‘Destiny 2’ arrives in September, but a Nintendo Switch port isn’t in the cards

Destiny 2 is releasing on PC, a first for the series, but it won't be coming to the new Nintendo Switch system. Developer Bungie cited the game's online-only environment as a key reason. The post ‘Destiny 2’ arrives in September, but a Ni.....»»

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Ethereum Hashrate Performance Drop Might Be Coming

If you are mining Ethereum you might have noticed that your hashrate recently dropped if you are using AMD Radeon RX 400/500 series cards. Seeing your mining hashrate drop is nothing new for Ether miners and it is usually due to the growing.....»»

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Bezel-less phones might be futuristic, but they come with compromises

There’s little doubt that the current design trend for smartphones is shrinking the edges around the screen, but is it a good thing? Bezel-less designs aren’t very practical and there are issues to iron out, but they do look like the future. The.....»»

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Could Taylor Swift bring Dazzler to life in "X-Men: Dark Phoenix"?

Superpowered pop star Dazzler had a blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo in a deleted scene in X-Men: Apocalypse, but she'll be taking on a larger (if not substantial) role in the newest installment of the franchise. The post Could Taylor Swift bring Dazzl.....»»

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Love reading? This OnePlus 5 feature is something you can"t ignore

OnePlus 5 has much to talk about, but we focus on one that really makes sense. Now we all know that the OnePlus 5 is officially unveiled globally and in India. While our team has done the OnePlus 5 review soon after the global launch, I got to.....»»

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Turns Out Harry Potter Isn"t the First "Harry Potter"

Rowling has unveiled an extensive history of the Potter family, including the existence of a previous wizard known as Harry Potter. Even if you aren't into Harry Potter, you are at least familiar with the name. The character, written by J.K. Ro.....»»

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Hand Me That Wrench: Farmers and Apple Fight Over the Toolbox

Like any farmer, Guy Mills Jr. has had his share of equipment trouble. In the past, Mills, who grows corn, soybean and alfalfa on his 3,810-acre farm in Ansley, Neb., would have fixed his machinery himself. But like so many essential tools, MillsR.....»»

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Gillette Designed a Razor for Caretakers to Shave Elderly Men

"Dignity is a huge part of it" For many men, keeping a freshly-shaven face provides a sense of dignity. But as men lose their dexterity to age or illness, it can become impossible for them to shave themselves, relying instead on caretakers. The.....»»

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20 Video Games We Can’t Wait To Play This Summer

Check out the biggest games arriving soon A few weeks ago the notion of a classic but modernized and fully realized Metroid game would have seemed chimerical. Yet here we are, just a few months shy of Metroid: Samus Returns, a reimagined version.....»»

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Dazzler Will Appear in X-Men: Dark Phoenix

There's no word yet on who will play the mutant, but her role will be small. 20th Century Fox's upcoming X-Men film Dark Phoenix will feature an appearance by Dazzler. According to Entertainment Weekly, the light-manipulating mutant—who's a t.....»»

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Get Tickets to an Advanced Screening of Atomic Blonde

Fans in 15 cities across the country can see Atomic Blonde before its theatrical release. The new action thriller, Atomic Blonde is heading to theaters next month, but IGN can help you see the film early. If you are in one of the cities listed.....»»

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Nintendo Voice Chat Says Farewell to Jose

We drown our sorrows by talking about Nintendo's two biggest topics at E3: Super Mario Odyssey and the return of Samus. It's with heavy heart that Nintendo Voice Chat, IGN's weekly talk show for all things Nintendo, bids farewell to our friend.....»»

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Logitech Circle 2 home security camera

Logitech is well known for their range of peripherals, and this time around, it would be the home security camera which would be their device of choice that will grace your home. It will not be a gaming peripheral, but rather, something that offers y.....»»

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Rayz Smart Mute feature now available for Rayz Plus Lightning headphones

When it comes to a pair of headphones, it is all very personal. Pioneer and Onkyo have come up with what they call a brand new “Smart Mute” feature for not only the Rayz, but also the Rayz Plus Lightning earphones, in addition to a slew of new Ra.....»»

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Watchmaker Stephen Forsey talks about the smartwatch problem

 Watchmaker Stephen Forsey, co-founder of Gruebel Forsey, isn’t worried. This plain-spoken creator of some of the most complex and beautiful watches in the world sees the Swiss Watch industry to be in turmoil but not in peril. “They.....»»

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Google Glass is apparently still around — and just got its first update in nearly three years

 Dust off your Google Glasses, those who still have them — the $1,500 face computer is back in the spotlight today with a few updates. In its first update since September 2014, Google Glass got a “MyGlass” companion app update,.....»»

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Smell PGH lets you report weird smells in Pittsburgh

 Today in odd apps I present Smell PGH, an app that lets you report weird smells in Pittsburgh. Why would you do this, you ask? Well hold on. “If you smell something bad in the air, chances are that air isn’t good to breathe,”.....»»

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Toilet charity wants to rename Indian village after Trump, but it"s for a good cause

During Donald Trump's first few months in office he's unexpectedly inspired a great deal of bathroom-related discussion, ranging from urine-themed jokes to trademarked Trump toilet paper. But the latest association between the U.S. President and toil.....»»

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Where Travis Kalanick and Donald Trump meet in the middle: Their supporters

They might not be perfect, but they're winners. In 2017, it's a common refrain. For example: It's how Donald Trump supporters justify supporting Donald Trump. And it's also how Travis Kalanick supporters still justify supporting Travis Kalanick. Let'.....»»

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Polar bear can"t quite catch her toy ball but we"re all rooting for her

The Oregon Zoo knows you need a video of a polar bear having a blast with a boomer ball, so they pulled through just in time for the weekend.Nora, the polar bear, became a resident of the Oregon Zoo last September and will be taking her definitel.....»»

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Cartoon Network"s "OK K.O.!" is a unique TV/video game collaboration

OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes is a TV show that isn't out yet. It has a parallel universe in the form of a video game called OK K.O.! Let's Play Heroes, which also isn't out yet. The two are being created contemporaneously — the show by Cartoon Netw.....»»

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