Taylor Swift, Pop"s Capitalist Mastermind

Read more...More about Taylor Swift, Mashable Reels, Business, Celebrities, and Music Read more...More about Taylor Swift, Mashable Reels, Business, Celebrities, and Music.....»»

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European Airlines Call For Lower Airport Charges

Airline group Airlines4Europe (A4E) has called for a revamp of European rules on airport charges, saying the region’s passengers pay too much and prompting a swift denial from airport group ACI Europe. read more.....»»

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SWIFT Says Hackers Still Targeting Bank Messaging System

Hackers continue to target the SWIFT bank messaging system, though security controls instituted after last year's $81 million heist at Bangladesh's central bank have helped thwart many of those attempts, a senior SWIFT official told Reuters. From the.....»»

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Acer Swift 3 Review

The Acer Swift 3's 8th-Gen Core CPU is impressive, but doesn't make up for a dark, bland display......»»

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’The Swift Life’ is a social network app for Taylor Swift fans

Glu Mobile is the company behind freemium apps such as "Kim Kardashian: Hollywood," and now it has partnered with a new celebrity: Taylor Swift. The company is creating an app called "The Swift Life" that's designed to be a gathering pl.....»»

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Taylor Swift has an app now because life is a nightmare

The folks at Glu have “developed” an app that places Taylor Swift at the center of a social media app called The Swift Life. This app either slightly modifies or straight up copy-pastes elements from Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and other.....»»

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Here"s your first look at the Taylor Swift social network

Wildest dreams come true. There's a new social network, and it's just about Taylor Swift.  Called The Swift Life, the new app is all things Taylor featuring Taylor.  SEE ALSO: Taylor Swift's reputation now includes a fifth No. 1 thanks.....»»

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Taylor Swift’s new Glu Mobile app is a dedicated social network for her fans

 Glu Mobile, the gaming company responsible for hits like Kim Kardashian: Hollywood and bombs like Nicki Minaj: Empire is at it again with The Swift Life, an app that’s all about the one and only Taylor Swift. The app, which doesn’t.....»»

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Taylor Swift"s lyrics are being cleverly used to deter drivers from texting and driving

Taylor Swift"s lyrics are being cleverly used to deter drivers from texting and driving.....»»

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Acer Swift 1 (SF1113-31 P5CK) Review

The Acer Swift 1 is an affordable laptop that offers a colorful display, a variety of ports and stylish design, all for just $329......»»

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Uber offers free rides, Lyft suspends surge pricing in Las Vegas after deadly mass shooting

In the chaotic wake of the deadliest mass shooting in recent U.S. history, Uber and Lyft have altered their prices in Las Vegas so people could exit the chaos without being charged exorbitant fees. The swift moves come after ride services have been c.....»»

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The Best Laptop 2017: Our pick of the 10 best laptops you can buy this year

We've reviewed all the best laptops out there Update: It isn’t the thinnest or most stylish laptop you can buy, but the Acer Swift 3 is one of the best laptops today. Offering a whole lot of bang for the buck in terms of performance and.....»»

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Rosetta probe"s last surprise: a photo of its landing site

Since it's been a year since Rosetta landed on the comet it orbited for a couple of years, you'd think the ESA had already decoded everything the vessel sent back before its demise. Apparently, the probe has one last surprise for a.....»»

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Reactant is a new native framework for iOS apps

 Just when you thought it was safe to go back to Xcode, a small Czech team called Brightify has created Reactant, a framework that makes it easy to program iOS apps. The system is a Swift-based framework that offers live-reload of code, allowing.....»»

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Hubble Sees First-Time Icy Visitor Comet K2

Hubble Sees First-Time Icy Visitor Comet K2.....»»

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Laying the foundation for a proactive SOC

Most companies are trying to shift their Security Operations Center (SOC) from a reactive to a proactive posture. To do that, the analysts’ reaction to security events must become swift, and investigation of security alerts and incidents must b.....»»

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Taylor Swift gave Cardi B a huge bouquet of flowers after losing Billboard"s No. 1 spot

There doesn't seem to be any bad blood between themCardi B and Taylor Swift. When the Bronx rapper's single "Bodak Yellow" topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart on Monday, the song became the first solo song by a female rapper to hit number one in almos.....»»

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Take $70 Off the Acer Swift 3 with 8th-Generation Intel

Intel's new 8th-generation Core processors are here and not surprisingly Amazon is already cutting prices. The Seattle-based retailer is offering the 15.6-inch Acer Switch 3 with Intel's newest CPU f........»»

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Cardi B dethrones Taylor Swift on the Billboard Hot 100 charts

Cardi B is officially making money moves.  With her standout anthem "Bodak Yellow," the Bronx native has eclipsed Taylor Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do" and Post Malone's "Rockstar" featuring 21 Savage on the Billboard Hot 100. In the process.....»»

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Apple"s Swift 4.0 Includes A Compatibility Mode For "The Majority" Of Swift 3.x Code

An anonymous reader quotes InfoWorld: Swift 4.0 is now available. It's a major upgrade to Apple's Swift, the three-year old successor to the Objective-C language used for MacOS and iOS application development. The Swift 4 upgrade enhances the Swift P.....»»

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