Cuba opens its first computer factory

Cuba is slowly opening up to technology, but it hasn't actually been making technology. Its exports are dominated by natural products like nickel, sugar and tobacco. The nation is about to diversify, however: it just inaugurated its fir.....»»

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Cuba tries offering home internet access

It's all well and good that Google is offering faster access to its services in Cuba, but there's a glaring problem: most Cubans have to go out of their way to use them. Home internet access isn't an option, so most residents.....»»

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Cuba slashes internet costs

Cuba cut the price of internet access by 25 percent Monday, but getting online still costs more than a day's wages for the average worker in one of the world's least connected countries......»»

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Cuba announces home internet trial scheme in Havana

Cuba unveils a two-month pilot scheme in Havana to allow internet in private homes......»»

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Study models tsunami risk for Florida and Cuba

While the Caribbean is not thought to be at risk for tsunamis, a new study by researchers at the University of Miami (UM) Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science indicates that large submarine landslides on the slopes of the Great Bahama.....»»

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Google inks deal with Cuba"s state-run telecom provider

The deal won't expand internet access in the communist country, but it will give Cubans who already have internet access faster connections to Google-branded content......»»

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Google, Cuba Sign Deal Allowing Faster Access To Company"s Data

Google has signed a deal with the Cuban government on Monday that will grant internet users in the Communist-run country quicker access to its branded content. Google plans to install servers on the island that will store a majority of its most popul.....»»

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Alphabet signs pact with Cuban telecom firm to improve access to Google properties

Today, Google's parent company Alphabet announced that it's doing just that, by entering into an agreement with Cuba's state telecommunications monopoly, ETECSA, that will make it easier for Cuban citizens to access Google properties. The post Alphab.....»»

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Cuba signs deal for faster internet access to Google content

Cuba signs a deal that will enable faster access to Google content on the communist-run island......»»

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Google, Cuba sign allowing faster access to company"s data

Google and the Cuban government signed a deal Monday allowing the internet giant to provide faster access to its data by installing servers on the island that will store much of the company's most popular content......»»

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Source: Google deal will make YouTube, others usable in Cuba

A source familiar with a deal being announced between Cuba and Google says it will make Google websites like YouTube run up to 10 times faster on the island......»»

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Google Global Cache Is Coming to Cuba

"The Associated Press reports that on Monday Eric Schmidt will be in Havana to sign a deal bringing Google Global Cache to Cuba," writes lpress. Here's some details from the AP's report on the deal. Cuba suffers from some of the world's slowest internet .....»»

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Sources: Cuba, Google strike deal to hike internet speed

Google and the Cuban government have struck a deal giving Cubans faster access to the internet giant's content, two people familiar with the deal say......»»

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Weekly Rewind: New cars in Cuba, pot in a box, a watch powered by body heat

In the tech world, a lot happens in a week. So much news goes on that it's almost impossible for mere mortals with real lives to keep track of everything. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick and dirty list of the top 10 tech stories from this week. The .....»»

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This Infiniti Q60 is the first car brought from the U.S. to Cuba in 58 years

Infiniti brought one of its Q60 coupes to Cuba. The Japanese luxury brand claims it's the first U.S.-spec car to be registered there in 58 years. It certainly stood out among the old American cars that ply Cuba's roads. The post This Infiniti Q60 is the f.....»»

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U.S. Pressuring Cuba to Firm up Google, GE Deals

U.S. Pressuring Cuba to Firm up Google, GE Deals.....»»

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In Castro’s Cuba, this is what life as a doctor was really like

Amid Fidel Castro's funeral and furious debate over his legacy, Cuba's health system is often praised. Despite its flaws, it deserves it, says Rich Warner.....»»

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Cuba"s Biodiversity Emerges from the Shadows

The softening of the U.S. Embargo against Cuba is offering a closer look at flora and fauna found nowhere else   -- Read more on»»

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Why It"s Time For Trump To End The Cuban Embargo

If the tone of Donald Trump’s response to Fidel Castro’s death this weekend foreshadows his foreign policy approached to Cuba, America should be concerned.Read more........»»

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Castro"s Death May Pressure Trump on Cuba Relations

Castro's Death May Pressure Trump on Cuba Relations.....»»

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