Apple and GE announce partnership to make ‘industrial’ apps for iPhone and iPad

Apple and GE (General Electric) today announced a new partnership to build enterprise ‘industrial’ apps for the iOS platform. This includes a new development SDK focused on the Internet of Things. Tim Cook said GE is an “ideal partn.....»»

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Adobe expands its Creative Cloud services for enterprises

 Adobe is using its annual MAX conference to launch a number of new features that are especially interesting to enterprises today. Usually, when we talk about enterprise software, we’re talking about pretty boring line-of-business applicat.....»»

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Apple and GE announce deep partnership

 While Apple has had its share of enterprise partners in recent years including IBM, Cisco and SAP, today’s announcement that it will be working directly with GE feels a bit different with the two companies more closely intertwined than in.....»»

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Docker to integrate Kubernetes to its Enterprise platform

Docker, the leading software containerization platform, announced at the DockerCon 2017, that it will integrate Kubernetes into its Docker Enterprise Edition. The Kubernetes support with Docker will enable developers and operators to build apps with.....»»

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Google Calendar on Web gets a modern design and new enterprise features

Google Calendar on the Web has received a modern redesign that better resembles the mobile app, as well as new features targeted specifically at enterprises. The design has a modern color palette, says Google, while being highly responsive and able t.....»»

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Google Calendar gets new business features

An updated version of Google Calendar for the web makes it easier for enterprise teams to schedule meetings......»»

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Nokia emphasizes solution growth for transportation, energy, public sector, finance sectors

When Nokia recently named HPE alum Chris Johnson to be the head of global enterprise verticals at Nokia it marked a realization that the company can’t put all of its eggs in just the service provider market......»»

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WPA2 KRACK Fallout in the Enterprise

WiFi networking pros sort out details about the security flaws and take steps to shore up business WLANs......»»

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Shatner on What Would Get Him on Star Trek: Discovery

The original Captain of the USS Enterprise thinks there are still stories to tell about his version of James. T. Kirk......»»

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ISPs Underestimate Enterprise Security Focus, Study Shows

Enterprises see value in routing security initiative, but ISPs aren't so sure, according to 451 Research......»»

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How Open Source Software Helps The Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Long-time Slashdot reader Esther Schindler quotes Hewlett Packard Enterprise: When you handle trillions of dollars a year in transactions and manage the largest known vault of gold in the world, security and efficiency are top priorities. Open sourc.....»»

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Gartner"s Top 10 Tech Trends for 2018

In a world in which technology "things" keep getting smarter, you should know about the biggest tech trends that will impact the enterprise in 2018......»»

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Quick Way to Print Only Certain Rows of an Excel Spreadsheet

Language: Enterprise, Expertise: Intermediate - Learn an easy to to print select rows from Excel......»»

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Western Digital"s new MAMR technology promises 40TB HDDs by 2025

Experts since the mid-2000s have forecasted that flash memory would eventually surpass traditional hard drives in the cost category, a vital metric in the enterprise space. Many believed that due to stagnation in hard drive density technology, the sw.....»»

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Kubernetes in the enterprise with VMware NSX-T and vRealize Automation

We’ve all seen the VMware PKS announcement at VMworld 2017, and we are all excited about it. The idea of provisioning Kubernetes clusters in an easy way, with day-2 operations, inside your datacenters, has been a request from most of the VMwar.....»»

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RDMA Poised to Take on Advanced Data Center Fabrics

Advanced fabric technologies using remote direct memory access could offer a speed boost to enterprise networks......»»

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Box’s dalliance with AI foretells a broader shift in content management

 As Box CEO Aaron Levie pointed out at his BoxWorks keynote this week, content management has been an evolving field since it came into being as an enterprise software concept in the 1990s. Back in those days, the state of the art was network dr.....»»

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Gartner Ditches ECM, Names 3 Content Services Platform Leaders

In last year's Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Gartner analysts and authors Karen A. Continue reading........»»

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Shatner Says "Money" Would Get Him on Discovery

The original Captain of the USS Enterprise thinks there are still stories to tell about his version of James. T. Kirk. Star Trek legend William Shatner is going strong at age 86, filling his time with his new animated movie Batman vs. Two-Face.....»»

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