a while that there is a link between the emissions coming out of a car's tailpipe and various cardiovascular conditions. In fact, diesel cars are significantly worse for people's life expectancy than their petr.....»»

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Ex-Im Board Nominees Spur Industry Hope

Industry boosters are sensing new life in their push to re-establish the U.S. Export-Import Bank, after the White House on Sept. 15 announced nominations for three more board members. read more.....»»

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Panono 360 cam comes full circle, finds new life after bankruptcy

Under the company name of Professional360 GmbH, the Panono will again be marketed to consumers through new retail channels and a new rental program, according to the company. The post Panono 360 cam comes full circle, finds new life after bankruptcy.....»»

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Kodak Orbit360 is a 4K VR action camera for outdoor adventures

Kodak aims to make on-the-go 360-degree video recording simple and available to anyone via its new Orbit360, a 4K camera under its PixPro product lineup. This camera is, like action cameras before it, durable enough to handle less-than-gentle outdoor.....»»

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Aston Martin May Become Engine Supplier for Formula 1

After a successful run at this year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans, Aston Martin is looking to further its involvement in motorsport. Aston Martin could try its luck in Formula 1, according to a report from Auto Express. The automaker is now considering an.....»»

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Add this video to the list of why you should never propose over a body of water

When Seth Dixon went to propose to the love of his life, it took an unexpected turn. Instead of putting a ring on her finger, they went swimming. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Engagement, Proposal, Fail, and Marriage When Seth Dixon went to.....»»

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PS4 and Xbox One cross play silently enabled in Fornite

It would seem that Sony’s aversion to cross play between the Xbox One and the PS4 has come to an end. This whole saga first began when Rocket League developer Psyonix suggested that enabling cross play between the two consoles would be a simple.....»»

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"Minecraft" adds "Oregon Trail" to teach kids about frontier life

If you went to school in the US in the early 1990s, chances are you have fond memories of playing the computer game The Oregon Trail. Now, schoolchildren around the world will be able to replicate that experience thanks to a new Minecraft: E.....»»

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Ford Fiesta ST Not Coming Back to U.S.

When Ford introduced the hotted-up Fiesta ST to the U.S. back in 2013, it quickly made a name for itself as one of the most affordable ways to have an absolute blast behind the wheel. So when Ford introduced the new Fiesta ST, we got excited. Unfortu.....»»

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Matrix mattresses want to use data to help you live your best life

Matrix is a smart mattress maker that claims to be the first to employ ballistocardiography in order to keep tabs on your heart rate variability, breathing, movement, stress, and sleep cycles. The post Matrix mattresses want to use data to help you.....»»

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Google"s New Payment App For India Transfers Money Via Ultrasound

Pranav Dixit, writing for BuzzFeed News: Google's goal for the brand-new payments app it launched in India on Monday is simple yet ambitious: to get in on the action each time someone sends or receives money in its largest market outside the United S.....»»

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Tech Tip: Outlook for Android, Plain and Simple

Microsoft’s mobile version of Outlook for the Android platform doesn’t offer text-formatting options, but it does manage your mailbox......»»

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"Half-Life 2" mod puts the sequel inside of the original

The chances of us getting Half-Life 3 or, hell, even Half-Life 2: Episode 3 seem about as likely as the Detroit Lions winning the Super Bowl at this point. To help take some of that sting off, a group of enterprising fans crafted Half-Life 2.....»»

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