"Orcs Must Die" developers are plotting to enter eSports

Competitive online games are a rapidly growing industry, driven by the explosive popularity of eSports. Titles like League of Legends, Dota 2, Call of Duty and Overwatch dominate the professional gaming scene, and studios across the globe ar.....»»

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Dropbox (for Android)

If you're a Dropbox user with an Android device, Dropbox is a must-have app. It gives you access to your files from anywhere, and it can automatically back up your photos and videos, too......»»

Category: topSource:  pcmagRelated News30 min. ago’s Rox lets app developers deploy new features safely – just like the big guys do, a company that had developed technology that allowed mobile app developers to update their apps without having to go through the App Store approval process, is now entering a new business after Apple cracked down on apps using its s.....»»

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If You Could Only Die in Sudden Accidents, How Long Would You Live?

Imagine a world in which the only possible way to die was through a sudden accident, such as a car crash, falling down the stairs, or getting struck by lighting. How long could we expect to live in such a world? According to an eye-opening simulation.....»»

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Miami sextortion case asks if a suspect can be forced to decrypt an iPhone

Does the Fifth Amendment mean you don't have to hand over your password? Enlarge / Hencha Voigt (left) is accused of extorting Julieanna Goddard (right). For now, Voigt is refusing to enter the passcode to her seized iPhone. (credit: Hencha Voig.....»»

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Miami sextortion case asks if a suspect be forced to decrypt an iPhone

Does the Fifth Amendment mean you don't have to hand over your password? Enlarge / Hencha Voigt (left) is accused of extorting Julieanna Goddard (right). For now, Voigt is refusing to enter the passcode to her seized iPhone. (credit: Hencha Voig.....»»

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Why peer-to-peer Apple Pay is a great idea

Even in 2017, paying for things is still mostly terrible—even more so now that a multitude of options seem to confront us every time we step up to a register: Do I swipe? Insert my card? Enter a PIN? Sign my name?When Apple Pay launched in 2014,.....»»

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Macronix developing 3D NAND technology for SSDs

Macronix International has been engaged in the development of 3D NAND technology, and expects to enter volume production of chips built using the technology for SSDs in 2018, according to company chairman Miin Wu......»»

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Nokia 3310 (2017) To Be Priced At Rs 3,899?

Who doesn’t know about Nokia 3310 that mesmerised everyone at the MWC2017 event held in Barcelona? Well. we all do. However, here’s something new for us Indians. The Nokia phone is being suggested to enter the Indian market with a price tag of Rs.....»»

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Check This Before You Finalize Your Domain

Choosing your domain for the business is important as you must ensure that you have made your business easy to find. There are many different people who must check on their domains, and there are several different things to check before signing off o.....»»

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Google"s Assistant is headed to a lot more hardware

Google's Assistant will soon be in a lot more places. The company is opening up its Assistant to developers who want to incorporate the digital helper into their own hardware, Google announced.  SEE ALSO: Google's new AutoDraw wants to make draw.....»»

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Should Banks Let Ancient Programming Language COBOL Die?

COBOL is a programming language invented by Hopper from 1959 to 1961, and while it is several decades old, it's still largely used by the financial sector, major corporations and part of the federal government. Mar Masson Maack from The Next Web inte.....»»

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Smartwatches need to distinguish themselves with software as well as hardware

 If I had to give companies looking to enter the smartwatch space in 2017 one piece of advice, it would be, simply: don’t. Failing point one, due to investor pressure or the spirit of a long dead financial partner’s ghost visiting yo.....»»

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Riotoro CR480 Gaming Case Review

Enter the Riotoro CR480, a budget friendly, mid-tower, gaming computer case that can be had for just under $50. How does it stand up against the competition? That’s what Benchmark Reviews will find out.... [PCSTATS].....»»

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Google makes it easier for Assistant to come to any device

Reaching beyond Google Home and smartphones, developers can now bring the digital helper to any device they create. Google Assistant can help with a lot of things, but since Google's digital helper is limited to only certain types of devic.....»»

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Amazon taught Alexa to whisper sweet nothings in your ear

Soon enough, Amazon's Alexa will shout out your grocery list. That's assuming developers take advantage of the new language framework that Amazon has added to its digital assistant. The idea is that the Speech Synthesis Markup Lang.....»»

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The 100: "DNR" Review

What happens when you get sick of fighting so hard to survive? Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below. The characters on The 100 have faced so much turmoil and experienced so many horrific things -- while watching people they love die al.....»»

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Senior official: NASA will delay first flight of new SLS rocket until 2019

The space agency is now likely to miss Congress' original deadline by three years. Enlarge / We now know for sure that NASA's SLS rocket will not take flight in 2017. (credit: NASA) NASA has decided it must delay the maiden flight of its Space.....»»

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Apple"s Siri-based, Alexa-killing speaker hub could be coming soon

Amazon Echo and Google Home are duking it out for the crown as the top smart home hub in homes everywhere, making Alexa and Assistant household names — but a very familiar ringer might soon enter the competition: the OG AI assistant herself, Si.....»»

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The Google Assistant SDK will let you run the Assistant on anything

Build your own Google Home out of whatever you want. Enlarge / Build your own Google Home with the Assistant SDK. Today Google is launching yet another Google Assistant feature: The Google Assistant SDK. This will allow developers to run the.....»»

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Nioh: Dragon of the North DLC Release Date Announced

In this new chapter, players must thwart the nefarious efforts of Lord Masamune Date. Nioh's upcoming Dragon of the North DLC will release for PlayStation 4 on May 2. Team Ninja shared the news in a post on PlayStation Blog, detailing the new.....»»

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