Boeing 777 - United Airlines - N2243U

Update of B777 MSN 63723 recorded on Sat, 23 Sep 2017.....»»

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First Discount on Nintendo Switch Bundle Spotted with Mario and Rabbids

First real discount spotted on the Nintendo Switch system and it's a bundled deal with Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle for $339. Read First Discount on Nintendo Switch Bundle Spotted with Mario and Rabbids on Siliconera!.....»»

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‘It’ surpasses ‘The Exorcist’ as the highest-grossing horror movie ever (Update)

Stephen King's It had an enormous opening weekend, and now the film has surpassed The Exorcist as the highest-grossing horror film ever in the United States, with an eye on smashing the global record. The post ‘It’ surpasses ‘The Ex.....»»

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Cadillac XT5 Sales Increase 46.8 Percent To 7,236 Units In August 2017

Cadillac sales increased in the United States and in Canada in August 2017. The GM Authority Take The Cadillac XT5 was one of only two vehicles in its segment to post an increase in sales in August. In fact, the 46.8 percent[...].....»»

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Facebook Under More Scrutiny for Russia-Linked Election Interference

Ten months ago, Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg dismissed as "crazy" the suggestion that his platform had any influence on the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States. Today, Facebook said it will provide the U.S. Con.....»»

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Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Is The Nintendo Switch’s Best-Selling Third-Party Title

Additionally, Nintendo has since become so confident in the game success so far that they will be handling the publishing for the game’s launch in Japan and South Korea. Read Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Is The Nintendo Switch’s Best-Selli.....»»

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Was Toys R Us Too Slow to the Digital Transformation Party?

Toys R Us, the iconic Wayne, NJ-based toy retailer, has filed for bankruptcy protection in the United States — and its historically lackluster attempt at digital transformation may be to blame. To understand Toys "R" Us’s current posit.....»»

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Bring Arts Reveals A New Kingdom Hearts III Sora Figure And A Xenogears Weltall Concept Design

Square Enix showed off a couple new figures at from its Bring Arts line with a look at a new “Sora Seconf Form ver.” figure from Kingdom Hearts III and a new Weltall concept design for Xenogears. Read Bring Arts Reveals A New Kingdom Hearts III S.....»»

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U.S. to tackle "challenging" issues in next round of NAFTA talks

The United States will present new text proposals and begin to weigh into thornier issues -- such as rules of origin -- of the North American Free Trade Agreement in the third round of negotiations......»»

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Donald Trump is, sadly, not the first person to make up an African country

Try to imagine a leader of a nation so unprepared for a speech at the United Nations that he or she stood before a podium and said, "I am so happy to be here in the United States of Amerca."  President Donald Trump did something close to the equ.....»»

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United Nations Considering Global Drone Guidelines

News Two-day event will address possible regulations in the growing market. In addition to a registry, the United Nations wants to implement global guidelines for all drones. News Two-day event will address pos.....»»

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Instagram Is Eating Away at Snapchat"s Share of New Users

More new users are signing up for Snapchat than Instagram in the United States -- but probably not for long, according to new data from Jumpshot, a marketing analytics company. In August, 52 percent of new U.S. users signed up for Snapchat, compared.....»»

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Bitcoin Futures-Based ETF Likely To Be Approved in the US

The race is on: who will be the first to launch a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund in the United States? From a report, shared by a reader: In Europe, there is already a Bitcoin exchange traded note (ETN) available to investors. In the U.S., it is widely.....»»

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Broad swath of US deemed environmentally suitable for mosquitoes that transmit disease

Three-quarters of counties in the contiguous United States present suitable environmental conditions for at least part of the year for either Aedes aegypti or Aedes albopictus mosquitoes to survive if introduced, according to researchers. The two mos.....»»

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New Ford Fiesta Earns Five Stars in Euro NCAP Crash Testing

Ford may not be bringing the all-new Ford Fiesta to the United States, much to the chagrin of those who love fun little cars with a lot of personality. It has begun its rollout in Europe, however, and while sales are likely to be considerable all the.....»»

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Trump to impose new sanctions on North Korea over missile and nuclear threats

President Donald Trump says the United States will apply new, additional sanctions on North Korea. (more…)President Donald Trump says the United States will apply new, additional sanctions on North Korea. (more…).....»»

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PLASTICS CEO Carteaux fires back at NYT editorial on Kenya's plastic bag ban

The New York Times published an editorial on Sept. 14 arguing that the United States should follow the example of Kenya and ban plastic bags. Bill Carteaux, President and CEO of the Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS; Washington, DC), thinks tha.....»»

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Probe opens into Emirates A380 descent below glideslope

United Arab Emirates investigators are probing a serious incident during which an Emirates Airbus A380 descended below the glideslope during an approach to Moscow Domodedovo......»»

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Every single Philippines representative votes against LGBTQ discrimination, in a huge win for equality

It's rare when every legislator in congress agrees on one thing, but the Philippines is clearly united behind one cause. On Wednesday, congress approved a bill that aims to protect the LGBTQ community from discrimination. Lawmakers voted 197-0 in fav.....»»

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Nicaragua joins Paris Agreement, leaving just U.S. and Syria behind

Nicaragua was one of the final holdouts on signing the Paris Agreement on climate change, but after seeing other countries deal with devastating natural disasters, the country is joining the deal.  That leaves the United States and Syria as the.....»»

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