Elite triathlete drags brother over the line in touching display of sportsmanship

LONDON — A triathlon championship ended in a dramatic display of brotherly love on Sunday when British athlete Alistair Brownlee came to the aid of younger brother Jonny Brownlee, just moments away from the race's end.  Twenty-six-year-old Jonn.....»»

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Research says using GIFs on Tinder increases responses by 30 percent

Dating is hard, online dating is its own hell, and opening lines can make you want to cease human contact altogether. It's awkward to straddle the line between just the right amount of forwardness and tact to total strangers when you're not actually inter.....»»

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Compilation of most awkward and uncomfortable moments on TV news - part 2

Here's part two of local news program reporters doing what they do best – blurting out embarrassing thoughts projected directly from their ids. (Here's part one) Here's part two of local news program reporters doing what they do best – blurting out .....»»

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Compilation of most awkward and uncomfortable moments on TV news

15 minutes of cringe inducing bloopers and casual sexism and racism from local TV news programs. [via] 15 minutes of cringe inducing bloopers and casual sexism and racism from local TV news programs. [via].....»»

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4 smart ways to use the internet to educate yourself about sex

Talking candidly about the human body isn't often easy, especially when it comes to reproductive and sexual health.  No matter the setting, trying to avoid taboo subjects often leads to awkward silences and unasked questions. And that's when we turn .....»»

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Play IGN"S E3 2016 Bingo!

Awkward press conference moments. Surprise reveals. Gritty reboots. Keep up with E3's best and worst and play IGN's E3 2016 bingo! E3 is here! Bethesda kicked off the inaugural press conference where we heard about a new Quake and a re-boot of Prey......»»

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Every awkward and embarrassing moment at #TNWEurope

We had a great event last week here in Amsterdam, with amazing speakers, a very excited crowd, a festival atmosphere and a party that was impressive even by Amsterdam standards. There were also a few embarrassing moments which are just too much fun to n.....»»

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Nike brews awkward sneaker inspired by Starbucks

Sometimes worlds should never collide.  Case in point: Nike's new (and kinda awkward) shoe inspired by Starbucks just dropped.  SEE ALSO: Dig into Nike's new chicken and waffle-themed sneaker In line with the saccharine Krispy Kreme shoes a.....»»

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You Know Actress Linda Hunt But You Probably Don"t Know Why

As a kid you probably watched Pocahontas. In your adolescence you might have played one of the God of War games. And in your darkest moments you sat down with a bowl of dollar instant ramen to watch NCIS: Los Angeles. What through-line could possible exis.....»»

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Team bolsters theory that sexual reproduction protects against threats

Leave it to evolutionary biologists to name a theory from a line in Alice in Wonderland......»»

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Sacha Baron Cohen reveals how he smuggled Ali G into the Oscars

Sacha Baron Cohen may have been invited to present an award at the Oscars, but Ali G definitely wasn't. That didn't stop him turning up and making an hilariously awkward speech, though.  SEE ALSO: Oscars 2016: The best moments In the above interview .....»»

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The emotional backstage moments you didn"t see at the Oscars

Even though the action was on stage, backstage seemed like the place to be during the 88th Academy Awards on Sunday. Photographers captured some intimate moments away from the TV spectacle. Tension, relief and jubilation all played out in the contro.....»»

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Bid farewell to Jeb Bush and those awkward campaign moments

Jeb Bush has ended his bid for the Republican presidential nomination. Here are some of his most awkward moments in one sad, but kind of charming video. Read more...More about Us World, Politics, Us, Jeb Bush, and Election 2016 Jeb Bush has ended his bid.....»»

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Indonesia orders WhatsApp and Facebook to remove gay emojis

The Indonesian government wants all lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender (LGBT) emojis banned from messaging apps such as Facebook and WhatsApp. Popular app Line has already removed gay-themed stickers from its e-store in the country. The post Indones.....»»

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New "House of Cards" Season 4 trailer is half horror movie, half holy sh*t

The beginning moments of the new House of Cards season 4 trailer builds up about the same amount of tension you probably felt the first time you watched Psycho. There's intense music, shadows, and Frank's terrifying "threat voice." Someone's going to be .....»»

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10 scorching Bollywood sequences that redefined sexual tension

Whether you’ve seen an Indian movie or not, you may be familiar with the basic tenets of Bollywood: epic love stories, elaborate musical numbers and the notorious no-kissing rule. That last part isn't really a rule anymore — but back when Indi.....»»

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Please clap: A thorough guide to Jeb Bush"s most awkward moments

For Jeb Bush, the bar for awkward encounters is set pretty high. After all, his father once vomited in the lap of Japan's prime minister and his brother, George W., well, where do we even start? But, Jeb, oh, Jeb. We shouldn't have underestimated you. See.....»»

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Frinkiac: Search Through Millions of Screengrabs about The Simpsons

Did you ever encounter moments in life that were best described by a line from The Simpsons? Yeah, us too. That’s why Frinkiac is the best news we got recently. If you’ve ever daydreamt about being able to search through millions of screengrabs about .....»»

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Two comedians nail all the awkward things we say during Uber rides

Throwing out the "have you been busy?" line to your driver is an age old way to break the ice during uncomfortable taxi rides. Now with the arrival of Uber, a whole new world of small talk has opened up. After the excitement that you ordered it on your ph.....»»

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CNO Announces Five Initiatives to Eliminate Sexual Assault

A line of effort in the recently released "Design to Maintain Maritime Superiority" is to strengthen our Navy team—composed of active and reserve Sailors, Navy civilians, and families......»»

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